10 Greatest Illuminati Conspiracies

Half of the American public believe at least one conspiracy theory The one they have all heard of is the story of a highly secret society, pulling the strings and controlling the course of world events

But it is not just one story, it is many theories… Here are the 10 Greatest Illuminati Conspiracies 10 Musical Brainwashing In 2013, Beyonce’s halftime Superbowl performance sent shockwaves around the world for its dark symbolism The devil horns, the all-seeing eye and the goat symbolism included in so many music videos It seems the Illuminati use the music industry to brainwash billions of innocent people

Conspiracy theorists say Beyonce is just one of many music stars who are members of the Illuminati… or who are their puppets Other stars, like Madonna, claim to expose the Illuminati truth but may actually be part of Illuminati misinformation Prince was one of the true believers who protected his artistic freedom and tried to reveal the truth When he died unexpectedly under mysterious circumstances, theorists said he was murdered by the Illuminati 9

Satanists Back to Beyonce Conspiracy theorists have identified her on stage alter ego, Sasha Fierce as a demonic entity In the 1970s and 80s, John Todd and Mike Warnke claimed the Illuminati were the highest level of Satanism Warnke, a Protestant evangelist, and Todd both claimed to be former occultists and Satanists They revealed the Illuminati is a high council of druids, working to destroy Christianity and make witchcraft the official religion of the USA

Their ranks include many politicians and Catholic leaders However, by the 1990s, both Warnke and Todd were exposed as frauds 8 Blood Sacrifice Of all the horrific mass shootings America has suffered, the 2017 slaughter of 58 people in Las Vegas was one of the deadliest The gunman, Stephen Paddock, committed suicide before his motive could be discovered

Conspiracy theorist Sheila Zilinsky believes Paddock did not act randomly She says the skyline of Las Vegas holds the key The Sphinx, the pyramid, the obelisk… Zilinsky says these are all ancient objects that comprise the panorama of archaic Illuminati symbolism According to Zilinsky, the hundreds of casualties at the Las Vegas shooting were a large blood sacrifice; a death ritual What purpose did this ritual serve? Only the Illuminati really know… 7

Reptilian Overlords But who exactly is in this secret cabal, and how do they qualify for it? According to conspiracy theorist David Icke, they are super-intelligent lizards in human disguises, who control us from the Moon Their ranks include the most powerful rulers and families in the world The Queen, the Rothschilds, and pretty much every President in history belong to this elite race Another theory suggests they are not lizards wearing human disguises, but half-human reptilian hybrids This makes it easier for them to blend into human society, but doesn’t make it easier to hide their habits

For our overlords feast on human flesh, and abuse their power to both obtain their food, and keep it secret 6 The Aquarian Conspiracy In 1966, The Beatles ruled the world Their success had reached such heights that John Lennon remarked, “We’re more popular than Jesus” This outraged Christians in America, and mass burnings of Beatles records ensued

Former MI6 agent John Coleman says they were right to be outraged He says The Beatles’ transatlantic success was not earned – it was engineered, by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations According to Coleman, this London-based non-profit research group is dedicated to dismantling US society By paying close attention to Beatles song lyrics and album art, the Illuminati plan is revealed They used the Beatles to promote rock music, drugs and religious disrespect

Their ultimate aim was to undermine and destroy the family unit Did they succeed or fail? 5 The Scare of 1798 One year after the end of his presidency, George Washington wrote a letter in which he expressed his belief that the Illuminati were spreading their doctrine throughout the world His letter was merely a part of the 1798 Illuminati scare in New England, when Federalists and Puritans believed that Thomas Jefferson’s government and party had been infiltrated by the Illuminati, and were plotting against America, religion and morality The scare started after Scottish physicist John Robison published his book, Proofs of a Conspiracy, in which he argued that freemason lodges all over Europe had been infiltrated by the Illuminati

As a freemason and politician, George Washington was naturally concerned The thing is, historical evidence suggests he was right 4 Alien Technology Engineer and former Canadian defence minister, Paul Hellyer, is a fervent believer in the Illuminati He also believes in alien UFOs

Moreover, he believes intelligent extraterrestrials have visited Earth and gifted us technology that could end our reliance on fossil fuels, and reverse climate change So why don’t we know about these aliens, and why don’t we have this wonder tech? According to Hellyer, it is because the elite cabal who control the world have suppressed all knowledge and hidden all evidence Hellyer says they have stakes in oil and would prefer to make trillions today than save the future of the planet 3 New World Order The biggest conspiracy by the Illuminati is their ultimate goal

All their other plots and schemes are directed towards this one aim: to establish a New World Order Over the centuries, the Illuminati have manipulated mass media, rigged elections, infiltrated all the structures of power and orchestrated devastating wars to keep mankind divided This allows them to maintain their chokehold on wealth and influence, and to secretly steer humanity towards a new order dominated by finance and effective slavery As far-fetched as this sounds, it isn’t hard to believe The world elites gather frequently at clandestine meetings like the Davos Summit, the Bilderberg Group and Bohemian Grove, where it is confirmed that big business and politics brush shoulder to shoulder and plan the next phase of world history

[NOTE: NUMBERS 1 & 2 swapped around, VO needs to match this script] 2 Discordianism In 2017, historian David Bramwell shed light back onto Discordianism, a joke religion created in the midst of 1960s counterculture Writers Robert Anton Wilson and Kerry Thornley chose the extinct Illuminati as a tool to spread misinformation Their aim? To bring chaos back into a society they deemed too rigid and authoritarian They sent fake letters into Playboy magazine, some saying the Illuminati were trying to take over the world, and some contradicting the conspiratorial correspondence

Then Wilson, along with Robert Shea, wrote a trilogy of books blaming the greatest crimes of the century on the Illuminati, and saying they covered it all up The methods they attributed to the Illuminati were inspired by John Robison’s previously forgotten book David Bramwell says all of today’s theories about the Illuminati can be traced to the 1960s Before that, there is no evidence that the secret society was anything more than a footnote in history But then, that’s exactly what the Illuminati would want, isn’t it? 1

The Real Illuminati This conspiracy makes the top of the list because it is one hundred percent real The original Illuminati were founded in secrecy On the 1st May, 1776, in Bavaria, professor Adam Weishaupt began the Order of the Illuminati Its writings and rules were top secret But its aims were widely known: to advocate free thought, secularism, republicanism, gender equality and liberalism

In other words, they wanted to work against the established world order Understandably, this angered the most powerful institutions of the time: the Church and royalty In 1785, secret agents infiltrated the Illuminati and broke it up The society was suppressed and ended that year Its members survived, though, and probably fled to the Freemasons

The Order of the Illuminati was finished, but its ideas lived on

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