Are Democrats Plotting To Impeach Trump?

A fortnight after Trump was inaugurated as the 45th US

President, a nationwide poll revealed some surprising findings 40% of the American electorate was already gunning for his impeachment They may not have long to wait On February 7th 2017 the National Enquirer published an article that stated “treasonous puppet master Barack Obama is pulling the strings on a coordinated conspiracyto sabotage the Trump administration” This is just the latest accusation that a secret plot to impeach President Trump has been brewing for months Impeachment is the first step towards removing the American President or other senior political figures from office for “Bribery, Treason, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanours” To succeed, the motion must be voted in by the House of Representatives

If this has been passed, the case is passed to the Senate for trial Since Trump’s inauguration, media outlets have increasingly warned of undercover impeachment plots Journalist Susan Wright says, “We can be pretty sure that Democrats probably began their impeachment-watch in the early hours of November 9th, 2016” Commentators from across the political spectrum share Wright’s belief The National Enquirer claims that the Democrats are working with federal agencies to oust the President

Trump has been subject to a number of damning accusations since his election victory This includes a controversial dossier of ‘evidence’ alleging he paid for Russian prostitutes to urinate on one another for his sexual pleasure The dossier is allegedly being held by the Russian government as collateral to control Trump from behind the scenes Journalist Harlan Green argues Trump has been directed by Putin since before the election According to one “insider” these allegations are “part of a coordinated campaign to destroy the Trump administration” organised by members of the Democratic Party

Statements from high ranking Democrats suggest that something may very well be underway In January 2017 California Representative Maxine Waters told online news website Cheddar that her “greatest desire is to lead [Trump] right into impeachment” In an interview in February 2017, Texas Representative Joaquin Castro suggested there could be extreme consequences for Trump if he illegally continued with his so-called “Muslim ban” The ban has been suspended by federal judges on the grounds that it is unconstitutional Castro says that Trump’s Executive Order forcing U

S Customs and Border Control to turn people away from the States should lead to his impeachment Several high profile academics have also launched a plan to force the controversial President from office History professor Robert Kuttner is collecting an “independent body of very reputable jurists and blue-chip people” to put together a “running dossier of impeachable abuses” Kuttner is particularly concerned by Trump’s eagerness to accept gifts from foreign states without permission from Congress

This could breach the emoluments clause of the US Constitution Kuttner points out that, “There are already plenty of other grounds for impeachment, including Trump’s putting his own business interests ahead of the country’s and his weird and opportunistic alliance with Vladimir Putin bordering on treason” Importantly, Kuttner is not alone in this concern

Democrat pressure groups, like the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, are launching legal battles against Trump One of the cases is currently pending a federal review Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, Anthony Romero, is also leading a legal campaign against Trump for retaining business interests while in office But perhaps the best indicator of coming dissent came on 9th February Democrat Congressman Jerrold Nadler filed a “resolution of inquiry” into Trump’s financial dealings

The first stages of impeachment are therefore already in motion However, these efforts are not necessarily co-ordinated parts of a Democrat conspiracy American Presidents regularly face threats of impeachment Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama was targeted after he strengthened the American military presence in parts of the Middle East In 2012 he controversially sent U

S troops into Libya Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rejected demands for greater security at American facilities When an attack on US

facilities in Benghazi led to the death of the American Ambassador to Libya, J Christopher Stevens, many Republicans called for Obama’s impeachment Senator James Inhofe called the event the “most egregious cover-up in American history” Inflammatory statements from opposition parties are therefore part and parcel of the normal political process Indeed, despite the many calls for dissent that plague most administrations, Bill Clinton and Andrew Jackson are the only American Presidents to have been impeached

This is partially because it is such a risky and difficult process Given that the House is currently controlled by a Republican majority, at least 4 representatives would have to cross party lines for the impeachment to stand any chance of success As journalist Max de Haldevang notes, “it’s unlikely we’ll see enough Republican defections against Trump to make impeachment a real possibility any time soon” University of Texas Professor of Political Science Walter Wilson suggests rumours that Trump will be impeached are a political strategy to ensure that he isn’t given “breathing room” Instead of a plot, these claims may be part of a ploy to get Trump to tone down his policy making style

Critically, polling results showing support for Trump’s removal have been widely criticised as “troll army polls”, with many suggesting left-wing sampling bias renders these unreliable results Maxine Waters’ comments suggest that Trump will be the architect of his own downfall Leader of the minority Nancy Pelosi has reiterated this statement, suggesting that until hard evidence of Trump’s illegal activities becomes available there are no plans for a Democrat-led coup Moreover, the National Enquirer’s claims that Obama is orchestrating a coup against Trump are completely unfounded They are based on the statements of an anonymous insider, whose links with government have not been verified

However, while there may be no secret plot, in February 2017 Democrat Congressman Boyd Roberts filed paperwork to the Federal Election Commission to begin the impeachment process The rumoured dissent is therefore already taking place There are many possible routes to a Trump impeachment There is ample evidence that he is involved in a number of potentially impeachable activities Currently there is little impetus to the efforts to impeach him

They may ultimately be nothing more than hot air designed to curb his controversial policies Whether there really is a Democrat plot to remove Trump from office before his Presidency is really underway, only time will tell

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