10 Strangest Biblical Conspiracy Theories

Like all ancient texts, the Christian Bible is full of mysteries Many religious people seek spiritual answers to these questions – but others have detected unexpected and frankly bizarre secrets buried in its pages

These are the 10 Strangest Biblical Conspiracy Theories 10 JESUS HAD A WIFE In 2012, Harvard University Biblical scholar Dr Karen King discovered an ancient text revealing the Son of God had been a happily married man The text was written on an ancient scrap of papyrus When Jesus referred to Mary Magdalene, the text stated “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife

’” Karen King believes this confirms their relationship was much steamier than claimed by mainstream religious scholars Dating techniques suggest the papyrus – and the text on it – were created centuries after Jesus’ death on the cross

King herself now admits it could be a forgery But it is far from the only evidence that Jesus was married The Gnostic Gospels, for example, describe Mary Magdalene as Jesus’ ‘companion’ and ‘partner’ This theory is still open to debate 9

CHRISTIANITY WAS INVENTED TO CRUSH THE POOR Potentially the most groundbreaking conspiracy of all, is a theory that states Jesus never existed The entire Christian religion was invented by the Roman government to stop rebellion Even though many Roman emperors tried to purge Christianity from the world, religious scholar Joseph Atwill believes that, “the story of Jesus Christ was invented as a system of mind control to enslave the poor” He believes that the religion was a propaganda exercise used by the Roman Empire to quell discontent For instance, the Biblical “Messiah” suggests citizens would reach Heaven if they behaved peacefully and paid their taxes

This made him the perfect device for the Empire to ensure citizen’s obedience In a similar line of thought, University of Southern California Philosopher Professor Geddes MacGregor says the concept of Heaven was invented centuries after the religion was born MacGregor says the religion originally preached reincarnation, but added the idea of an afterlife in order to keep people in the faith 8 THE JESUS BLOODLINE If Jesus was a happily married man, the possibility of him having children is hardly outrageous

Laurence Gardner says that Jesus had a daughter named Tamar, who married his disciple Saint Paul They went on to have two children together The family supposedly begat a dynasty of British kings, which included King Arthur and two of his legendary knights of the round table – Lancelot and Galahad Not everyone agrees King Arthur existed, but many like to believe he searched for the Holy Grail However, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln argue that Jesus’ bloodline itself is the holy grail

But without more information we may never know As New York Times bestselling author Richard Poe says: "At least a dozen blood relatives of Jesus can be identified by name Could any of these have living descendants today? Written records provide some clues – but other research methods are needed" 7 THE TOWER OF BABEL WAS AN ALIEN WEAPON In the Book of Genesis, the Tower of Babel is a huge, man-made structure that humans built in an act of rebellion to try to reach Heaven

The Bible says that God put an end to this plan by destroying the tower and scattering mankind around the world But conspiracy theorist Eliezer Ben David believes the tower was part of a deadly confrontation between God and man Ben David says the “tower” was not a route to Heaven It was actually a rocket-mounted hydrogen bomb built by ancient aliens and left on Earth for humans to discover Early humans might have used it to fight off meteorites sent by God through a secret intergalactic portal

Contrary to the theory, the scholarly consensus is that the story of the tower of Babel is an origin myth – an attempt to explain why there are so many different human cultures and languages 6 THE UNIVERSE IS A GIANT COMPUTER Another theory involves the very words of the Bible Some believe that the holy text is actually a highly complex code devised by God To be precise, it is an ancient computer programme

The theory claims that God wrote the programme with an in-built time lock, which prevented its secrets from being deciphered for at least 2,000 years Whoever unlocks the code will have access to divine truths about the universe This essentially means the universe is a huge computer that only the Bible can navigate In a way, many Christians might agree 5

A NUCLEAR BOMB WIPED OUT SODOM AND GOMORRAH In the Biblical tale, the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God due to the horrifying list of sins committed by their inhabitants These included mob violence, rape and cruel mistreatment of the sick and vulnerable But conspiracy theorists believe the cities were the site of a civil war between ancient aliens They believe the cities were destroyed by extraterrestrial nuclear weapons The Bible states that the only survivor from these cities was a man called Lot

But the theory suggests he was actually an alien spy who was only saved because his otherworldly masters instructed him to escape the strike zone before the attacks The impact of the blast allegedly caused the region’s famous aridity and the saltiness of the Dead Sea 4 NOAH WAS A MARTIAN The Book of Genesis describes the “Great Flood”, during which Noah built an enormous ark – saving a male and female of every creature on Earth by taking them with him But some believe the most astounding part of this tale is that it happened on Mars

Apparently, the flood was a metaphor for a Martian explosion guaranteed to wipe out all life on the planet Rather than a ship, the ark was therefore a space ship that Noah used to reach the Earth to escape certain death on the red planet So according to the theory, we are all ultimately Martians 3 JESUS WAS JULIUS CAESAR Journalist Francesco Carotta believes that Jesus Christ is really a fictional character inspired by Julius Caesar

He points to striking similarities between Caesar’s life and Jesus’ For instance, Caesar began his career in Gaul, while Jesus began in Galilee Both men were betrayed by their friend and killed by their own people Just swap Rome for Jerusalem, and Francesco Carotta argues the New Testament is a version of Caesar’s story More importantly, a religious cult grew around Caesar after his death, and he was worshipped as a god

Statues of him included oak wreaths which resemble Jesus’ crown of thorns Carotta believes this religion reached the Middle East and mutated into the story of God on Earth, mixing with Jewish traditions about the Messiah Historians, however, agree that there is enough evidence to prove Jesus was a real historical person in his own right, who was alive half a century after Julius Caesar 2 JESUS WAS AN ALIEN One breathtaking theory is that Jesus’ renowned superhuman powers were actually down to him being an extraterrestrial

Dr Barry Downing says the immaculate conception occurred because Jesus was implanted in Mary’s womb by aliens The theory says the Star of Bethlehem, which led visitors to Jesus after his birth, was actually a UFO The wise men were really astrologers who were alerted to Jesus’ birth by visiting aliens Jesus’ miracles were carried out with alien powers that human beings couldn’t comprehend

When Jesus ascended to Heaven, he was received by a chariot full of angels But there is of course, another possibility – could the chariot have been a spacecraft, and did the disciples witness Jesus returning to his mothership? 1 THE GARDEN OF EDEN IS IN MISSOURI God put the first man and woman – Adam and Eve – in the Garden of Eden, an arboreal paradise But when the duo were expelled from Eden after disobeying God’s orders, the secret of its location was lost to mankind forever Except to those who claim to have found it in Missouri

In the 19th century, Mormon leader Brigham Young said the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, came to him in a vision and revealed Eden was located in Jackson County, Missouri Author Rodney Cluff says the reason we have not come across it, is because of another shocking truth: that the Earth is secretly hollow Therefore the reason Missouri residents have yet to come across the garden, is that it’s buried 800 miles below their feet Remarkably, in 2016 scientist Steve Jacobsen announced he had discovered an ocean of water 600 kilometres below the Earth’s surface So a subterranean paradise might just exist

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