Are Aliens About To Invade?

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United States President Barack Obama and RussianPresident Vladimir Putin rarely saw eye to eye.

By the time Obama left office in January2017, their relationship was frosty, to say the least.


However, it seems something happened thatmade Obama rise above his intense dislike of Putin.

In October 2017, Obama sent VicePresident Joe Biden to Putin with a message, and a request.

The request was an offer ofallegiance, that America and Russia should work together.

The message was a warning:that NASA has detected a fleet of military spacecraft in our solar system, and the Earthwill be attacked within a year.

To be precise, aliens will invade in September 2017.

Obama’s message was urgent.

It came justtwo weeks before the election that would decide his replacement.

He needed to set Earth’sdefence systems in motion before he became a lame duck president.

According to reports,Obama wanted Russia and America to work together on a global missile defence network – a shieldof ballistic missiles that would be aimed at the sky.

These missiles would ready tolaunch into any alien craft that entered Earth’s orbit and atmosphere.

Both Russian and Americanofficials have confirmed their defence systems are inadequate to repel an extraterrestrialthreat.

Yet this was Obama’s best hope to protect the world from invasion.

The obviousimplication is that the technology our extraterrestrial enemies bring with them will be far too powerfulfor humanity to defeat in a ground war.

Once they land, we are doomed.

Obama’s fears were based on a set of deepspace photographs taken by NASA and analysed by its top men.

They purportedly show a fleetof dozens of spherical spacecraft heading towards Earth.

Each ship is several mileswide, big enough to be mistaken for asteroids.

This correlates with reports in 2015 thatNASA had detected unusual signals between asteroids in our solar system.

It now appearsthose asteroids were alien spaceships.

The photographs have never been released andNASA denies their existence.

In fact, there has been no official word on the subject sinceJoe Biden met with Vladimir Putin.

It is perfectly possible that President Obamawould approach President Putin to combine military resources.

In the ongoing fight againstDaesh in the Middle East, Russia and the U.


have repeatedly insisted on the need to co-operateagainst a common enemy.

Moreover, defending the planet would require the world’s superpowersto co-ordinate their defence systems.

Existing treaties, like NATO, and agreements underthe Nunn Amendment to the United States Code make it easy for America to work with itsEuropean allies and other countries like Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Japan and South Korea,among many others.

In November 2016, the USA and China performed a joint military drillto rehearse their response to a natural disaster.

Although these drills are rare, and tensionspersist between them, the drill reflects the general trend that America and China havegradually growing closer, politically, economically and militarily.

We do not know what response Putin gave theVice President.

Unfortunately, it is seems unlikely that he accepted Obama’s suggestionto combine forces.

There have been no new joint operations betweenRussian and American militaries in the last year.

On the contrary, tension between thetwo superpowers continues to build over the war in Syria and the controversy surroundingthe Russian government’s possible interference in the presidential election.

The U.


governmenthas not lifted economic sanctions on Russia, going so far as to propose imposing even more.

Meanwhile, the wound is still sore from when Obama expelled all of Russia’s diplomatsfrom America in December 2016.

That alone suggests Putin refused to co-operate withAmerica against an alien threat.

Or at least, he didn’t believe the strange message fromhis most bitter rival.

However, there is no record that Vice PresidentJoe Biden met with Vladimir Putin in late October 2016, and certainly no evidence thathe delivered a message about UFOs.

He did give an interview on NBC in mid-October 2016.

In it, he said, “We’re sending a message [to Russia].

It will be at the time of ourchoosing, and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact.

” When he was askedif the public would know about the message, Biden said, “I hope not.

” Unfortunately for UFOlogists, Biden made thesecomments when questioned about how the U.


government was responding to possible Russianinvolvement in the presidential election.

Furthermore, there is no indication that NASAreally has photographs of an incoming alien battlefleet.

The source for these claims isa website run by conspiracy theorist David Booth.

Aside from claiming to be a precognitiveCIA operative, he routinely posts false reports about military operations, and has spent yearswriting as a fictional scientist called Sorcha Faal, who he says is Russian despite her Irishname.

Booth’s reports are generally pro-Putin, and he typically claims to get his informationfrom Russian authorities.

His predictions have not been verified, and he has been accusedof plagiarism.

Although Barack Obama’s successor, DonaldTrump, plans to increase the U.


military budget by 18% to more than $600 billion, thereis no evidence that America is expanding its missile defence systems beyond what alreadyexists.

It has put fresh resources into its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense in Alaskaand South Korea – but these efforts have been directed against North Korean intercontinentalballistic missiles, not against aliens.

There is, unfortunately, no reason to believereports of a secret message from President Obama to President Putin that aliens are goingto invade in September 2017.

Then again, part of the art of keeping secrets is minimisingthe amount of evidence – government secrets are designed to be disbelieved.

With the rumouredenemy virtually on our doorstep, we can be sure to find out the truth very soon.

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