10 Most Compelling Celebrity Conspiracies

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“Not every celebrity enjoys a full life of luxury Some of them meet tragically early ends – and the circumstances aren’t always clear-cut

These are the 10 Most Compelling Celebrity Death Conspiracies 10 Heath Ledger In January 2008, Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Just 28 years old and fit as a fiddle, his death was totally unexpected The autopsy concluded that he was killed by an accidental overdose of a cocktail of prescription drugs


Ledger died just a couple of months after he’d finished work on his most famous role, the Joker For his performance as the villain in The Dark Knight, Ledger truly immersed himself in the dark, depraved thoughts of the Joker He kept a detailed journal, which he filled with the Joker’s twisted fantasies Theorists and fans believe he went so deep into character, that he became possessed by the Clown Prince of Crime Ledger’s family and friends attest how disturbed he became while playing the Joker – how he was so unsettled by his work that he couldn’t sleep more than an hour or two each night

He had an appointment with a masseuse the day after he died; he knew she was visiting, and it was she who found him Perhaps his drug overdose wasn’t so accidental, after all… 9 Paul Walker The star of the Fast and Furious franchise died in a car accident when he was 40 In the wake of his death, his final Fast and Furious movie – the seventh in the series – grossed an incredible $15 billion at the box office

Now each new move in the franchise is expected to make at least $1 billion But conspiracy theorists believe Paul Walker isn’t dead They believe he faked his death His career was flagging, and he relied on the pedalhead franchise to keep going As a producer, he wanted to boost the box office takings

Inspired by the dramatic effect of Heath Ledger’s death on The Dark Knight’s gross, he orchestrated a spectacular and ironic demise Walker secretly receives a slice of the profits, which is why his co-star Vin Diesel says the movies are still made “for Paul” Critics of the theory have pointed out that the franchise’s box office was already improving with each new movie, and Paul was never a producer on the franchise Nevertheless, many fans still choose to believe he never died 8

James Dean James Dean is the iconic young rebel He was just 24 years old when he was killed in a car crash in 1955 But conspiracy theorists believe Dean faked his death He was the only casualty in the car crash – Dean’s friend in the passenger seat next to him, and the driver of the other car, both survived What’s more, a witness claimed that Dean wasn’t actually driving the car – he was in the passenger seat

One theory says Dean faked his death to escape his Hollywood career He wanted to be a professional racing driver, but Warner Brothers banned him from racing while he was making films In fact, he was on his way to a race when he crashed By faking his death, he was free to anonymously live out his dream But another theory says the studio faked it

They felt Dean would be more profitable as a dead legend than a disabled actor Indeed, James Dean was the first actor to be nominated for an Oscar after his death, and is the only actor to receive two posthumous Oscar nominations 7 Lady Gaga Now, this theory doesn’t say Lady Gaga is dead Instead, it says Lady Gaga is who she is, because she murdered her way to the top

Gaga’s career began when her manager paired her with a rising star called Lina Morgana They wrote and recorded a dozen songs together Lina died when she was just 19, in an apparent suicide jump In 2010, her mother claimed Lady Gaga stole Lina’s bold style and musical ideas Conspiracy theorists believe Gaga also took Lina’s life

Gaga refused to release the rights to the music she and Lina wrote, and has used her artistic control of her music videos to boast about her crime In her video for Paparazzi, Gaga is pushed from a balcony in a similar way to Lina’s supposed suicide However, some conspiracy theorists don’t think Lady Gaga is a murderer, just a thief They claim the allegations that Gaga murdered Lina Morgana are made up – and that Gaga herself made them up The stories emerged in 2010, around the time another singer, Ysan Roche, was rumoured to be suing Lady Gaga for stealing her ideas

6 Paul McCartney According to conspiracy theorists, Paul McCartney’s name is actually Billy Shepherd – or William Shears Campbell, depending who you ask That’s because the real Paul McCartney died in a car accident in December 1966 The current Paul is the winner of a Beatles’ lookalike contest This theory has existed since January 1967, when Paul disappeared from public view for several months

When he reappeared, it was with The Beatles’ groundbreaking but radically different sound of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The lyrics allude to the arrival of Billy and the crash that killed Paul What’s more, the album cover cryptically places Paul’s left-handed guitar in the funeral display The cover to Abbey Road also contains clues to Paul’s death: they’re arranged like a funeral procession, with Paul the only one not wearing shoes, and strangely holding a cigarette in his right hand When you play the songs backwards, hidden messages about the cover up are revealed

