10 Greatest Conspiracies of 2018

Each year, new conspiracies are concocted or uncovered In time, some of them are proven true, while others are debunked

Let’s take a look back at the top 10 conspiracies of 2018 10 ISS Sabotage In the middle of the night on the 30th August 2018, the ISS developed a leak The cause was a small, two millimetre hole in the hull of the Russian Soyuz capsule used to bring resources and astronauts aboard The chief of Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, claims the hole was made deliberately from the inside, and possibly by a “wavering hand”

Russian media suggested NASA was to blame Russian newspapers say investigating the leak was made by a sick American crewmember in order to trigger an evacuation of the entire crew back to Earth The incriminating evidence in the capsule would burn up on re-entry Yet the hole was made in the Russian area, which has restricted access to only Russian astronauts NASA says the hole was caused by a micrometeorite

However, as soon as pictures of the hole automatically went live on NASA’s website, they were taken down Whatever the truth, someone is hiding something 9

Scotland’s Grey Man In November 2018, Carol Purcell was hillwalking in Scotland’s Glen Coe when she photographed this spectral sight It is just the latest incident with Am Fear Liath Mor, the Grey Man – an unnaturally tall humanoid creature that stalks the Scottish Highlands The Grey Man has been compared to the Wendigo, the Yeti, the Bodach Mor, and Bigfoot His origins remain as mysterious as theirs Recorded sightings go back centuries, and most have occurred on Ben MacDui

They all begin with sudden, fearful feelings of a presence nearby He stalks lone explorers, and the first thing they notice is the crunching sound of his great stride over the rocks Witnesses have seen the huge shape of the Grey Man following them, but most of them run away before getting a good look at him According to the scant descriptions we have, the Grey Man is about 3 metres tall, with very long arms and legs He has an ape-like head and his body is covered in short hair

In the winter of 1956, a man found footprints in the snow – 19 inches long by about 14 inches wide Carol Purcell agrees with scientists who say the Grey Man is just a trick of the light and natural, aural phenomena 8 Peters Mountain Secret Base Security cameras line the roads leading to it Large white vans and covered tractor trailers enter and exit its guarded gates

At night, blue lights illuminate the facility like a Christmas tree, and vehicles drive around for no discernible purpose People who have tried to visit the site are reportedly met by armed soldiers, who wear no insignia apart from a flag Like the Great Grey Man, this conspiracy goes back some time but has not lost its relevance Officially, Peters Mountain in Virginia is owned by AT&T, as the massive helipad logo indicates In the past decade, they have spent over $61 million improving the facility

Author Garrett Graff believes it is really part of a network of underground bunkers around the country designed to protect the government in a nuclear war, funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency In particular, he believes the Peters Mountain facility is where the intelligence community will retreat This would explain why the site officially belongs to communications giant AT&T – a natural provider of all the communications hardware the intelligence services need to continue their work 7 Clone president In December 2018, Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari puzzled the world when he announced that he was not a clone

The 76-year-old has led the African country since 2015, but in 2017 spent over three months in Britain being treated for a mysterious illness Perhaps as a result of this, rumours spread that he had died When he returned to Nigeria, his political opponents seized upon the theory that Buhari was now a clone, or at least a double hired to hide the real president’s death What’s remarkable is that the theory gained so much traction that Buhari himself felt compelled to call a press conference to deny it His illness remains undisclosed; how much longer he’ll stay in power, remains to be seen

6 SpaceX’s Lost Spy Satellite On the 7th January, 2018, SpaceX launched a top secret rocket carrying a mysterious government payload, called Zuma Little is known about Zuma It was built by the Northrop Grumman Corporation for an undisclosed government agency In total, it cost $3

5 billion The launch was logged in US Strategic Command’s Space-Track system, which monitors satellites This suggests Zuma was a spy satellite

On the other hand, conspiracy theorists believe Zuma may have been an experimental ‘dark bird’ with a radioisotope thermoelectric generator – a controversial device because, if something went wrong, it would release radioactive contaminants into Earth’s atmosphere The day after the launch, Zuma disappeared US officials say it crashed into the ocean and the mission was a total loss

