10 Unsolved Alien Conspiracies

Space is full of mystery It was also likely to have extraterrestrial life, including Scientists are looking at the stars, I found a clue Aliens had already visited us What happens if the evidence is to the earth? Unresolved UM alien mystery TOP10 10 The Black Knight Satellite Black Knight satellite was known as the ship turns the earth From amateur investigators to screw astronauts It has been observed for decades culminated in the eyes of many, Among yen was also Nikola Tesla You theories aliens spent trying to monitor the human He hid the screw, knowing of its existence The 1998 first space shuttle headed for the International Space Station I took a picture of the object turns the earth It's widely known as the Black Knight Satellite Skeptics such as James O

Berg Says one ppunyirago insulation lost in the early 90s, the ship But it did not yet confirmed doejin 9 Green Children Some alien sightings are also very old 12th century near the town of ulpit UK Two children are found in the wild dwaetneundeyo The two siblings was unusual was that the skin is green The children only eat nuekong wrote a strange language The children gradually learned what to eat our food Greenish skin is gone The boy, but soon died of illness The girl has grown up also taught human language I own talk came from another world Where it did not harm the ensuing pop up only at dusk How you did not come to explain ulpit Later never known how dwaetneunjido Green Children story Medieval historians are still only few records Astronomer and writer Duncan is runeon I believe that children Alien resembling human The way home did been sent to Earth by accident Woman malyijyo where only the twilight subsequent child said On the other hand, modern historians The claim that one folk tale 8 kekseu bug incidents December 1965 Thousands of people a huge fireball Witnessed in the United States and Canada, where six Ontario 50km away from Pittsburgh I have something crashed in the woods near the village kekseu bug Residents found the acorn-shaped object Size had drawn their only car and marks It was looking like an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic signs US troops, but immediately remove the object down to the woods He did insist did not find anything In addition, the men said that the identity of the NASA scientists It investigated the crash site However, the screw did not have such a record 2005 NASA UFO kekseu bug is Announced was a part of the Russian satellite However, a senior scientist at the NASA orbital debris and examine the Spun such a trajectory in 1965 He announced that the satellite fell to kekseu bug Officially fireball was meteor fell Kekseu case is gonna bug left in a similar case and anti syegeu Too many people had seen that fake hagien The description of the group or the government about the case It's not at all to say which was the case 7 Jodhpur events Jodhpur city is the center for Indian Desert May 12, 2012 Jodhpur residents I was shocked to hear sonic explosion in the sky Joe caused by collective panic Initially, the jet was a test flight While breaking the sound barrier figured I thought the noise However, the Indian Air Force periodic check In less than 50km from the city center I gotta say no to break the sound barrier And that day is still not even fly That was no longer I'm the same day, I heard a similar noise in the world's cities The source of the noise, but the sky is certainly Sounds from the aircraft was not a man-made 6 bind lead Cold Cold bound lead is also called "smiling man" Because smiling spoiled everyone you meet It looks just looked like someone The key is more than 180cm Between small and sparkling eyes are far apart And I wear a green or blue luminous clothes In New Jersey and West Virginia At the end of 1966 it has been witnessed several times Among them twice inde witness children They came to the children laughed and wide Other sightings in his way driving home A man appeared in front of To take the unknown object landed me out of the way The name he told telepathically that bind Cold Lead I think harm is not Stacked came from the galaxy called gene Midfield Skeptics ignore a smiling man with a fake, but Who had already proven framework is ryeoteum I'm not even those who have witnessed since the 5

Wood wedge child Aluminum did not exist until around 1825 Construction site workers are 10m from the next two mastodon bones under When we find a large aluminum wedge UFO researchers did Excited When speculation that bone wedge was to 11 thousand years ago, only 1974 Transylvania child was found in a wood during A UFO researcher opinions will resemble a landing gear It is a history written much before Did'd emerged from the Earth've stayed spacecraft Other conspiracy theorists of the opinion I'm a time traveler caught on the plane nawatdago But skeptics to present test results You will come away from the excavator When I found Moss todon bones y'know wrote excavators 4 Fireball UFO Many allied pilots during World War II were I saw a UFO in the Pacific and European battlefields As if glaring lights or balls of fire Bo was it like going to chase fighters I called the pilots 'Fireball' Allied commanders have a new weapon called a fireball, Germany In the Pacific rewrote it sparks balloon Japan In 1953, the Scientific Committee established gotta called Robertson Panel We set out to investigate The Commission is developing a kind of electromagnetic fireball or And pulled the opinion that one can discharge plasma of the corona discharge One comment was that the shadow of the ice crystals can be In summary, the fireball left a UFO mystery 3 The men in black suits The men in black suits with figures nondescript Joe suddenly appeared after UFO sightings or alien Usually he introduced himself as investigators, but It threatened to shut the mouth of the witness about UFO Reporting on these dwaetgo started in the '40s Still continues Always dressed in a black suit sunglasses occasionally is also kkip Some witnesses say that I also have unusual color So conspiracy theorists are divided opinions They daehaeseoyo on whether government agents deulinji aliens Historians have called the product of the imagination black suit men That they are not allowed to find out the truth I'd caused the paranoia of UFO researchers simhaejyeo Witnesses angetjyo not of course agree 2 Alien Abduction The men in black suits like Aliens have kidnapped two cars also increased gradually after the war stories Although hajimanyo than anything previously reported I'm a part of that same experience every interesting thing People remember the day, but also more experienced It flies slowly remembers many people I'd most like to insist been kidnapped aliens and people I had to test his physical and psychological Sometimes sex is included We often went to the extracted germ cells By psychologists description If it is rare mental disorder I'm believes that aliens abducted Historians and scientists to ignore the talking alien abduction Such talk because there is no evidence Or who want to get someone's attention Guess may be memory loss or mass hysteria victims What is true whether Dwaetdaneun people are kidnapped each year comes new 1 Kinross events One year 11 May 1963 23 US F-89C fighter An unidentified object flying over Superior No

Urgent to take off to intercept As a fighter access to a radar UFO story went along the two signals Surprisingly, one combined two points I went along with the UFO flight Then he was gone Jets and radio contact broke even hang Two crew was missing Fighter trail at Lake also did not find Then, according to the US Air Force investigation it was The fighters were flying 2,500 meters above at the time of disappearance The US government officially The announcement was a UFO, but out of the Canadian Air Force career Canadian Air Force pilots have strongly denied 1968 US Air Force F89 fighter appears to be some debris Canadian side has confirmed the shoe were found in Lake Superior The Canadian government said that records are part came out The record itself suggests something is eopeotjyo Kinross UFO incidents in history events The most surprising and enigmatic story remains the same

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