10 Weird Conspiracy Theories You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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There are hundreds if not thousands of conspiracy theories out there Some of them are so mainstream that it’s hard to think of them as just theories; others are less well-known even though they should be household knowledge

Here are 10 Obscure Conspiracy Theories You May Not Know 10 Codex Alimentarius Codex Alimentarius is Latin for “Food Code” It is a huge collection of guidelines and standards for international food safety It was established in 1961 and is developed by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, overseen by the United Nations and the World Health Organization


Most of the world is signed up to it: 187 individual countries, and the entire European Union Over 200 institutions observe its rules None of its recommendations are binding, but pretty much everything it says is practiced Right-wing conspiracy theorists claim it is part of a globalist scheme to control our diets, or even poison us On the other hand, campaigners for ecologically sustainable agriculture have criticized the Codex for prioritizing the rights of global agribusiness over local farmers

Meanwhile, proponents of vitamin supplements and alternative herbal remedies say the Codex wants to ban non-standard foods There may be more truth to this than first appears, since the Codex has recommended strict labelling for supplements ever since Germany lobbied against them in the mid-90s 9 Columbia v Scalar Interferometer On February 1st, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia re-entered Earth’s atmosphere

It disintegrated, killing all seven crew members According to NASA, the shuttle had suffered wing damage during take-off, which sent the craft out of control and made it break up But an amateur astronomer took a photo of the shuttle as it re-entered the atmosphere, before it fell apart The photo, which NASA has never released and is only available in low resolution copies, shows a strange purple streak hitting the craft Some say it is lightning, others say it is evidence of a Tesla weapon, named after the scientist who first proposed them

These guns use concentrated electromagnetic rays, or scalar waves, to destroy their targets According to Thomas Bearden, scalar waves are projected by machines called interferometers, and were developed by the government to control the weather He says they could be used as weapons, too At the end of his life, Nikola Tesla did seek funding to build an electronic death beam He didn’t succeed

As for the photo – the purple streak is still a mystery 8 Cold Fusion Cover-Up In 1989, scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced they had achieved cold fusion – a nuclear reaction that occurs at room temperature

Potentially it could provide all our nuclear energy needs without the dangerous heat production of the conventional fusion we rely on, that can be used in war Fleischmann and Pons were widely discredited and cold fusion was disregarded as impossible But more and more scientists are coming forward to claim cold fusion is possible – 60 Minutes even made a program about it in 2009 Conspiracy theorists argue that the fossil fuel industry suppressed cold fusion because it threatens their business Cold fusion scientists like Fleischmann and Pons are driven out of universities and lose their funding because big oil buys off their bosses

The vast majority of scientists do believe cold fusion is impossible But it is now known that throughout the 20th century, Big Oil funded climate change denial, destroyed electric car companies and lobbied hard against renewable energy technology Suppressing cold fusion would not be out of character 7 The Black Eagle Fund You may never have heard the name of New York district attorney Henry Stimson, and he’d like it that way Stimson had close ties to Wall Street, and during the Second World War he set up the Black Eagle Fund This fund is top secret, under the control of the government, but it answers to Wall Street It was set up as place to deposit trillions of dollars in gold and art plundered by the Nazis and the Japanese and liberated by America during the war

Since then, it has been used to finance false flag operations, manipulate elections and carry out secret coups around the world – all with the goal of making the USA the greatest, and richest, imperial power in the world According to theorist Steven Hager, $200 billion in government bonds were anonymously transferred into the Black Eagle Fund the day before the 9/11 attacks Hager says the Twin Towers were destroyed to hide this massive transaction Naturally, there is no evidence that the Black Eagle Fund exists Which, according to the theory, is just how the government wants it

6 The Assassination of Olof Palme Olof Palme was Prime Minister of Sweden twice, for a total of 10 years On night in February 1986, he was walking home with his wife from the cinema when his second term in office was ended by a bullet in the back The identity of his assassin is still unknown Witnesses didn’t get a good look at the killer

