Did Aliens Build Machu Picchu?

Two and a half kilometres above sea level, overlooking the Sacred Valley, stand the stone walls of Machu Picchu It is one of the new seven wonders of the world

Alongside its remote location, the ancient Incan city is known for its remarkable construction Simply put, it was built for an unknown purpose by unknown people in an inexplicable way What stories exist about its origins, suggest that Machu Picchu may have been home to otherworldly beings Or more specifically, extraterrestrial beings Macchu Picchu was discovered in the 19th century, and was first made known to the world by American explorer Hiram Bingham in 1911

The ruins had been empty for centuries Archaeological excavations revealed it was built around AD 1450 It was occupied for shortly over one century before it was abandoned

But unlike other great cities of South America, the desertion of Machu Picchu had nothing to do with the Spanish Conquistadors, who never knew about the mountain city To add to the mystery, there are few clues at Machu Picchu to indicate who built it or why Moreover, there are few clues as to how it was built The stones did not come from the mountain, so must have been brought up from the valley But the Inca didn’t use the wheel, so how did they transport multi-ton rocks up there? Furthermore, the buildings contain no mortar

Instead the stones have been perfectly cut to lock together tightly in complex polygons The shapes and bevelled edges are so precise that stone cutter Roger Hopkins and engineer Mike Dunn believe they may have been heat-moulded But the technology to do this simply wasn’t available to the Inca Therefore, Dunn believes the Inca had help He says they built Machu Picchu using technology given to them by aliens

Surprisingly, there may be evidence for Inca contact with aliens hidden in their legends The man who built the Inca Empire was Pachacuti He began his rise to domination by defending his people against invaders Legend says that during the battle, he commanded rocks to levitate and destroy his enemies His name, Pachacuti, means “world-shaker”, or “one who bends space and time”

There is another story about Pachacuti One day he was by a spring, when a blinding light fell from the sky into the water It was a crystal mirror When he fished it from the water and looked into it, he saw a vision of an otherworldly being, who revealed all his future conquests to him Pachacuti kept the mirror close to himself all his life

According to the story, the visionary figure was the Creator God These stories obviously tie into ancient alien theories about the Inca being given technology beyond man’s understanding Intriguingly, Pachacuti is the man most archaeologists believe ordered the construction of Machu Picchu His reign began in 1438 and lasted until 1471; over two decades after Machu Picchu was founded Historians now believe the city was built as an estate for Pachacuti

Ancient alien theorists like Michael Dunn and Roger Hopkins agree – but they claim it was only built because alien technology made it possible And why was it inhabited for only one century? The theory goes that when the aliens left Earth, they took their technology with them The knowledge to recreate it was lost as the Spanish Conquest oppressed and destroyed the native peoples Yet, archaeologists and historians dispute this claim The dry stonework at Machu Picchu is remarkably advanced, but it is not unique – there are other examples from the Inca Empire

The style of dressed masonry is known as ashlar Furthermore, the stones show no signs of being heated or moulded In fact, they have pit scars, which are a telltale sign of stone hammers being used to quarry and shape rock Even Roger Hopkins admits the stones could be carved The peculiarly specific interlocking pattern of the stones is an early form of earthquake-proofing

Without mortar to fix them in place, the stones are free to move around during tremors, and return safely to their places when the quake stops In fact, quarries from the Inca era show how the stones were mined and transported They were probably rolled on logs to their destination In the case of Machu Picchu, ramps survive on the mountainside, up which the stones would have been dragged It is an amazing achievement, but a very human one

Meanwhile, historians caution against reading too much into pseudo-mythological stories about individuals like Pachacuti It is not uncommon for incredibly successful leaders to attract fantastical tales – sometimes they even start the myth themselves And if aliens did impart technology to Pachacuti, why did they choose him? Why not share the technology with other humans? Machu Picchu is an incredible place with a mysterious and remarkable history However, it is a very man-made achievement, using techniques unique to the Inca but not outside the capabilities of stonemasons It may even be insulting to the skill of the Inca to say that they could not achieve this by themselves

Perhaps it is unwise to belittle ancient civilisations by attributing their successes to extraterrestrials On the other hand, we should always keep an open mind when trying to solve the mysteries of history

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