10 Remarkable Unsolved Crimes

We hope that crime never happens to us Moreover, we hope that if it does, police forces around the world will have all the talent and resources they need to set things right

The sad truth is they do not, and many crimes go unsolved Here are ten of the greatest 10 The Max Headroom Pirate The weirdest, most unique hack in history took place one Sunday night in November, 1987 During the Nine O’Clock News, viewers across Chicago found their broadcast interrupted by a black screen, a wall of static sound and the bizarre sight of someone dressed as Max Headroom swaying side to side

Two hours later, the hacker did it again, but this time raving about random things and singing Over three decades later, no-one knows who managed to hijack the TV signal, or how The Federal Communications Commission failed to find them; if caught, the hackers could have been fined $10,000 and spent a year in prison That’s quite a price to pay for a practical joke 9

D B Cooper The man known as D B Cooper is still unknown to history

His audacious, one-man plan became the first successful air hijacking in US history Extremely polite and with a slightly foreign accent, he took the passengers of a flight over Seattle hostage and ransomed them for the equivalent of $12 million

Then he let the passengers go, ordered the pilot to fly to Mexico and made a mid-air escape – during a rainstorm, and all under the watchful eyes of two fighter jets following the plane D B Cooper, and the money he stole, have never been found Did he die during the jump, or did he make it scott free? 8

The Torso in the Thames This is is the tragic story of a boy called Adam – except, his real name is not known It was what police called the headless, limbless torso of a four to seven year old boy pulled from the River Thames, near Tower Bridge in London, in 2001 The autopsy found his throat was slit to drain the blood from his body, then his limbs and head were expertly removed Forensic analysis of pollen in his stomach and minerals in his bones revealed he had come from near Benin City in Nigeria, the birthplace of voodoo Adam was the child victim of human sacrifice

Yet the case remains unsolved It remains an example of how forensic science can help discover so much about a crime, yet still can’t solve everything 7 The Horsenapping of Shergar Shergar was one of the greatest racehorses in history It won the 1981 Epsom Derby by a margin of ten lengths – the longest ever – and was worth £10 million

Sadly, fame and fortune made it a target Although owned by the Aga Khan, Shergar was bred in Ireland In February 1983, the horse was stolen by three men in balaclavas and police uniforms They were professionals, acting calmly and calling each other by the codename Cresswell The police investigation was infamously bungled, using clairvoyants and psychics in the search

The thieves demanded a ransom, but the owners refused to pay The chief suspects are still the IRA, but since they were never caught, we will never know Shergar was probably killed 6 Lost Iraqi Billions Iraq might consider suing the USA

In the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq War, the USA airlifted up to $14 billion in cash to help reconstruct the country That money came from Iraqi government accounts held by the Federal Reserve Somehow, at least $66 billion of those shrink-wrapped $100 bills… disappeared Special investigator general for Iraq Stuart Bowen says this is “the largest theft of funds in national history

” Quite why all the money was flown in, in such large shipments, is unclear The problem is, the accounting of the money was so shoddily handled, and corruption in the chaos of war so rife, that the vast majority of that money will never be recovered, and the people who stole it, both Americans and Iraqis, need never worry 5 The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run From 1935 to 1938, the impoverished inhabitants of Kingsbury Run in Cleveland were terrorised by the Mad Butcher, a man or woman who claimed at least 12 victims, and as many as twenty Police were flummoxed

Even the efforts of Eliot Ness, already famous for bringing down Al Capone, couldn’t catch the criminal Their job was made more difficult by the gruesome way the victims died: from being decapitated or dismembered Most of the male victims were castrated, and several of victims’ bodies were sawn in half Most were found months after the murder, badly decomposed Only three victims were identified: no clues to the killer were ever found

4 Japanese Bank Bomb Heist The largest criminal investigation in Japanese history lasted seven years and involved 170,000 police and 110,000 suspects They were looking for one of the cleverest criminals ever known In late 1968, a bank manager received letters threatening to blow up his home On the day police gathered at the manager’s house to prevent the explosion, a transport car from his bank was stopped by a policeman

He warned the drivers that another letter said there was a bomb on the car Suddenly, smoke appeared from under the car The scared drivers ran away; the policeman drove off with nearly $6 million in today’s money The fake policeman switched cars several times on his getaway, and deliberately left 120 clues behind to confuse police, including the flare he set off under the car Enough time has passed that he could sell his story to the media without being prosecuted

3 The Columbus Day Vault Heist Over Columbus Day weekend in 1977, the First National Bank of Chicago put $4 million into its great underground vault When the bank reopened, auditors found exactly $1 million was missing, worth over $4 million today There was no sign of a break-in or forced entry Apart from 23 bills recovered during a drugs bust, the stolen money was never traced

The FBI had one main suspect: a clerk who worked at the bank and was fired after failing a lie detector test But even though he was still under investigation in 1985, the FBI never arrested him, or anyone else, for the crime 2 JonBenet Ramsey In 1996, the world shared the horror of the Ramsey family, whose beauty queen daughter JonBenét was discovered dead in their basement She had been gagged, beaten and garotted on Christmas Day

She was just six years old Suspicion fell on her parents, or on her 9 year old brother, but police have never suspected him or found evidence against any of the family The crime happened in their home without any of the family realisingThe case remains open; the killer remains at large The mystery of JonBenét Ramsey is so compelling because of the unshakeable feeling that the culprits might have always been right in front of us; and the disturbing possibility that something equally horrible could happen to our families, under our very noses

1 Jack The Ripper Jack the Ripper makes it to the top of this list because of his influence and legacy Not just the countless films and books in which he appears, but the copycat killers who have claimed their own victims in grisly ways You probably know the whole sordid story In 1888, while the well-to-do in Victorian London society drank to the success of their Empire, the dark, damp, dirty streets of Whitechapel were stalked by a vicious serial killer

Whether he was a royal physician or a local butcher, we know that Jack preyed on vulnerable prostitutes, shredding his victims, taking their organs and taunting police as the first media-savvy serial killer Yet, unlike most of history’s serial killers, Jack stopped just as suddenly as he started Unless, of course, you believe he killed many more than merely five women…

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