Are Aliens Hiding On The Moon?

SOUNDBITE: “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon on the 20th July, 1969

They spent 21 hours and 36 minutes on the surface before returning to Earth The entire mission was monitored by NASA Transcripts were made of every radio communication between the astronauts and Mission Control in Houston The transcripts for the 21st July reveal that at the beginning of their journey home, Neil Armstrong saw something incredible through the module’s window: “[Houston,] you wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater edge They’re on the Moon watching us!” Since these transcripts came to light in the early 1970s, UFOlogists believe there is more to the Moon than meets the eye

They believe that aliens are hiding on the moon Neil Armstrong is not the only Apollo astronaut with a view on extraterrestrial life Alan Bean, who walked on the Moon as part of the Apollo 12 mission, gave an interview in 2017 in which he confirmed his belief in advanced alien civilisations “There must be statistically many planets around many stars that have formed life… there are probably some out there that are 10,000 years in the future from where we are now” Another of the twelve men to have walked on the Moon is Edgar Mitchell

Since his experience on Apollo 14 he adamantly argued aliens exist, and have visited us He said he was “90 percent sure that many of the thousands of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, recorded since the 1940s, belong to visitors from other planets” More compellingly, Apollo 10 had its own alien encounter The official NASA transcript and audio files contain this conversation between astronauts Tom Stafford, John Young and Eugene Cernan: SOUNDBITE WITH TEXT ON SCREEN: “Cernan: That music even sounds outer-spacey, doesn’t it? You hear that? That whistling sound? Stafford: Yes Cernan: Whooooooo

Say your – – Young: Did you hear that whistling sound, too? Cernan: Yes Sounds like – you know, outer-space-type music Young: I wonder what it is Cernan: Hey, Tom Is your – is your insulation all burned off here, on the front side of your window over here? Right – – Stafford: Yes

Cernan: Mine’s all burned off Isn’t that weird – eerie, John? Young: Yes, I got it, too … and see who was outside [] Cernan: Boy, that sure is weird music Young: We’re going to have to find out about that Nobody will believe us Cernan: Yes

It’s a whistling, you know, like an outer- space-type thing” The sound was detected on the dark side of the moon, and lasted for nearly an hour The end of the Apollo program in 1972 meant no more humans could encounter aliens on the moon Nevertheless, satellites and observers have still taken many photographs of the moon’s surface More recently, UFOlogists claim pictures of the Moon’s surface reveal artificial structures that prove someone – or something – has been active on Earth’s oldest satellite

Scott C Waring says NASA images of the Lichtenberg crater show “buildings” within it He says there are thousands on the surface of the moon, and they move around, suggesting they are like motorhomes UFOlogist Tyler Glockner says this photograph taken by Apollo 15 clearly features a rectangular structure, and another curved one He argues that these shapes are obviously unnatural, and prove either NASA has secretly built a lunar base, or that aliens are living on the moon

Jesse from UFO News disagrees He says these images show a network of lava tubes snaking under the surface of the Moon These were formed by ancient magma streams that eventually cooled and drained away Giant craters like this were formed when the tunnels collapsed Jesse argues these tunnels are more than large enough for a race of aliens to live, with some caves big enough to hold cities

In fact, scientists already think the caves are suitable sites for human habitation Junichi Haruyama, from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, says “Volcanic regions [like this] may be good places to find resources on the moon… We think this cavern could be useful as a lunar base” Unfortunately, if aliens are hiding on the moon, they are hiding too well There is no convincing evidence for a lunar civilisation Scientists and NASA say the photos of the moon’s surface do not show buildings or spaceships – they show mountains

Any so-called buildings are at best optical illusions Meanwhile, although he believes aliens exist, Alan Bean says they have never visited Earth The mysterious music heard by the Apollo 10 astronauts has been explained by NASA’s James Oberg as radio interference picked up between the Lunar Module and the Command Module As for the transcript that records Neil Armstrong’s alien encounter, it was proven to be a hoax written by science fiction author Otto Binder In reality, Buzz Aldrin saw a UFO – technically speaking

In 2005 he recounted that he saw a light from an object following their craft as they approached the moon However, he and NASA say it was just sunlight reflected off one of the four adapter panels that detached when they extracted the lander from the Saturn V rocket In a 2014 Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, Aldrin said, “On Apollo 11 en route to the Moon, I observed a light out of the window that appeared to be moving alongside us… I feel absolutely convinced that we were looking at the sun reflected off of one of [the detached] panels Which one? I don’t know So technically, the definition could be ‘unidentified’

” Aldrin went on to say, “There may be aliens in our Milky Way galaxy and there are billions of other galaxies The probability is almost CERTAIN that there is life somewhere in space… But the distances involved in where some evidence of life may be, they may be hundreds of light years away” Aldrin concurs with Alan Bean that aliens have never visited Earth They base their opinion on the simple assumption that if aliens came here, we would know about it, and human civilisation would be changed forever, for better or worse Of course, there are many people who say they do know about it… so whether or not you see evidence of an alien civilisation on the moon, seems very much to be a matter of perspective

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