10 Biggest Space Conspiracies Of All Time

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Space is a vacuum full of mysteries.

Despite mankind’s remarkable achievementsin space exploration, we have barely glimpsed what lies in deep space.


There is so much we don’t know, and so manysecrets still to uncover.

Here are the 10 Biggest Space Conspiracies.


The Eye of Saturn Saturn’s entire north pole is covered bysomething science has never seen before.

A gigantic geometric storm, with six precisesides containing several layers of winds whipping around like a racetrack: a red hexagon ofturbulent gas and electricity.

It’s 100 kilometres deep and 25,000 kilometreswide – big enough for four Earths to fit inside.

Photographs from the Voyager and Cassini probesprove it has existed for at least 37 years.

The storm’s unnatural shape isn’t itsonly striking feature.

Mike Adams (Consumer Health Advocate) claimsyou can see a pyramid at the centre of the storm in some photos.

If there is a pyramid, it might be an alienstructure, and the Eye of Saturn could be a product of mysterious alien technology.

Conspiracy theorists believe it may be a portalfor interplanetary travel.

But it could be something even worse.

Other theorists say it is the gateway to Hell- and it’s only a matter of time before we explore too far into it, or something comesout.


The Iapetus Death Star In 2004, the Cassini spacecraft took a photographof Saturn’s ice moon Iapetus.

The photo revealed a strange and unexpectedline along its equator.

This ridge is unique, 20 kilometres wide,20 kilometres high and stretching for 16,000 kilometres.

The moon is not spherical – it is more likea walnut.

To conspiracy theorists, this squashed shapeand the bulging ridge look more like an artificial join, like welded metal.

They argue it was manufactured by aliens.

They claim Iapetus is really an alien weapon.

Specifically, they say it bears more thana passing resemblance to the Death Star from Star Wars.

Although you might think the Death Star ispurely fictional, theorists believe it was inspired by the truth.

This theory does depend on how much you believeHollywood leaks secrets through fiction.

According to NASA, Iapetus is merely a smallmoon made mostly of ice with some rocks.

They say photos prove the equatorial ridgeis merely mountains, and what looks like a superlaser dish is an enormous impact crater.

If the theory is true, then our extraterrestrialenemies may already have the ultimate weapon positioned on our doorstep… 8.

Nibiru According to David Meade, there is anotherplanet in our solar system.

It is called Nibiru, and it is on a collisioncourse with Earth.

Nibiru is travelling at such an unusual trajectorythat it cannot be seen from Earth, except from high altitude in South America or theSouth Pole.

This is because it is actually one of sevenother planets orbiting a second sun.

Skeptics and scientists say this second starand its planets do not exist.

Yet David Meade says Nibiru’s gravitationalfield is already having bizarre effects on our planet.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes – all thebigger and more frequent natural disasters occurring around us are a result of Nibiruapproaching.

Meade has calculated the date it will hitus – 23rd September 2017.

But Meade isn’t the only one who knows Nibiruis coming.

He claims the global elite have prepared forthe inevitable collision.

They’ve built bunkers deep underground toprotect themselves from the impact and the subsequent scorching of the Earth.

If Meade is right, the rest of us will haveto suffer.


The Philae Lander In November 2014, the European Space Agencymade history when it landed the Philae probe on a comet moving through space, designated67P.

The journey took 12 years and billions ofdollars to complete.

The probe picked up a strange noise from thecomet, a mystery song.

Unfortunately, the probe crash-landed unsuccessfully,and its mission was cut short.

Yet shortly after Philae landed, someone claimingto be a whistleblower from the ESA said that Comet 67P was not really a comet.

They claimed it was actually the source ofalien radio signals picked up by NASA.

In other words, 67P was an alien spacecraft.

The Philae probe was really sent there tomake first contact; the story of it being a comet was all part of a cover up.

Theorists say the story of a crash-landingmay have been planned all along.

UFOlogist Scott Waring says the alien signalmust have been a greeting, not a threat, otherwise the probe would never have been sent.

If so, then NASA and the ESA could be coveringup an even bigger secret.


Solar Warden In 2001, Scotsman Gary McKinnon hacked 97US military and NASA computers.

He was so successful that he even left a noteon the military’s website saying, “Your security is crap.

” The George W.

Bush administration wanted tosend him to prison for 70 years.

McKinnon said he was looking for evidencethat the government had covered up UFOs.

UFOlogist Darren Perks claims McKinnon foundsomething else: a top secret program called Solar Warden.

Funded by a black budget, Solar Warden isa space fleet controlled by the US Naval Network and Space Operations Command.

According to Darren Parks, it consists offorty-three scout ships and eight motherships, each one longer than two football fields.

It has at least 300 personnel, and some ofthem are “non-terrestrial officers”.

It has patrolled our solar system since 1980,either to defend us from alien threats, or to colonise space for the global elite.


