Did Michael Jackson Fake His Own Death?

On June 25th 2009, Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died of a heart attack at his home in Los Angeles He left behind a musical legacy of 13 number 1 singles and an estimated 750 million record sales worldwide

But behind the mask was a troubled man, convicted of child abuse, and burdened with the pressures of fame, health problems, and debts of $500 million Some fans and pop theorists like Allie Pruitt speculate that in order to escape his celebrity life, Michael's only option was to fake his death Michael’s death came as prepared for ‘This Is It’ – his first concert tour in 12 years, scheduled for 50 performances across the world It was one of the most anticipated comeback tours in musical history But in his last few years, Michael had an addiction to prescription painkillers that was costing him $46,000 a month, and doing untold damage to his health

Official news reports claim that the King of Pop overdosed on sleep medication during preparation for his concerts Speculation immediately arose over the potential foul play of Michael’s personal physician, Dr Conrad Murray But a lesser-told story is that Michael faked his death, in order to leave his troubled past behind Theorists point to the fact that Michael’s events promoter, AEG Live, announced that he would initially perform just 10 shows

It’s suspected that there was a motive behind the complex terms and conditions of Michael’s contract Michael’s death would result in huge payoffs, and this would allow the Jackson family to clear his mounting debt Most compelling is the fact that the surveillance footage from Michael Jackson’s house The tape that was shown in the trial of Dr Conrad Murray excluded footage from the last 24 hours in his home

Police investigators on the case claim that this surveillance tape went missing, which is why it wasn’t featured in the trial But MJ conspiracy theorists believe that the tape wasn’t lost at all – that it was in fact deliberately omitted, because it contained evidence which contradicted the media story that Michael had overdosed And interestingly, Michael’s doctor refused to sign his death certificate Some MJ fans are so sure that the King of Pop is still alive, that there have been numerous sightings of him since 2009 An entire website, michaeljacksonsightings

com, is dedicated to discovering the ‘real’ location of Michael Jackson Among a host of recent sightings, ‘MJ Truthers’ claim to have spotted him at his new home in his Ontario Canada, in a Las Vegas elevator, and on the streets in Arizona But despite many fans convictions’ that their hero is still alive, the widespread media coverage of Michael Jackson’s memorial service, endless tributes, and the trial of Conrad Murray, sent out a clear message that the rest of the world was in mourning Could this be his greatest performance yet? It’s even been suggested that Michael learned his trick from another King Like Elvis Presley, Michael redefined pop music, and united fans the world over

And both stars struggled with addiction to prescription drugs Michael even went on to marry Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, in 1994 After Michael died, Lisa Marie disclosed in an intimate blog post that he once questioned her on the circumstances of her Father’s death He then confessed: 'I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did' Some theorists subscribe to the idea that the King of Rock and Roll faked his death in ‘77 to escape the pressures of stardom – and speculate that Michael Jackson was inspired to do the same

With the power of the media at his disposal, they claim that Michael influenced publications like The National Enquirer to report that as far back as January of 2009 the pop hero had just 6 months to live This article states that Michael Jackson’s ‘health is deteriorating rapidly because of a crippling addiction to painkillers and alcohol’ As compelling as some fans might find this evidence, the conspiracy that Michael Jackson faked his death leaves many questions unanswered It doesn’t explain the unmistakable grief that this hoax caused his fans – and, more importantly, his family And this announcement would either leave his 3 children seemingly fatherless, or forced into a double life, where they have to see their dad in secret

Not to mention that in 2011 Michael’s physician and top doctor Conrad Murray was imprisoned for manslaughter, which caused irreparable damage to his medical career 2 years later, Michael Jackson’s family filed a lawsuit against entertainment promoters AEG, claiming that they ignored Michael’s deteriorating health problems It’s therefore more likely that performance pressures led to Michael’s demise But in the meantime, loyal fans wait for his second coming

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