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Hi I’m Robin and welcome back to the next part of our series on the September 11th attacks Killing almost 3,000 people, 9/11 was the worst loss of life on American soil, but what happened after 19 terrorists crashed 4 commercial airplanes across the East Coast? This is the 9/11 Aftermath: Declassified When American Airlines flight 11 hit the North Tower of the World Trade Centre at 8

46am, the White House and the government were unaware it had been hijacked Federal agencies report that they learned about the crash on CNN As the planes were hitting the two towers, President George W Bush was in a school classroom in Florida Vice-Presiden Dick Cheney was in the White House where the normal schedule was still being followed at 9

00am It was only when United 175 hit the South Tower that security measures were implemented in the White House At the National Military Command Centre (NMCC), the deputy director of operations believed the second attack was terrorism He asked for a telephone conference call But when the Federal Aviation Authority were asked to provide an update, they didn’t respond because they weren’t added to the call

The FAA weren’t contacted until 1017 – nearly 15 minutes after United 93 had crashed – because of equipment problems and a lack of secure phone numbers The FAA contact was an extremely junior employee, had no information or experience with hijackings and didn’t have any access to decisionmakers Bush was ushered onto Air Force One at 954

At 958, Cheney entered the security bunker underneath the White House Between 1010 and 1015, Cheney was told United 93 was heading towards Washington – despite the fact that it crashed in Pennsylvania at 10

03 Cheney authorised the order to shoot-down the non-existent plane; he repeated this order Bush also authorised the shoot-down order at 1020 But the order wasn’t relayed to the NORAD pilots already in the air

Instead an entirely different set of fighter planes was dispatched at 1038 – 35 minutes after the final plane crashed The secondary set of fighters were the 113th wing of the Colombia Air National Guard They were scrambled after their General – David Wherley – reached out to the Secret Service after hearing second hand reports that they wanted fighter planes Interestingly, there is no evidence that NORAD or the NMCC knew of this secondary set of fighter planes or that they were operating under different rules of engagement

Bush immediately asked whether Iraq and Saddam Hussein were involved in the attacks; since Iraq had supported Palestinian suicide terrorists On September 12th, Bush demanded his staff find out the extent of Saddam’s involvement: it took 6 days for the chief staffer on Afghanistan to rule out any Iraqi involvement The administration was conflicted; Deputy Secretary of Defence, Paul Wolfowitz, supported air strikes on Iraq He repeatedly stated that Iraq was the source of the terrorist problem and should be attacked The Defence Department supported this; stating that both al Qaeda and Afghanistan posed a strategic threat to the U

S The government finally decided not to invade Iraq on the 15th September On the 20th September President Bush addressed the United States in front of Congress; he told the world that the terrorist group, al Qaeda, was responsible for 9/11, the 1998 bombings of US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, and the bombing of the USS Cole On the 21st September, Bush authorised the invasion of Afghanistan The operation was initially called ‘Infinite Justice’ but it was changed to ‘Enduring Freedom’ to avoid offending Muslims who associated the title with the Infinite Justice of Allah alone

Enduring Freedom had 4 phases: first, moving forces into the region from Pakistan; second, Air Strikes and attacks on key al Qaeda and Taliban targets; third, the use of ground troops to topple the Taliban – this was achieved by December 22nd 2001 The final phase of the operation was called ‘security and stability operations’ 9/11 also had far reaching domestic implications Vice-President Dick Cheney suggested creating a new White House agency to monitor and coordinate the assessment of the vulnerabilities of protection just 3 days after 9/11 This agency would become the Department of Homeland Security

Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge was appointed the first Director of the office of Homeland Security 11 days after 9/11 The Department was officially created through the Homeland Security Act of 2002 The Department of Homeland Security’s mission is primarily based on the prevention of US based terror attacks and the protection of the United States; it also has responsibility to investigate and prosecute terrorism In total, 768 ‘aliens’ were arrested and identified as ‘special interest detainees’ They were detained lawfully on immigration charges

Five hundred and thirty one of them were deported, one hundred and sixty two released on bond, 24 received some immigration benefit, 12 had their proceedings terminated and 8 were reprimanded to the custody of the US Marshals Service After 9/11, intelligence gathering and sharing between law enforcement and intelligence agencies became a priority The Patriot Act was signed into law on October 26th 2001, which enabled governmental agencies to conduct greater surveillance on suspects and also increased the penalties for terror related crimes

The attacks of September 11th were horrific atrocities that exposed key flaws within both Federal and Civilian spheres of the United States Hopefully these videos have highlighted some of those flaws Commercial airlines failed to follow security protocol; 911 call operators were misdirected; and the abysmal chain of command floundered under such enormous pressure 9/11 had a profound effect on the international community and continues to influence American domestic and foreign policy to this day While other terror attacks have been prevented due to the lessons learnt on 9/11, it's tragic that we learn from such huge mistakes

That’s all for the 9/11 Aftermath: Declassified It's the final part of our series on 9/11 If you want to learn more about the events and conspiracy theories of 9/11, please click here to check out our playlist Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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