Are Aliens Hiding Under The Sea?

In 2014 a mysterious underwater structure was discovered on the seabed near Malibu, USA It was an oval-shaped object with a large flat top, and what appeared to be pillars, or columns, that looked like an entrance to an inner, darker area

600 meters under the surface of the water and nearly 5 kilometres wide, few think the structure could be man made Even more bizarre, the structure was emitting a strong radio signal Its discoverer, Robert M Stanley, claims that it is a portal used by aliens to communicate and travel to Earth But is he correct? Is there an alien lifeform already living on earth? The Malibu alien base is not the first claim of intelligent lifeforms or suspicious alien activities in our waters

Stanley is just one of the countless number of people who have reported unidentified submersible objects, or USOs In 1997 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration hydrophones detected the loudest sound ever recorded Off the Southern Coast of South America, named ‘The Bloop’, its volume was too great to be made by any sea creatures known to science Officially its origin remains a mystery, but it is suspected to have come from unknown alien life In 1963, off the coast of Puerto Rico, a US sonar operator detected an object traveling underwater at a speed of over 150 knots

Technicians tracked it for four days and observed it dive to depths of over eight and a half thousand meters In 1963, no submarine could withstand the pressure of the ocean at that depth On July 30th 1967, the crew of an Argentinean shipping liner saw a shining 30-meter cigar-shaped object in the sea, which had a powerful blue and white glow It sailed silently and without a wake through the water before suddenly diving beneath the ship and vanishing Former CIA employee and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed that deep-sea sonar signals are kept as official state secrets and the public are banned from accessing data about reported sightings of USOs

Could this be proof of a government cover-up surrounding underwater activity? The Russian Navy has also discovered mysterious activities in Lake Baikal, in southern Siberia In 1982 they encountered unidentified objects swimming in silver outfits at depths of 50 meters – without breathing apparatus The Soviet Union allegedly went to great lengths to cover up this, as well as several other USO sightings in Lake Baikal Although some are quick to dismiss the link between alien sightings and our seas, biologist Ivan Sanderson found that 50% of UFO sightings occurred either over, coming from, plunging into, or coming out of water This includes oceans, seas, lakes and reservoirs

More recently, USO structures have also been discovered at the bottom of the Baltic Sea by Swedish divers, and near the Saipan islands by UFO hunter Scott Waring, in 2011 and 2014 respectively The Hollow Earth Theory suggests that aliens inhabited the Earth long before humans ever did An intelligent lifeform may be living in the Earth’s mantle, as this is the only place on Earth that has been stable for billions of years This would support the argument that aliens are using our seas as a highway Evolutionary biologist Simon Conway Morris even suggests that they may not look all that different to humans, due to a natural phenomenon known as convergent evolution

This is where different species find similar solutions to an environmental challenge But according to Professor Stephen Hawking, an alien race would be millions, even billions, of years more advanced than humans If aliens are using the Earth’s oceans, they would have found a way to travel, breathe, and hunt for prey with little resistance from the water This theory correlates with the descriptions given by USO witnesses Although many scientists and marine biologists dismiss the idea of aliens either living or simply passing through our waters, 95% of the Earth’s underwater world remains unexplored

New species are continually being discovered as advances in technology allow humans to probe new depths But why would intelligent aliens living in the sea hide from humans? Prof Hawking suggests that aliens would be so advanced that they would view humans in the same way we view bacteria Theorists like Robert Stanley believe that underwater activity by government agencies proves that there is more than just fish and plant life in our waters Why else would they be so determined to conceal their oceanic and sonar activity from us? This covert behavior, plus the countless unexplained USO sightings, has led many people to conclude that aliens are indeed living underwater

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