10 UFO Sightings You Missed In 2018

In September 2018, the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network reported a 55% decline in UFO sightings since 2014 However a decline in sightings doesn’t mean they’ve stopped altogether

Here are ten UFO sightings you may have missed this year 10 Baja California On 11th January, an unidentified woman was driving in the state of Baja California in Northern Mexico when she spotted a mysterious object in the sky She pulled over and filmed the UFO Later she uploaded the video to Youtube

The object appears as an irregular, vertical shape which hovers for some time before moving away Local expert Pedro Ramirez suggested the video is evidence aliens are monitoring human space and rocket activity He claimed 2018 would be a very important year for UFO sightings However, Scott Brando, who runs debunking website UFO Of Interest, says the object is more likely to be a helium balloon in the shape of a Star Wars stormtrooper, which is commonly available 9

Albuquerque On 24th February, in the skies above Arizona, two pilots in two separate aircraft saw an unidentified object flying past them at 30,000 feet The first sighting was made at 3:30pm A Learjet pilot asked Albuquerque Air Traffic Control whether anything was “above us that passed us like 30 seconds ago?” Control replied nothing should have been there Albuquerque then alerted American Airlines flight 1095 to watch for rogue aircraft Moments later, Flight 1095 contacted control to confirm that something had passed over them

“I don’t know what it was, but it was at least two to three thousand feet above us”, said the pilot He added that the object had a big reflection, which made it unlikely to be a weather balloon 8 Delhi On the 7th June, at 730pm, a bizarre object was seen floating over the streets of Delhi in India

If the UFO had been anywhere else in the city, it may have gone unnoticed However, the object was hovering over the residence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and put his security detail on high alert There is a two kilometre no-fly zone around Modi’s house It is therefore highly unlikely a civilian vessel could have blundered into the area Authorities conducted a thorough sweep of the premises but uncovered no evidence of anything

Delhi Police speculate it may have been a drone, but they refuse to release more details due to security concerns 7 Nazca Lines For decades historians have flocked to the ancient Nazca Lines in Peru, trying to decipher the kilometre-wide geoglyphs However, in June, Rafal Mercado of the Peruvian Association of Ufology saw something otherworldly above the lines In a YouTube video, Mercado claims to see a shrouded, tubular object hanging in the sky

Mercado speculates it is a “manifestation” of an intergalactic object Nevertheless, since the object remains motionless, many commenters are sceptical, despite the mystical attraction of the Nazca Lines 6 Bostandyk While the eyes of the world were on Russia during the 2018 World Cup, on 5th July, two glowing balls lit up the sky over Western Kazakhstan Soon after, they crashed into the ground near the village of Bostandyk

Upon landing, they exploded, severing communication lines and causing a blaze that devastated 100 hectares When nearby residents rushed to the scene, they found a silvery object, with a sealed hatch One witness described it as soft as fabric, but unopenable This raises the possibility that the UFO was a man-made craft However, there were no Russian space launches around this time

Kazakh and Russian authorities have offered no alternative explanation 5 New York Local weather reports are primarily designed to tell you when you might require an umbrella They’re certainly not meant to capture UFO activity, as WKBW did on 21st June During a routine timelapse of the sky over Buffalo, New York, meteorologist Autumn Lewandowski paused at 9:45pm to point out a glowing dot

Easily mistaken for a plane, the dot proceeded to approach the camera in a irregular pattern before veering out of frame Lewandowski attempted to explain the bizarre incident as an encounter with a civilian drone But as one commenter noted, what kind of drone glows that brightly? 4 Scotland On a moonless night in September, in the village of Kippen in Scotland, residents were alerted by a loud bang Then they saw a bright orange orb in the sky

According to witnesses, the orb appeared disoriented and was leaking glowing material Viewers on the UFO Today Youtube channel claim it is the best evidence yet of a UFO that has just been shot down The video doesn’t make clear who, if anyone, attacked the spacecraft Reddit user Space Pecs offers a more prosaic explanation Allegedly local children had been playing by attaching sparklers to kites for weeks

This was just another example 3 Phoenix In April, Youtuber Earthly Patriot uploaded a video allegedly recorded at 10:40pm, on the 11th April, above Phoenix, Arizona The video shows a glowing orb speeding across the night’s sky, followed by a ghostly purple haze Beams emanate from this haze

The first is directed at the ground in something like a spiral Soon after multiple orbs appear in the sky Some fly away from the nearby Phoenix Mountains, while some fly towards and behind them 2 Beijing On the 27th April a bright light was seen above Beijing, with a wispy, spiralling tail

The light hovered in the air for a few moments before altering course and disappearing into the ether It was seen by multiple witnesses across the city who captured the phenomenon on their phones According to Yu Jin, editor of the Guokr science website, to judge by the diffusion of light, the object must have been at a high altitude Since there were no launches from the Taiyuan rocket centre that night, there is no earthbound explanation for the UFO 1

Kerry At 647am on Friday 9th November, Shannon air traffic control in Ireland’s County Kerry received a call from a British Airways pilot She asked if there were any military exercises underway at that time Control replied that there weren’t This confused the pilot, because she saw a “very bright light” approaching on the left side of her aircraft before “rapidly veering to the north”

Then another pilot reported “multiple objects following the same trajectory”, all emitting a bright light Other eyewitnesses corroborate this, and a third pilot says the speed was “astronomical, it was like Mach 2” – twice the speed of sound The Irish Aviation Authority have refused to comment The investigation is ongoing

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