Did JFK Survive His Assassination?

The assassination of JFK is one of the most infamous moments in history The official government investigation into his death, the Warren Commission, found that he was murdered by one man acting alone: Lee Harvey Oswald

Oswald himself was killed two days after the President, before he ever went to trial The Warren Commission’s findings have spawned countless conspiracy theories since the very beginning Most commonly, they accuse the establishment, the CIA or the military-industrial complex of killing the most powerful man in the world But what if all these theories are missing the most crucial point? What if JFK was never killed? Artist and critic Miles Mathis believes President Kennedy did not die on the 22nd November 1963 Instead, he believes the assassination in Dealey Plaza was a staged setpiece

For one thing, there is virtually no visual evidence of the assassination Despite Kennedy’s motorcade journey through Dallas being broadcast live, Dealey Plaza was not covered by TV or radio stations Out of 32 photographers on the scene, only one of them got a clear view of the killing: Abraham Zapruder The Zapruder film captures the very moment JFK was hit by the fatal shot Yet there is nothing to prove this footage shows President Kennedy

The quality is so poor and taken from so far away that these could easily be lookalikes There is also no proof the Zapruder film was made on the day of the assassination It was first published in LIFE magazine one week after the event We have only the records and testimony of secret service agents and Zapruder himself that the footage was taken at the exact moment of the shooting The only other photos proving JFK was shot are from the autopsy carried out in Bethesda Naval Hospital

But these photographs could be of an unfortunate body double, chosen to die for the sake of the scheme Alternatively, the body may not be real at all – it could be a highly detailed dummy Like a special effect from a Hollywood movie In fact, the Kennedys owe much of their fortune to Hollywood Throughout the 1920s, JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy Sr, owned his own film studio as well as a controlling interest in Pathé, and eventually founded RKO Pictures

It was Joe Kennedy’s ambition that his son should be president However, he didn’t intend this for JFK He planned for his eldest son, Joseph P Kennedy, ak

a Joe Jr, to become the leader of the free world But Joe Jr died unexpectedly in 1944 when his plane exploded in midair while on a top secret mission The incident was filmed by the 8th Combat Camera Unit Consequently it fell upon the other three sons – Bobby, Ted and John – to fulfil their father’s political ambitions

JFK’s successful election campaign was famous for the sheer amount of money it spent, and his masterful use of the media to control the outcome; especially TV Consequently, Miles Mathis says the Kennedy family used their expertise with the power of media to convince the world that John was assassinated Oswald was selected as a patsy and eliminated before he could be proven innocent The Warren Commission’s report was accepted as the official story because the only person who could challenge it was the Attorney General – Bobby Kennedy The very existence of numerous conspiracy theories about the assassination have helped the hoax – every alternative explanation for what happened that day in Dallas accepts as a fundamental fact that JFK died

No-one is looking for the real truth But why did JFK fake his death? Well, Mathis argues he did it in order to go underground and lead a shadow government He wanted to go beyond his Constitutional two terms as President and rule for life In other words, he wanted to crown himself king Not for nothing is Kennedy’s administration known as ‘Camelot’

Like the legendary King Arthur, he did not truly die, but was taken to another place from where his reign could endure Kennedy funded his secret government by starting the space race Mathis believes the Moon Landings were faked using their movie knowledge, and the $25 billion poured into the program was instead siphoned off In today’s money, that is nearly $170 billion Yet according to Mathis, JFK was merely fulfilling his family’s legacy

What is commonly referred to as the Kennedy Curse is actually a series of faked deaths to continue the reign of the Kennedy dynasty Joe Jr didn’t die in 1944 – the film that recorded his plane exploding has never been found Instead, he took advantage of Franklin D Roosevelt’s failing health to establish control of the White House through President Harry Truman, a prominent supporter of the Kennedys From behind the scenes, Joe was easily able to command the necessary resources to put his brother John in the White House

When Joe died in 1963, John had to fake his death in order to take his place But John’s poor health meant he unexpectedly died in 1968 Bobby had to hastily put together a faked assassination on the eve of his certain-to-succeed bid for the Presidency Hence Bobby was killed by a brainwashed assassin who still maintains his innocence Bobby ruled until 1999, when Jack Kennedy Jr replaced him and staged a mysterious plane crash with his whole family

Elections were rigged by installing voting machines and controlling the media: the one time the Kennedys struggled to control the media was when the Chicago Daily Tribune published the real winner of the 1948 election After that, they kept their grip Ted Kennedy remained in the Senate as one of its longest-ever-serving members, and as the Kennedy dynasty’s eyes on the ground – a quietly controlling influence on Congress Perhaps it is no coincidence that every President since Kennedy is considered either weak, ineffective, a smooth performer, a fool or a clown Lyndon B

Johnson was JFK’s close ally and vice president; Dwight D Eisenhower was a military man like Joe Jr Even Kennedy’s paranoid rival, Richard Nixon, was kept in line Mathis says the notorious Oval Office recording tapes were actually installed by Kennedy to monitor his successors The missing 18 and a half minutes that condemned Nixon in the Watergate Scandal were really deleted because they mentioned the Kennedy shadow government

The Kennedys were well aware of how a shadow government operates Kennedy himself referred to it in one of his speeches Former diplomat Peter Dale Scott even gives us a possible name for the Kennedy Shadow Government: the Continuity of Government Emergency Network Known as COG, in the USA it was formed by Truman to ensure government functioned in the event of a nuclear strike Since 9/11 it has expanded into the Continuity of Operations Plan

This will be triggered in a wider range of emergencies than just nuclear attacks COP does not have Congressional Oversight and the exact details of its procedures and the extent of the authority it confers to agencies remains classified What we do know is that it involves numerous bunkers, special aircraft and advanced communications systems: just what a shadow government needs to rule without detection Mathis’ theory also explains why security around JFK was abnormally lax on that fateful day The President was exposed, obviously vulnerable

Dallas was an openly hostile town to JFK, and was considered a high-risk place There was hardly a crowd in Dealey Plaza, despite the thousands who lined the neighbouring streets In Mathis’ view, this is because Dealey Plaza was closed to the public that day Every person in the crowd was an extra or an agent If a lookalike was sacrificed, the location was chosen because it provided the perfect triangulation of fire to ensure the killing went successfully

However, a wide variety of experts agree that all the Kennedy family’s tragic deaths really did occur There is more evidence to prove the Moon landings did happen than to show they didn’t It is also hard to believe every President since World War Two has been a puppet: at the very least, letters from Harry Truman prove how much he hated Joe Kennedy Sr What’s more, their policies directly contradict those of the Kennedy administration For instance, documents from November 1963 show that Kennedy wanted to remove all American military presence from Vietnam by 1965

Yet under LBJ and Nixon, America’s involvement in Vietnam escalated to full scale war But above all else, Mathis’ theory is built upon speculation and imagination There is simply no evidence to support any of it Much like the other mysteries surrounding the Warren Commission, whether or not you accept it has less to do with evidence, than with what you believe

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