10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

in 1915 the British ocean liner Rens Lisa Tainio was struck by a torpedo launched from a German u-boat in the torpedo sank the ship near the coast of Ireland and 1,191 passengers and crew lost their lives 128 Americans also lost their lives during the sinking and at the time the United States was still not involved in the first world war despite the germans claims that the vessel was carrying weapons and war the American public was outraged in the incident was later used as one of the justifications with United States declaration of war against Germany historians have also noted that the british authorities were aware that a German submarine was operating noodles attain his path but failed to divert the ship horse in the cruiser escort even know most with the stories were stationed at a nearby port the British government continues to keep documents relating to the final days are the voyages secret and in 2008 Irish divers discovered four million winning 10 303 bullets strewn in the wreckage up the loose attain yah just as the Germans had originally claimed in 1964 tensions were very high between the United States in north vietnam in on August 2nd Argus for that year Vietnamese patrol ships fired on US ships operating inside vietnam's territorial waters the American public was outraged by the two attacks in the United States went to war against north vietnam shortly after shining the Gulf of Tonkin incident as our cars for warm it was not revealed to the american public until many years later the second the two attacks never took place this revelation lefty original justifications for the Vietnam War on very shaky grounds from 1920 to 1933 under prohibition the temperance movement in the United States outlawed the sale of alcohol from the start the government struggled to enforce their ban on alcohol and in a sinister moved the FBI poisoned alcohol supplies without informing anyone about their activities propane & webbing alcohol were added to cakes destroying the intestines have anyone who drink from it the team bring didn't even stop there even paint thinner was added clandestinely during the years a prohibition these underhanded operations were intended to cause the public defer your alcohol but Prohibition was repealed in 1933 and the alcohol poisoning operation India it is not known how many people died as a result of the FBI's actions for most of the 20th century asbestos was mass produced by corporations seeking massive profits from the material this message was very effective albeit dangerous material for insulation and soundproofing it was well known among scientists and doctors at its best this was probably very harmful even the ancient Romans were aware of the dangers of asbestos with one account describing a specialist miners suffering from horrific lung problems regardless from 1900 to 1981 amass conspiracy was bogus treated by a space disco operations to keep knowledge in the dangers a bus passes from the public at all costs campaigns were ordered to smear the reputation if anyone who dared to study the effectiveness pestis on your health near the asbestos producers have ever admitted to any wrongdoing in today s pestis is banned in most areas in the world from the 1950s to the 1970s under operation Mockingbird the CIA actively began to control civilian media and United States through bribery and coercion to control public opinion numerous journalists from outlets including The Washington Post time magazine CBS and the New York Times were paid to distribute propaganda at the height of the operation even the National Student Organization was secretly guided by the CIA to meld college students opinions the operation was eventually uncovered in 1975 and was officially terminated in 1962 generals from every branch of the US military drafted in approved a plan to orchestrate false flag attacks on civilian targets in the United States your the plan called for bombs to be planted in cities with large amounts of pedestrians hijacking planes massacring civilians with gunmen pretending to be cuban terrorists in even conducting napalm attacks on civilian vessels an American ports well the crew of the ships were still on board in all these potential false flag attacks evidence was to be planted to pin the blame on cuba in fidel castro 'em the report even boasted that casualty list in US newspapers would cause a helpful way that national indignation thankfully operation Northwoods was never executed because when president kennedy became aware of the plan he called a meeting of the joint chiefs and threatens between profanities to court-martial every party involved in the plan during the civil rights movement many in the US intelligence community feared the racial problems we're going to destabilize the United States the FBI under Operation COINTELPRO site to target and disrupt civil rights activists under COINTELPRO every black rights group was classified as hate groups and a threat to national security and the FBI's shut out to subvert and destroy them the operation involved widespread illegal wiretapping random arrests and imprisonment of civil rights activists in perhaps the most egregious act conducted under Operation COINTELPRO the FBI bud Martin Luther King's hotel rooms and attempted to break up his marriage and after the FBI concluded their month-long campaign its surveillance information-gathering they send a terrible letter to doctor martin luther king junior demanding that he commits suicide within thirty four days between 1932 in 1972 the US Public Health Service conducted an experiment on 399 black man in the late stages of syphilis the true nature of the experiment was kept from the subject to ensure their cooperation these men were for the most part illiterate sharecroppers from one of the poorest counties in Alabama and we never actually told what disease they were suffering from instead they were informed that they were being treated for bad blood and the government doctors had no intention of curing them syphilis at all the true purpose of the experiment was to collect data from the autopsies the min infected with syphilis and they were advice deliberately left to suffer under the ravages a tertiary syphilis which can include tumors heart disease paralysis blindness insanity and death what have the doctors involved in the gruesome experiment explained we have no further interest in these patients until they die the ethically unsound experiment continued for nearly 40 years until the whistle was finally blown in 1990 just before the first Gulf War nay you also buy testified on the floor of the US House of Representatives that she had personally witness Iraqi soldiers enter kuwaiti hospitals intake newborn infants and their incubators in through the onto the cold floor to freeze to death it was in a year as testimony that provided the largest part of the foundation for american public opinion in favor of the military force against iraq during the first goal for the CIA had paid her to lie and even paid for her to attend acting classes to appear convincing it was later revealed that the CIA was responsible for organizing the funds and advertisements to disseminate now you're his testimony to accomplish this the CIA enlisted the help of Hill & Knowlton a global public relations corporation two years later John MacArthur at the New York Times discovered in a year was the daughter of the kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and that her story had been completely fabricated the iraqis did illegally invade kuwait but their soldiers never through babies at have their incubators as the 20th century drew to a close it became more and more apparent that the CIA is heavily involved in the global drug trade in many possibly control large portions of it and in 1989 the kerry committee report unveiled the CIA's complicity in the iran-contra affair the report concluded that it was clear that the CIA had provided financial as well as material support to the criminal drug trafficking organizations and in 1996 journalist Gary Webb published a series of articles investigating nicaraguan drug traffickers as he tracked their cocaine distribution network from the generals in nicaragua to the streets of Los Angeles he concluded that the CIA was aware I love and finding these drug trafficking operations in suspected that the CIA was profiting from the network to pay for the CIA operations not officially on the organization's books pushing the drug smuggling accusations leveled against the CIA from just French conspiracy theory to a near certainty if you want to join the luminosity the Free Masons or the school and bones all you have to do is subscribe to the haven't already and if you want to hear my voice a more you can go check out my channel in the description and we'll see you all next time

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