Are Alternative Doctors Being Assassinated?

On June 19th 2015 the decomposing corpse of Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet was found floating in a North Carolina river

His chest bore a single, bloody bullet wound Days earlier, Bradstreet’s office had been mysteriously raided by the US Food and Drugs Administration The renowned homeopathic researcher was working on a cure for autism

Health journalist Erin Elizabeth believes Bradstreet was murdered by hitmen working for big pharma According to her, this would make him one of 50 practitioners who have been assassinated by pharmaceutical companies in the last two years Police claim Bradstreet’s death was a suicide But his motive for this is unclear Bradstreet was deeply religious and owned a lucrative medical practice whose products were sold internationally

After his death, Bradstreet’s family hired investigators to look into whether something more sinister had taken place They concluded there could be no doubt he had been murdered Bradstreet had controversially been using the naturally occurring protein GcMAF to “reverse autism” According to journalist Lori Alton, he treated over 1,100 patients with this therapy, with an astonishing 85% success rate Just before his death however, he – along with many other apparently assassinated holistic doctors – made a breakthrough set to destroy big pharma

The doctor had evidence that the enzyme nagalase was being added to vaccines Many holistic practitioners are convinced that nagalase causes autism Lori Alton says, “It is known that most, if not all, of the doctors who recently died or disappeared were somehow connected to treatment practices involving GcMAF to prevent the negative effects of nagalase” Many people, including US

President Trump, believe corporations are producing drugs that cause autism, especially vaccines They claim the FDA looks past the damaging side effects of certain drugs because of the huge revenue the industry generates Fortune writer Laura Lorenzetti has investigated the “cosy” links between the FDA and big pharma She says pharma is essentially buying fast-track approval for drugs, while FDA officials are keen to approve big pharma products because they often get jobs in the private drug sector when they leave public service Professor Donald W

Light claims 90% of FDA-approved drugs across the last three decades are no more effective than those already on the market As journalist S D Wells argues, if this were exposed by alternative doctors, it would have the potential to destroy big pharma Killing the doctors could be the only way to prevent the death of the industry

Within a month of Bradstreet’s death, Florida alternative doctor Teresa Sievers was found violently bludgeoned with a hammer in her home Several news outlets, including NBC, noted the possible connections between her death and those of the other holistic doctors Around the same time, it was reported that Dr Patrick Fitzpatrick had disappeared Days later, his vehicle and trailer were discovered abandoned beside a pea field

He appeared to have “vanished without a trace” Reporter Mary Wilder states, “Given the fact that people being murdered for financial gain is a large part of American history, it’s not much of a stretch to believe that’s what happened here” Yet the circumstances around Bradstreet’s murder are not as suspicious as they initially appear The doctor was linked to the deaths of at least five children, whose parents had bought his so-called “autism remedies” In the lead up to their deaths, the youngsters had been treated with the GcMAF drug at a Swiss clinic

Swiss medical officials ruled that supplying the drug was “an illegal practice of medicine” Had Bradstreet been found guilty of the charges that were accumulating against him, he would have faced jail time of up to twenty years This give Bradstreet a stronger motive to kill himself than campaigners claim The same is true of Teresa Sievers In February 2016 her husband was found guilty of arranging two hitmen to carry out her murder

Prosecutors found that the crime scene had been staged to look like a burglary Overall, there is a great deal of misreporting around the issue Many of those who have died are not actually alternative doctors Local news reports of Dr Fitzpatrick’s death describe him as a retired ophthalmologist, not a holistic practitioner He was extremely frail and in a state of mental confusion around the time he died, and there is no evidence he was murdered

The circumstances around the death of another alleged victim of this epidemic – Dr Amanda Crews – have also been twisted by media reports Crews was not an alternative doctor More importantly, she was actually brutally murdered with her two children by her partner Martin Martinez This suggests that much of the news around these killings is exaggerated

Or, disturbingly, it may even part of a conspiracy against the big pharmaceutical companies by biased independent media Unsurprisingly therefore, Erin Elizabeth’s investigations into alternative doctor disappearances have come under fierce criticism Her “evidence” does not accurately represent the situations she investigates Others have pointed out that statistically, the number of doctors being killed is not unusually high Based on the estimated 897,000 doctors currently practicing in the United States, the rate of deaths is likely down to chance

Meanwhile, death rates in other professions have spiked Between 2013 and 2015 an unusually high rate of banker suicides led to speculation that financiers were being murdered by groups seeking revenge for the global financial crisis Yet, investigations found that there was nothing more to this theory than speculation It is certainly possible that the same is true for the alternative doctor deaths, too While there are some holistic doctors who have died in frightening and unexplained ways, this does not mean big pharmaceutical companies are behind them, or that the government is involved

Jeffrey Bradstreet was the only doctor with any link to the FDA Something is amiss, but only a full and comprehensive investigation can prove or disprove it once and for all

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