After two years of investigating, police arrested Christer Pettersson, a criminal and drug addict But a year after his conviction, Pettersson was set free for wrongful imprisonment As a result, there are many theories about who killed Olof Palme As a lifelong socialist democrat who campaigned against Apartheid, he may have been murdered by South Africa, or by a cabal of right-wing Swedish police, or even Ronald Reagan’s CIA Of course, there is no evidence for anyone being responsible

5 The Golden Fringe People don’t like paying taxes, especially in America Many tax protestors argue that a small detail on the US flag has great significance for tax laws: the golden fringe

Most US flags don’t have a fringe The ones that do can be found in State and Federal courts According to the theory, the golden fringe means you are not on U

S soil, but in fact inside a foreign embassy This means that US law ceases to operate inside court buildings, which in turn means tax dodgers can’t be sentenced for their crimes because federal tax law doesn’t apply inside court

The theory doesn’t stop there Gold-fringed flags have another meaning: they are flown in places that follow martial law When you walk into a place flying the fringed flag, you leave all your constitutional rights at the door The first recorded use of the golden fringe was in 1835, but its official purpose is merely decorative It is used as the military flag during parades, as directed by President Eisenhower, and indoors for official posts

However, no-one has successfully used it to escape the IRS 4 Child Cancer in North Wales In 1983 British TV news revealed that children along the coast in North Wales were developing cancer ten times more often than the national average The dozens of cases all occurred since the opening of nearby Sellafield, the world’s largest nuclear reprocessing plant The leukemia and brain tumours in children were blamed on nuclear waste that Sellafield was dumping into the sea

But the official government report says the unusually high cancer rates are nothing to do with Sellafield, and are even disappearing Anti-nuclear activist Chris Busby claims the British government covered up the cases of child cancer until they were exposed by journalists; and the report that clears Sellafield from blame is simply another part of the cover-up 3 Harold Holt In December 1967, Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt went for a swim off Cheviot Beach near Melbourne He was an experienced swimmer, but the ocean was rough

He never returned Police, navy divers and the air force never found his body The government declared him dead two days after he disappeared, presumably drowned in the turbulent waves But since the day Holt disappeared, conspiracy theorists speculated that he was really assassinated by Communists, who drugged his food to make him lose consciousness while swimming Alternatively, one letter written to Australian police suggests Holt was really kidnapped by a Communist submarine and interrogated because he had a close relationship with President Lyndon B

Johnson Others believe he faked his death to run off with his mistress, who was with him at the beach that day Years after his death, a retired Australian navy sea diver claimed to have been part of a team of assassins, who were brainwashed by the Australian secret service to drown the prime minister in the ocean He gave no motive for the crime With no corpse and no way to establish the cause of death, his disappearance will forever remain a mystery

2 Hilda Murrell By 1984, 78-year-old Hilda Murrell had spent over a decade campaigning for environmental protections and against nuclear energy and weapons She was an influential activist, known for using scientific facts to discredit nuclear power One day, her house was burgled and she was kidnapped She was found in the countryside; sexually assaulted, beaten and stabbed multiple times

According to British politician Tam Dalyell, MI5 assassinated her on the orders of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Not only was Hilda a damaging opponent of Thatcher’s nuclear and environmental policies, but her nephew was an intelligence officer in the Royal Navy He was wrongly suspected of leaking information about the illegal sinking of an Argentine warship by a British submarine He says British intelligence believed Hilda was keeping state secrets about the sinking in her home He also says she received countless threats over her nuclear activism in the months before her death

In 2005, a man was sent to prison for the crime He was 16 years old at the time of the murder, and couldn’t drive Hilda’s nephew believes there is still more to uncover 1 Anti-Muslim Rats For the past few years, Pakistan has been suffering a plague of rats

Since 2010, reports of giant rats have grown widespread and deaths, mostly of children, from rat attacks are at their highest for years In Peshawar alone, one rat catcher has killed over 100,000 rats since the epidemic began Pakistanis say the rats aren’t the local type They’re too big and too vicious Instead, they believe the rats were genetically engineered by a foreign power – and they blame the USA

Supply trucks often travel between Pakistan and US army bases in Afghanistan, where military forces are hunting for Islamist terrorists Many Pakistanis believe America created giant rats to attack their Muslim enemies, especially terrorists who live in hidden cave networks Whether by accident or design, they believe the rats have infested more of South Asia

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