The Throne of God Though it’s 1,500 light years away, theBelt of Orion is the most recognisable constellation in the night sky.

Also known as the Three Kings or the ThreeMarys, they have long fascinated humanity and been a significant part of our folkloreand belief systems.

[CROSSFADE PYRAMIDS WITH ORION’S BELT] Theorist Danny Wilten believes it is much,much more.

He has identified patterns everywhere in ChristianRenaissance art by masters like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Those patterns match aspects of the Orionnebula, as viewed through superpowerful telescopes like Hubble.

But in the Renaissance period, there was noway they could see such details in the Belt of Orion.

Wilten believes they knew about it throughdivine inspiration – because the Belt of Orion is home to the Throne of God.

On the other hand, some people believe Orion’sBelt carries the Throne of Satan.

They say the King James Bible’s story ofLucifer falling from the heavens is referring to Orion’s Belt, which is also named inthe Old Testament.

Maybe one day mankind will journey to theThree Stars and find out the truth.


The Eridanus Supervoid The cosmic microwave background, or CMB, iselectromagnetic radiation remaining from the beginning of the universe.

It is the oldest light in the universe, andone of the major proofs for the Big Bang Theory.

With the right telescope, we can observe theCMB and its temperature fluctuations.

There are cold spots dotted around space – voidsin our universe where CMB loses heat as it passes through.

However, there is a region of space in theconstellation Eridanus that is far colder than science can explain.

The Eridanus cold spot is up to a billionlight-years across.

It is a supervoid, unprecedentedly huge, butscientists are more puzzled by the fact it is seven times colder than it should be.

Theoretical physicist Laura Mersini-Houghtonbelieves it is not just a supervoid, but the imprint of a parallel universe meeting ours.

If she’s right, it is the first empiricalevidence for a parallel universe, and proof that string theory is correct.

We might even be able to use to travel beyondour own universe.

But for now, scientists are divided over whatthe Eridanus Supervoid really is.


Fast Radio Bursts Fast Radio Bursts, or FRBs, are extraordinarilypowerful pulses of radio waves.

They last just a few milliseconds but giveoff more energy than our sun provides in 300,000 years.

They are one of the most mysterious signalsfrom outer space – not least because they are coming from outside the Milky Way.

Only seventeen unique FRBs have been detectedso far.

At least one of them is a repeating signal.

The furthest ones come from 10 billion lightyears away; the universe itself is 13.

8 billion years old.

Dan Thornton from the University of Manchesterbelieves FRBs are naturally occurring – but no scientist has been able to explain whatmakes them.

Instead, Harvard University’s Manasvi Lingamand Avi Loeb suggest FRBs could be alien radio beams.

To create such a powerful signal, they’dneed radio transmitters twice the size of the Earth.

So they could be using FRBs, not to communicate,but to push spacecraft with giant light sails.

FRBs could power light sails big enough tocarry a million tonnes – to put that into perspective, the International Space Stationweighs only 420 tonnes.


The WOW! Signal In 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman was monitoringdeep space for any sign of intelligent life.

To his amazement, he picked up a brief signalthat had never been observed before: the Wow Signal.

The signal was detected on only one of the50 channels scanned by the Big Ear radio telescope.

What’s more, it was at a frequency scientistsexpect aliens might use to communicate across the galaxy; so much so, that humans are forbiddenfrom using it just in case they interfere with the search for extraterrestrial life.

Puzzlingly, it came from an area in the constellationSagittarius, where there are no known stars or planetary systems.

Sadly, despite over 100 searches in that samearea, the Wow Signal has never been detected again.

No-one knows what caused it, or whether ornot it is proof of alien life out there.

Jerry Ehman himself is hesitant to interprettoo much in the short sequence of numbers and letters he found that day, forty yearsago.

The search for intelligent life continues.


Alien Megastructure NASA has studied the star called KIC 8462852for years.

It is in the constellation Cygnus, around1400 light-years from Earth.

Using the Kepler telescope, citizen scientistsobserved that light from KIC 8462852 fluctuates in strange ways – at some points, 22% of thestar’s light is obscured.

Pennsylvania State astronomer Jason Wrightsays something is deliberately blocking light from the star – an “alien mega-structure”.

This megastructure may be harvesting the star’senergy, and could be the best proof of alien life ever found.

Doctor Seth Shostak from the Search for ExtraterrestrialIntelligence says they are investigating KIC 8462852 for alien signals.

However, it is hard to draw conclusions.

Based on the star’s infra-red light, Dr.

Massimo Marengo from Iowa State University argues the unusual light patterns are dueto a swarm of comets circling the star – nothing artificial at all.

On the other hand, the swarm of comets couldbe something else: a Dyson Sphere.

This concept was proposed in 1960 by FreemanDyson, and would be a swarm of loosely connected machines designed to harvest solar energy.

Only a civilization several times more advancedthan us could build it.

Hopefully, the search will continue untilwe know for sure.

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