10 Exposed Government Cover Ups

10 Huge Government Cover-Ups That Really Happened 10 Churchill’s UFO During World War 2, an RAF plane returning from a mission in Europe encountered a UFO

The incident has never been explained That is partly because Prime Minister Winston Churchill personally ordered it to be classified, and banned all reports on it for 50 years He was worried it would cause mass panic and undermine people’s religious beliefs Churchill met with President Dwight Eisenhower to discuss UFO sightings Churchill also urged an investigation into UFO sightings in 1952

In 2017, researchers uncovered an article he wrote in the late 50s In it, Churchill argues that we are not alone in the universe 9 The Lennon Files In the run up to the 1972 presidential election, Richard Nixon was especially paranoid about losing the youth vote At the same time, FBI director J

Edgar Hoover was constantly worried about the corruption of the young Both men felt particularly threatened by the influence of rock star John Lennon Lennon launched his post-Beatles career by moving to America and recording very politicised songs that called for peace and change Fearing his anti-Vietnam, anti-government stance, Nixon and Hoover ordered Lennon to leave the country within 60 days When his lawyers got the deadline extended, Nixon served him a new notice

This went on for two years All the while, the FBI kept files on Lennon, trying to use his drug habits as an excuse to deport him The harassment stopped after Hoover died and Nixon resigned Even then, the files were kept secret for over a decade until Professor Jon Weiner made a Freedom of Information Request for them The FBI fought the request for 14 years until the Supreme Court finally ordered their release in the year 2000

8 The Lost Cosmonaut Throughout the 1960s, it looked like Russia was winning the Space Race Not only did they put the first man into space, they also didn’t suffer any disasters like the Apollo 1 fire, which claimed the lives of three American astronauts That is, until 1986, when Russia finally confirmed the death of Valentin Bondarenko He burned to death in a training accident in 1961

His death was never published by the Soviets, who instead airbrushed him out of all official photos and suppressed all footage of him with other cosmonauts Sadly, Valentin wasn’t the only cosmonaut to be removed from history At least five were removed from documentary and visual records of the space program, whether because they were fired, quit or failed tragically, like Bondarenko 7 The Pentagon Papers Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara was the man tasked with overseeing America’s war in Vietnam

In 1967 he ordered a secret report on the history of American military involvement with Vietnam since 1945 It came to 7,000 pages in 47 volumes The report revealed that the real goal of the war was not to preserve South Vietnam’s independence from the North, but to contain China It also exposed the US

’s role in both helping President Diem into power, and in allowing the coup against him that led to full scale war Lastly, it revealed how America had secretly expanded its bombing campaigns into Laos and Cambodia When analyst Daniel Ellsberg leaked the report in 1971, he was charged with espionage and theft of government property by the Nixon administration Nixon’s agents also bugged Ellsberg’s home and burgled confidential files from his psychiatrist The President also put injunctions on The New York Times and The Washington Post for trying to publish the report

The full Pentagon Papers weren’t published until 2011 6 The My Lai Massacre The Vietnam War produced some of America’s darkest secrets Chief among these was the My Lai Massacre of 1968 Up to 504 unarmed civilians were murdered by American soldiers

Men, women and children were all targeted Some of the women were gang-raped and mutilated The Army claimed the massacre was actually a military victory against enemy forces They said only 20 civilians died in the chaos of battle The few soldiers who tried to expose the massacre were shunned and discredited by the Army and Congress

When a reporter finally broke the story nearly two years later, the Army launched an official review It blamed the massacre on four officers who had died in combat since My Lai Eventually 26 soldiers were court-martialled for the massacre and the cover-up, but only one was convicted President Nixon commuted his prison sentence to house arrest He served 3 and a half years of his initial life sentence

5 The Roswell Incident This is perhaps the most famous UFO incident in history It began as a local news report that a flying saucer crashed in the New Mexico desert near the town of Roswell, in summer 1947 The military quickly suppressed the story, claiming it was a weather balloon They even staged photographs of the balloon debris they said was found at the crash site