Government secrecy around the project continues But is it to protect the technology from prying eyes, or to hide the government’s guilt in endangering the public? 5 Cryptocurrency Control On the 14th February, 2018, the President of the European Bank said it is not the central bank’s job to ban or regulate Bitcoin But in November 2018, the International Monetary Fund declared its support for countries to make their own digital currencies In December, the IMF reported that the central banks of fifteen countries are doing precisely that

This is a dramatic step towards state-controlled, nationally regulated cryptocurrencies In other words, the exact opposite of what Bitcoin was created for As the first decentralised digital currency, Bitcoin works without a central bank or single administrator It is a democratic currency, and provides its users true anonymity It inspired many competitors, all independent of government control

Yet, after years of skyrocketing value, the cryptocurrency industry lost more than $660 billion – over 70% of its value – over the course of 2018 No-one knows exactly who created Bitcoin, but now it is at its weakest point, it looks like governments are stepping in to take control 4 Irish UFO Of the many UFO sightings in 2018, probably the most plausible occurred on the 9th November in County Kerry, in Ireland At 6

47am, a British Airways pilot asked Shannon air traffic control if there were any military exercises underway at that time Control replied that there weren’t This confused the pilot, because she saw a “very bright light” approaching on the left side of her aircraft before “rapidly veering to the north” Then another pilot reported “multiple objects following the same trajectory”, all emitting a bright light Other eyewitnesses corroborate this, and a third pilot says the speed was “astronomical, it was like Mach 2” – twice the speed of sound

Since then, the Irish Examiner has reported the UFO might have been a meteorite or a farmer on a private plane joy ride The Irish Aviation Authority have refused to comment The investigation is ongoing 3 The Suppression of Thorium In July 2018, the US Department of Energy invested almost $20 million in thorium power – a clean, affordable, more efficient nuclear fuel than uranium

The irony is that the government have known about thorium’s amazing properties since the 1960s, when the Department of Energy built a working thorium reactor Thorium is three times more abundant in nature than uranium; it does not require expensive enrichment; it’s waste can be reused as fuel; and it is more stable, making meltdowns non-existent Moreover, it does not produce plutonium as a byproduct, which is used in nuclear weapons In all, the nuclear energy available in the world's thorium supply is estimated to be greater than the available energy from all of the world’s oil, coal and uranium combined But in 1973, the Nixon administration shut down thorium research and fired its developers

They decided uranium, with its military applications, would be the future of energy 2 Novichok Did Britain try to assassinate its own citizens in order to distract from Russia’s achievements during the 2018 FIFA World Cup? That’s what Russian officials accused the British government of doing at the height of the tournament Four people in Britain were poisoned with the rare nerve agent novichok – a Cold War weapon developed by the Soviets The first victims were former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia

The next two victims were Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley She died two days later, leaving behind three children The British secret service identified two suspects in the attack – posing as tourists in England, their real identities were a colonel and a doctor in Russian intelligence A few months later, the Russian military intelligence chief blamed for the attacks died of an unknown illness Russia says it is either the victim of a false flag attack, or the patsy for a fatal leak from Britain’s own bioweapons lab

1 Michael Cohen Just in time for Christmas 2018, beleaguered lawyer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison by the Southern District of New York This is significant because the crimes for which he was found guilty directly involve the sitting president of the United States Not since Nixon has an American president been so closely tied to criminal activity Cohen’s conviction came as part of the investigations by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into the activities of the 2016 election campaign for Republican candidate Donald Trump

The campaign is accused of violating campaign finance laws and of colluding with foreign powers Trump and his supporters claim the whole affair is a sham by the Democrats and the Deep State to discredit his electoral victory – and to force him out of the White House If the hush money Cohen paid to protect the president lead to impeachment of the president, Donald Trump will join the ignoble company of Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson as presidents who have been impeached

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