10 Bizarre Conspiracies That Actually Happened

10 Bizarre Conspiracies that were actually true 10 MK-Ultra Between 1953 and 1973 the CIA ran a secret mind control programme codenamed MK-Ultra

The programme intended to develop interrogation and brainwashing techniques to use against Soviet spies and politicians Oblivious American citizens were subjected to horrifying torture and administered mind-altering psychotropic drugs, including LSD More than 80 institutions were involved, including hospitals, prisons and 44 colleges At least one man – Frank Olson – died as a result of the programme Olson was spiked with acid, triggering a psychotic breakdown

He then committed suicide by jumping out of a thirteenth floor hotel window The full number of victims remains unknown to this day MK-Ultra was finally brought to light in 1975 after a government investigations by the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission 9 Canadian Government “Gay Detector” Throughout the 1950s and 1960s Canadian laws categorised homosexuals “criminal sexual psychopaths”

Authorities subsequently tried to methodically eliminate gay men from the civil service The government created a special section known as “A-3” dedicated to hunting down and dismissing every gay employee This intrusive project encouraged suspected homosexuals to take a so-called “stress test” But, this test was actually engineered to detect undercover gays Subjects were hooked up to sensors and exposed to sexually explicit photographs, while their erotic response was monitored

By the end of the 1960s the ‘stress test’ had been proven to be inaccurate and its real purpose was public knowledge However, this revelation came too late for more than 9,000 workers who were fired or intrusively tracked by A-3 for being “suspected homosexuals” 8 Operation Northwoods Operation Northwoods was a US

government plan to kill thousands of its own people in coordinated attacks and blame Cuba for the atrocities In 1962 America’s top military personnel asked the CIA to plan a series of brutal terrorist incidents, including hijacking American civilian and military aircraft, detonating bombs in Washington and Miami, and blowing up an American ship in Guantanamo Bay The attacks were intended to push popular opinion in favour of a war with Cuba, giving the military free reign to topple Fidel Castro’s Communist regime Fortunately, President Kennedy rejected the plans before they could go ahead The following year he was assassinated in mysterious circumstances, with many pointing the finger at the CIA

7 Operation Ajax In 1953 the US and the UK

secretly orchestrated an Iranian coup that led to the overthrow of its first democratically elected leader – Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddegh Mosaddegh nationalised British-controlled oil fields, exacerbating tensions between Iran and the West Simultaneously, Mosaddegh grew closer to the Soviet Union, igniting Western fears that it would enter the Cold War Desperate to avoid this, the CIA led Operation Ajax Spies covertly engineered widespread protests, which led to the deaths of 300 innocent civilians

This also led to the overthrow of Mosaddegh, who was kept under house arrest until he died They then re-installed the corrupt pro-Western dictator Shah Pahlavi, who was well known to use brutal violence against his people Proof of the West’s involvement in the coup was only released following a Freedom of Information request in 2013 6 Operation Snow White Operation Snow White was a Church of Scientology project to purge major political and media organisations of negative information about the religion and its founder L

Ron Hubbard Over 4 years, 5,000 undercover Scientologists penetrated 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and private organisations in at least 30 countries It remains the largest criminal infiltration of the US government in history

The Scientologists carried out wire-tapping, burgled classified documents, bugged government offices and planted false evidence The programme was finally discovered in 1977 when scientologist Michael Meisner contacted the FBI revealing the church had been holding him captive for several months In a stunning surprise raid, 156 FBI agents raided Scientology’s H, filling a 16 tonne truck with recovered documents In the resulting case, eleven senior scientologists were jailed for five years 5

The Watergate Scandal On June 17th 1972, a guard at the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in the Watergate Hotel noticed the building’s locks were taped up He alerted police, and five men were discovered trying to tap phones and steal classified documents While the government denied involvement in the break in, investigative reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein soon discovered links between the culprits and senior members of President Nixon’s re-election campaign They then uncovered a top-secret Republican fund dedicated to infiltrating and destroying their Democrat rivals Damningly, despite claiming ignorance, Nixon had also been complicit in this espionage

He had been illegally recording conversations in the Oval Office, which revealed his insider knowledge of the scandal When the FBI discovered the existence of these tapes, Nixon tried to block their access to the tapes to save himself He was accused of abusing power, criminal cover-up and obstruction of justice and forced to resign in August 1974 Mercifully, he was saved from prison when President Ford pardoned him just weeks later 4

Bohemian Grove Rumours that the world’s most powerful men secretly gathered in remote woodland to worship nature were long thought to be preposterous lies But in 2000, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went undercover and infiltrated the Grove He discovered a freakish occult world populated by high powered American influencers Bohemian Grove is a very real 2,700 acre camping site that hosts annual retreats for around 1,000 of its members every year They include every Republican President since 1953

But their activities are far from conservative While undercover, Jones witnessed dramatic sacrificial ceremonies performed before a 40-foot stone owl It includes the strange Cremation of Care ritual, where guests wear costumes and set a coffin effigy ablaze in deference to the woodland surroundings Former service staff report guests are encouraged to publicly urinate to feel at one with nature Many major global events were purportedly first discussed at the Grove

Indeed, the 1942 camp drew up early plans for the Manhattan Project – which led to the creation of the atomic bomb 3 The Nayirah Testimony In 1990 a 15-year-old girl known only as “Nayirah” testified to US Congress about shocking Iraqi war crimes in Kuwait

Nayirah described seeing Iraqi soldiers tear babies from incubators before leaving them to suffocate and die The televised testimony reached 53 million Americans and turned public opinion against Iraq Her gruesome story was used by senior politicians including President Bush to justify entering the first Gulf War However, reporters digging into the girl’s background noticed that she shared a last name with the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States Before long the truth was out: Nayirah was his daughter, and her testimony was completely false

She had not even been in Kuwait at the time of the alleged incidents Her speech had been masterminded by public relations firm Hill and Knowlton and the Free Kuwait activist movement, with help from the CIA The story was concocted to push America into the Middle East 2 The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment Between 1932 and 1972 the U

S government conducted horrifying experiments on 600 African American men Participants were falsely told they were being treated for “bad blood” In reality, the government was tracking how syphilis develops, with most subjects selected because they already had the disease Patients were never informed of their diagnosis, nor given penicillin when it became available as a cure 128 people died from syphilis-related illnesses as a result

In many cases, the government seized their corpses for further study After four decades, the study finally ended when an inside source leaked the truth to the press 1 FBI Alcohol Poisoning programme Between 1920 and 1933, selling and transporting alcohol was illegal in the States To prevent its circulation on the black market, the U

S government perpetrated a lethal alcohol poisoning campaign against its own people The FBI deliberately contaminated industrial alcohol with highly toxic substances like kerosene, gasoline, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid and iodine This project resulted in up to 50,000 excruciating deaths, with thousands more rendered blind or physically disabled The poisons themselves induced bizarre hallucinations

One victim reported seeing Father Christmas standing behind him poised to attack with a baseball bat before dropping dead The programme only ended with the decriminalisation of alcohol in 1933

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