Paul’s car did crash in late 1966, but Paul wasn’t in it – he’d lent it to a friend He strongly denies the theory is true 5 Princess Diana Princess Diana was killed in one of the most controversial car crashes in history She and her lover, Dodi Fayed, were being chauffeured through Paris at night, pursued by the paparazzi

When they entered a tunnel, they never came out Since the day of the accident, people have doubted the official story There is no footage of the crash from any of the ten CCTV cameras in the tunnel The mysterious white Fiat Uno that drove out of the tunnel was never traced by police – even though there was paint from it on the wreckage of Diana’s car Then an MI6 agent was sent to prison for saying the British secret service had classified files that hold the truth about what happened that night

Dodi Fayed’s father believes they were assassinated He’s launched hundreds of legal claims against the British government to uncover the truth Conspiracy theorists believe the Royal family would never let one of their own marry a Muslim The certainly wouldn’t let her bring anything but a Protestant Christian into the bloodline At the time of her death, Diana was rumoured to be pregnant with Dodi’s child

4 John Lennon The other half of The Beatles’ genius songwriting partnership was murdered in December 1980 His assassin, Mark David Chapman, shot him in the back in the streets of Manhattan Oddly, Chapman stayed at the scene of the crime and read J D

Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye until the police arrived Chapman was sentenced to life in prison as a lone assassin But in the wake of revelations about the CIA’s brainwashing programme, MK-ULTRA, and the news that the FBI had a file on John Lennon, conspiracy theorists have doubts They believe Chapman was hypnotically controlled They argue the government felt threatened by Lennon, an influential left-wing activist

Theorists say The Catcher In The Rye was a tool to trigger the assassin Months later, John Hinckley, Jr had a copy when he tried to shoot the President Of course, there is no hard proof for any of these claims The CIA’s brainwashing programme was officially ended a decade before John Lennon was killed

Mark David Chapman is considered insane, and is still in prison 3 Kurt Cobain Nirvana’s lead singer Kurt Cobain was found dead in his home in April 1994 He had been shot in the head, and was holding a shotgun with a suicide note beside him But Tom Grant, the private investigator who found Cobain’s body, is convinced he was murdered

Grant says Kurt’s body had so much heroin in it that he wouldn’t have been physically able to pull the trigger, let alone write the suicide note He claims the crime scene was staged by his killer – Cobain’s wife, Courtney Love Even Courtney’s own father believes she murdered Kurt, because the singer was threatening to divorce her and deny her access to his wealth Heavy metal singer Eldon Hoke claimed Courtney tried to hire him to murder Cobain Hoke then died in a freak train accident

Courtney Love denies all accusations that she killed her husband The official verdict is still suicide 2 Tupac At just 25 years old, legendary rapper Tupac died from bullet wounds gained in a drive-by shooting in September 1996 But did he really die? Since his apparent death, he’s been seen by several witnesses all over the world

A further seven albums of his music have been released Many fans believe they hold clues to the fact he’s really alive and well In particular, his final album Don Killuminati, published under his new stage name, Makaveli Niccolo Machiavelli was a 16th century diplomat who suggested you could fool your enemies by faking your death Rumour has it Machiavelli faked his own death when he was 25 years old

The album cover shows Tupac as Jesus, who Christians believe was resurrected Officially, Tupac was the victim of an ongoing gang war Other theories agree that he is dead, but that he was murdered by the Illuminati – or even by fellow rapper Suge Knight, who was with Tupac when he was shot 1 Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 from an overdose of 40 barbiturates

The coroner ruled she committed suicide But since the day she died, rumours have persisted that she was murdered by powerful enemies A recently uncovered letter from Jean Kennedy suggests her brother Robert, the Attorney General, had a relationship with Marilyn in the months before her death Monroe’s personal masseur confirmed that she’d also slept with JFK Both men were married

With such a close relationship to the most powerful men in America, it’s no surprise that the CIA might want to eradicate someone who could be exploited by America’s Cold War enemies However, another theory suggests she was murdered by the Mafia They had many connections with the Kennedys through mobster Sam Giancana, who is rumoured to have helped JFK get elected Did Marilyn know too much? Was she a liability to the Kennedys, to the Mafia, to the country? It seems likely that we’ll never know for sure

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