10 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time

Hello and welcome to Alltime Conspiracies Conspiracy theories are an important part of popular culture and politics

Now more than ever, we question the truth of nearly everything, and look for the secrets hidden from public view Some conspiracy theories have even shaped the public consciousness So in this very special edition, we count down the ten most enduring and compelling conspiracy theories of all time 10 The illuminati controls the music industry In 2012, psychologist Annett Schirmer proved the way that humans process information is profoundly altered by the music that we listen to

Some believe the mysterious “world government” or Illuminati, controls the music industry to manipulate the thoughts of the masses Conspiracy theorist Mark Dice believes that many of the most successful contemporary artists have sold their souls for fame In exchange, the Illuminati controls their output and inserts its ominous messaging into songs Dice cites Rihanna’s 2007 hit “Umbrella” as an example of this He believes it is full of satanic imagery, including a demonic triangle, six “shadowy” backing dancers and even Lucifer himself

Others refer to Tupac’s final album “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory”, about which he said “That’s why I’m putting the K to it, because I’m killing that Illuminati shit” He was mysteriously killed before its release 9 Area 51 is hiding alien remains For sixty years, former employees of “Area 51” claimed that the Air Force base harboured aliens, also known as “Greys” Former base engineer Bill Uhouse revealed that he had worked with a “Grey” called J-Rod who piloted a UFO now stored at the base

Area 51 supposedly stores the remains of aliens and a spacecraft recovered from the 1947 Roswell incident, when a UFO reportedly slammed into the New Mexico desert Witness Lt Walter Hault described how two aliens were recovered from the craft for autopsies Meanwhile he was instructed to tell the press it had simply been an air balloon crash The CIA only admitted the base’s existence in 2013

Many argue this long period of denial was to hide an otherworldly truth 8 The Titanic never sank When in 1912 the “unsinkable” Titanic hit an iceberg and sank, resulting in over 1500 deaths, the event was decried as an accident of horrific proportions But amateur historian Robin Gardiner believes the Titanic was actually swapped with its almost identical sister ship – The Olympia It was an insurance scam hatched by one of the world’s most powerful men – financier J

P Morgan Morgan switched the ships and arranged the collision, in order to avoid hefty losses of profit because he failed to complete the actual Titanic on time Survivor testimony of the ship as it sank includes details that the Titanic didn’t have, such as promenades across the deck However, the Olympia did have these features

Robin Gardiner also says that passenger photographs match the Olympia’s plans, not the Titanic’s as well If the records were doctored, Morgan was easily in a position to do this unnoticed 7 Daesh has started WW3 Several world leaders have claimed that we are in the midst of a Third World War that is being unreported In July 2016 Pope Francis stated that following the rise of jihadi terrorist movement ISIL, the world is now engaged in World War Three, under the guise of “insecurity”

In February 2015 the Iraqi Prime Minister – Haider al-Abadi – said that Daesh’s ambitions to form a world caliphate and its conquest of huge swathes of the Middle East, have placed the world in the midst of war Journalist David Phillips says that Daesh has deliberately lured the US to the Middle East to butcher Americans and ignite a large scale war Given how many world powers are now involved in the conflict, including the UK, US, France and Russia, Phillips’ claims are disturbingly plausible 6 The CIA assassinated JFK The suspicious links between the CIA and the assassination of U

S President Kennedy have led many to suspect foul play Political commentator Jerome Corsi says that when Kennedy refused to bow to CIA pressure and invade Cuba, he effectively signed his own death warrant Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy’s alleged assassin, was conveniently murdered two days after the crime by Jack Ruby, a former CIA gun-runner This meant Oswald was never interrogated and never put on trial Furthermore, the investigation into the incident was chaired by a former CIA Director who had been fired by the Kennedy administration

The official inquiry that blamed Kennedy’s killing on a lone gunman may have biased from the start 5 Tupac faked his own death On September 13th 1996 Tupac was “fatally” shot while on a night out with his friend Suge Knight A post-mortem was released and the press reported on his death But like the hundreds that claim to have seen him in the decades since, Knight insists he’s still alive

The sleeve of his final album, finished just before his “death” states “Exit – 2 Pac Enter – Makaveli” Many interpret this cryptic resurrection message as proof of his intention to fake his death Curiously, the only witness to his cremation disappeared soon after the event Then in 2015, a retired policeman confessed on his deathbed that he had been paid $15 million to help fake Tupac’s death

4 Michael Jackson was murdered Following Michael Jackson’s shocking death in 2009, many suggested that his entertainment promoter – AEG Live – were involved Two autopsies found Jackson had died from “acute propofol intoxication”, an extremely powerful sedative Jackson’s physician Dr Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for administering the fatal dose Murray had been employed by AEG Live

The night before his death Jackson told his son Prince that AEG’s CEO Randy Phillips was going to kill him At the trial Prince said Phillips secretly visited Jackson’s home and threatened Dr Murray to administer more drugs 3 The CIA controls the weather The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (or HAARP) was officially meant for “communications research” But it was long suspected of being a secret U

S government system to control the weather, until the facility was closed in 2015 Established in 1993 and controlled by US armed forces, HAARP generated an enormous 3

6 Megawatts of energy, continuously released into the ionosphere Dr Bernard Eastlund, a former senior HAARP scientist, said the technology is certainly capable of “weather modification” Josh Jordan, a National Review blogger, noted that President Obama experienced a surge of popular support after his response to superstorm Sandy just before he stood for re-election in 2012 The theory goes that the US

government created the storm to keep Obama in power 2 NASA has discovered an alien civilisation In 2015 a UFO appeared on the International Space Station live stream NASA immediately shut the camera down When it came back on, the object had disappeared

There is even evidence of alien constructions Jason Wright, an Astronomer at Penn State, says irregular light patterns in star KIC 8462852 indicate an “alien megastructure” harvesting energy from stars in its neighbourhood Former NASA Astronaut Dr Brian O’Leary reportedly said, “Civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time…these visitors use the technologies of consciousness” In 2010 Wikileaks published a classified email from Albinas Januska, an advisor to the Lithuanian Premier

It said, “there are a group of UFOs who are making influence [sic] on the cosmos” This suggests there is a lot more known than is revealed to the general public 1 9/11 was a government plot 15% of American citizens that believe the U

S government was involved in the September 11th terrorist attacks Much of them agree with former LAPD investigator Michael Ruppert, who says it was a government operation to justify invading Afghanistan for oil Architect Richard Gage argues that it is almost impossible the skyscrapers collapsed from fire Studying over 100 previous skyscraper fires, Gage concluded that their steel frames remain upright irrespective of internal damage

Others suggest the government staged the collapse using the rare compound thermide This can melt steel and and leaves no trace Additionally, on September 10th, 2001, stock options on the airlines involved in the attack increased “extraordinarily” for no apparent reason Someone made a fortune on the market in the aftermath of tragedy Many suspect insider trading occurred, as high profile American investors profited from the terror attacks

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