10 Greatest Conspiracies of 2017

Each year, new conspiracies are concocted or uncovered In time, some of them are proven true, while others are debunked – but before that, they

We take a look back over the top 10 conspiracies of 2017 10 Anonymous Aliens In June 2017 a video appeared online, in which the activist group Anonymous claimed they had found proof of alien life They said that NASA had discovered intelligent extraterrestrial life Anonymous has a history of exposing the truth, whether revealing the identity of KKK members or breaking through the FBI’s computer security systems

So it would not be surprising if they had hacked NASA and found its deepest secrets However, Anonymous issued a statement saying the video was not sanctioned by them – it was probably a hoax by some pretender Their real identity is, appropriately, still unknown 9 Obama’s Iran Deal Days before President Donald Trump took office in January, a secret delivery was made to Iran

It was 130 tons of uranium, the ingredients for 10 nuclear bombs The shipment was part of a deal struck by the Obama administration Reporter Joe Otto claims Obama pushed it through before Trump could stop it Moreover, Otto says Obama also oversaw the transfer of billions of dollars to Iran An Iranian analyst argues Obama did this, because Iran was blackmailing the White House

On the other hand, Iran’s use of the uranium is closely monitored by the UN, who also struck the deal – America was just one country of many involved And the uranium came from Russia, not the US President Trump has promised to rip up the deal – time will tell whether he will succeed 8 15 Days Of Darkness In May, reports emerged of an announcement by NASA that an unprecedented planetary alignment would occur in late 2017

As a result, NASA said, the Earth would be plunged into 15 days of darkness, with potentially disastrous consequences for the ecosystems of the world, and consequently mankind As you may have noticed, these 15 days of darkness did not happen NASA’s announcement seems to have been faked But it was not the only false forecast for 2017 7 2017 Prophecies Baba Vanga died in 1996, but the Bulgarian mystic left many accurate predictions behind Most notably, she predicted that the last President of the United States would be African American To many, when Barack Obama was succeeded by the divisive Donald Trump, she was right

Her prophecy chimes with the words of Nostradamus From the 16th century France, he claimed to be able to see the future of humanity – including the events of 2017 Nostradamus’ most relevant prophecy seems to foretell a huge conflict in Asia – in particular, the clash between America and North Korea Who will win is uncertain 5 North Korea’s Master Plan Western media portray Kim Jong-Un as a mad little man with daddy issues He wants to hide his nation’s failings behind an arsenal of nuclear weapons He has murdered his blood rivals and threatened to nuke the USA

Tensions are so high, a nuclear apocalypse might happen But that may be exactly what Kim is counting on History teaches him that bowing to America’s orders to get rid of his nukes will just lead to his own downfall He also knows that no country wants nuclear war He believes having nukes is the best way to force the world to recognise his authority and provide economic aid

So, as long as he calls his enemies’ bluff, Kim’s master plan might work 4 China’s Corruption Purge Elsewhere in Asia, President Xi Jinping stepped up his anti-corruption purge in China’s bureaucracy He campaigned on the promise to clean up the Communist Party However, the statistics suggest he is targeting his political rivals

He has replaced them with his own supporters, consolidating his power at every level of government In October, he enshrined his political philosophies into the constitution, and has built a cult of personality around him He jointly occupies all the chief roles in the Chinese government – it may not be long before what counts for democracy in China, is a simple dictatorship 3 The JFK Files 2017 saw the biggest release of classified JFK files in history

The five million pages of previously top secret documents will take a long time to sift through But already, they have revealed how the FBI and CIA knew a lot more about Lee Harvey Oswald before President Kennedy was assassinated What’s more, the files show how federal agencies tried to cover up their failure to protect the President, and how the Warren Commission fudged facts in its final report Meanwhile, one of the surgeons who operated on JFK sold this sketch at auction Based on his notes made on the day of the assassination, the bullets that killed Kennedy came from behind and in front, suggesting there was a conspiracy to kill the President

On the order of the Oval Office, thousands of pages still remain redacted When, or if, they are finally revealed, who knows what secrets will come to light? 2 iPhones Are Made To Break In September, Apple controversially unveiled two new iPhones The iPhone 8, which cost $700 but barely progressed beyond older models, and the iPhone X, which boasted the significant advances fans hoped for, but at a much higher price This begged the question: why pay so much for a product that's already superseded? The year before, iPhone 6 users sued Apple over a defect that broke the screen

Given that iPhones come with only a 1 year guarantee, the defect seemed deliberate Then there is Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, which guarantees it's subscribers a new iPhone every 12 months in exchange for monthly payments It seems obvious that Apple are guilty of planning their products to become obsolete – an artificial way of creating demand in order to maintain their $40 billion annual profits 1 Sonic Attacks In Cuba The most certain conspiracy of the year is also the most mysterious

Throughout 2017, the US embassy in Cuba was targeted by a strange new kind of weapon The US

government has officially declared that sound waves have been used against diplomatic staff to cause deafness and brain damage If exposed for long enough, this ultrasonic weapon would kill its victims Somebody, somewhere has invented a new weapon the Pentagon knows nothing about Cuba denies they are responsible Maybe another nation is trying to damage the renewed relationship between Washington and Havana

Or perhaps this is just the beginning of a worldwide assault on American embassies We will have to wait and see what unfolds in 2018

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