This cover-up worked for three decades, until UFO researchers dug into it Eventually, the Air Force launched an inquiry which, between 1994 and 1997, concluded that the military had lied They said a top secret, high-altitude radioactivity sensor had crashed to Earth, neither a weather balloon nor a flying saucer 4 Bloody Sunday In January 1972, an unarmed protest took place in Derry, Northern Ireland

Protesting had just been banned by the government, and British paratroopers were sent to stop the march They shot 26 protestors, 14 of whom died A rushed government inquiry exonerated the soldiers, who claimed they acted in self-defence But the bodies of the dead protesters had no weapons on them Many of them were shot in the back

Nonetheless, several soldiers were decorated for their actions on the day An MP who witnessed the killings was blocked from speaking about them in Parliament 25 years later, a second inquiry into Bloody Sunday began The Ministry of Defence refused to let investigators see helicopter footage and over 1,000 military photographs of the event It also claimed all the guns fired on the day had been destroyed

Several of them were later found in various different places After 13 years, the inquiry finally reported that the army had unjustifiably shot at and murdered the 14 protestors 3 The Watergate Scandal Richard Nixon’s reputation for paranoia was cemented by the scandal that forced him out of the White House In 1972, Nixon used a secret fund controlled by the Republican Attorney General to wiretap and undermine the Democrat’s Presidential election campaign

The crimes were exposed when burglars were caught planting bugs in the Democrat party’s headquarters in the Watergate complex in Washington Nixon told the CIA to stop the FBI’s investigation into the scandal Unfortunately for Nixon, he had installed a tape recording system in the Oval Office, which recorded him ordering the cover-up When the tapes were subpoenaed by investigators, Nixon refused to turn them over and fired the prosecutor who issued the subpoena Eventually the Supreme Court forced Nixon to release the tapes

Nixon resigned before he could be impeached, just one year into his second term after his landslide re-election victory 2 The Dreyfus Affair In 1894, the French army was dominated by Catholics and rife with anti-Semitism When they discovered someone was passing military secrets to Germany, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew, was secretly arrested and illegally interrogated He was then charged with treason and tried in a secret military tribunal in which he was not allowed to know the evidence against him

He was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment on Devil’s Island France’s head of counter-espionage, Georges Picquart, found evidence that Dreyfus was innocent, and the real traitor was a Catholic officer called Ferdinand Esterhazy In a two day trial, the military found Esterhazy not guilty and allowed him to flee the country The army then arrested Picquart and accused him of forging evidence against Esterhazy The writer Emile Zola then publicly accused the army of a cover-up; the government sent him to prison

Eventually the army was forced to re-try Dreyfus in 1899, after he’d spent five years in prison They found him guilty again and sentenced him to 10 more years on Devil’s Island However, they made Dreyfus an offer: if he admitted he was guilty, he would be pardoned He agreed Dreyfus was later proved innocent and reinstated to the army

1 The Iran-Contra Affair In the 1980s, it was illegal to sell arms to Iran Congress also prohibited the US government funding anti-Communist rebels in Nicaragua

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan famously made it clear that America does not negotiate with terrorists Then, in November 1986, it emerged Reagan’s government made a deal to secure the release of American hostages being held by Hezbollah terrorists The deal involved selling missiles to Iran in exchange for the hostages They then used the millions of dollars in profits to fund Nicaraguan rebels, who were known as Contras Next, the White House and the CIA destroyed documents and refused to declassify crucial files needed by investigators

The lack of evidence prevented charges being brought against suspects Ultimately, the Secretary of Defense, the NSA Director and ten others were indicted over the scandal, but they were all either granted immunity or pardoned by President George H W Bush The former Vice President claimed he was kept out of the loop during the whole affair, but his diaries suggest he knew the whole story

Reagan denied knowing about the affair Nevertheless he accepted responsibility and apologised for the scandal Evidence now suggests he did order the CIA to fund the Contras and to release the hostages, but it is unclear whether he knew how they did it until the scandal broke

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