Are There Stargates In Iraq?

On 20th March 2003 the United States invaded Iraq in Operation Freedom It was the start of a bloody war that would last almost nine years and claim more than half a million lives

US President George Bush said the invasion aimed to “disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism and free the Iraqi people” But the weapons of mass destruction were never found Former university lecturer Dr Michael Salla claims the invasion was a cover for a much more disturbing mission

Salla believes that the Bush government was searching for the legendary Iraqi stargate – a secret intergalactic portal situated beside the Iraqi city of Nasiriyah Are There Stargates In Iraq? Salla says stargates are a “space-time means of travel where people are instantaneously teleported from one area to another” They are said to be capable of transporting people millions of light years through space via wormholes It is believed they were brought to Earth by the Ancient Sumerian civilisation in 4,500 BC The Sumerians were based in Mesopotamia, or modern day Iraq

The Sumerians worshipped an otherworldly race of Gods known as the Anunnaki Author Zecharia Sitchin says these were not deities – rather, they were alien beings who visited Earth in search of gold to sustain their home – a giant planet called Nibiru These mysterious beings bestowed highly sophisticated technology upon the Sumerians, which led them to become one of the most advanced civilisations of the period This technology included stargates Dr Salla believes that one of the stargates that still exists today is in the Ziggurat of Ur – a huge underground temple built by Sumerian King Ur-Nammu

In the 1980s Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein started renovating the ancient temple According to Salla, during this renovation he successfully reactivated the stargate But this did not go unnoticed Salla says, "The Bush administration recognized that Hussein had some very, very valuable relevant information concerning the ancient history of the planet [that] he was going to release to the general public" He says this disturbing discovery was “a big part of the reason why the Bush Administration went into Iraq, to stop Hussein from revealing this information and to also get control themselves" In 2016 the inquiry into the Iraq War – the Chilcot Report – was published This included suspicious information about British intelligence when the UK joined the US in Iraq

Journalist Ewen MacAskill said the report shows “British intelligence services produced ‘flawed’ information about Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction [as] the basis for going to war” The inquiry noted that neither the American nor British governments had any reason to believe the Iraqi government was developing such weapons in 2003 Reporter Elizabeth Turtwin says the West may have known about the stargate for almost a century Between 1920 and 1922 the British invaded Baghdad – officially, this was to crush an uprising Yet, this could easily have been an excuse to enter the country to investigate the stargate

In 2011, Turtwin said the stargate was found in Baghdad’s diplomatic “green zone”, meaning that Iraqis were not allowed to enter She says this gave Western forces ample opportunity to explore the portal without interferences However, Zecharia Sitchin’s extraterrestrial Annunaki theory has now been widely discredited As writer Robert Todd Carroll says, “Most of Sitchin’s sources are obsolete He has received nothing but ridicule from scientific archaeologists and scholars familiar with ancient languages

His most charming quality seems to be his vivid imagination and complete disregard for established facts and methods of inquiry” It is not just his translations of Sumerian writing that are void of factual evidence His interpretation of the Annunaki is also problematic The group are prominent in many ancient Mesopotamian cultures, but who they are and what they do varies They are never described as giving sophisticated technologies to humans, nor as being extra-terrestrial

Their alien legend appears to have originated in fictional writings Syracuse University professor Michael Barkun has noted the similarities between their legend, as described by Zecharia Sitchin, and the evil alien “serpent men” in Robert E Howard’s 1929 novel ‘The Shadow Kingdom’ But the issues do not end there Stargates also originated in fictional entertainment

They were first mentioned in Roland Emmerich’s 1994 movie “Stargate” as huge space travel portals, inspired by the concept of an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, or wormhole The later Stargate TV spin-off revealed the portals are made of an imaginary substance called naqadah Einstein’s theory of general relativity allows the possibility of travelling across space-time through wormholes But they are still only theoretical: we have not yet turned the idea into a reality As NASA states, “We don't know at this point whether they are possible for real objects

” Moreover, while Salla claims the US government has had information about the stargate since the 1920s, he does not say how they have used this information There are more credible theories about why the Iraq War happened Journalist James Fallows argues that the terror attacks on September 11th, 2001, were the real trigger for the invasion

Former World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz urged President Bush to invade within a week of the attacks, as a matter of national security Bush opened this proposal to a secret vote by his top officials They voted in favour of the invasion Therefore evidence shows that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was probably carried out to counteract Saddam Hussein’s regime Whether or not this was the right thing to do, especially under the guise of seeking out non-existent weapons of mass destruction, is still the subject of debate

There are many unanswered questions about the 2003 Iraq invasion But we do not currently have proof for either alien life or stargates themselves It may be as Dr Salla claims – that knowledge about these portals is privy to a select few But until we know more, the odds are that neither Iraq – nor anywhere else – is hiding an intergalactic stargate

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