Did NASA Send Astronauts To Another Planet?

December 2014: NASA announces that within the next 20 years, Alepeshrsov travels to Mars In 2030, it is expected that we will finally set foot on the Red Planet – which And it makes it the first time that man puts his foot on the planet is the moon Or as the authorities want to believe that November 2005: A series of e-mail messages appear on the mysterious UFO forum secret, revealed Confidential records on the case on behalf of the American intelligence project Serbo, and called for these e-mail messages Shocking disclosure of information from a government report consisting of 3000 pages since the seventies, which documents Exchange of interstellar between the Earth and the distant planet

The report alleges that in 1947, an unidentified object fell and crash in Roswell, New Mexico Near the debris, he found customers of United States creature Vzaia, and shot him IBI one, according Based on the site mentioned, the creature was rescued from the plane crash and checked by Military forces Using the name "Anonymous" in e-mail messages, wrote thus: our project Alserpo Organism set up contact with us and told us where the planet who lives in it is located In 1965, we had an exchange program with creatures Carefully chose 12 military: 10 men and 2 women, and have been trained and screened And was removed from the military files, the 12 military were people with different skills Many specialists things aliens believe that who is supplying this information is a secret agent Richard Ofallojsts Researcher in the field of aliens from the Special Investigation Office of the United States Air Force If the information If true, these secret documents? !! You could have humans have visited the other planets? Is this project is actually named Serbo It was under the control of President Lyndon Johnson? And "Will the project was a special Serbo exchange with the space creatures Which was developed to retrieve information about the universe through communication With alien life forms Under this guise, "something special Serpo'holas project It is not surprising that Government space agencies, the US is trying to contact the other creatures, Pioneer Project Panel, the Golden Voyager records, and calls cosmic, and the Institute of City are just a few Ways in which we tried to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligent beings over Decades Twelve of the best military personnel have been trained and screened The most important space mission over the ages 10 men and 2 women were on their way to travel to a planet Serbo Rumored to be located Serpoon In Zeta Rteklaa, a famous solar system where the young couple allege That the aliens were kidnapped in 1961

Serbo project was funded by the CIA and NASA and Daaa and planned To move these trainers pioneers specially trained for ten years Serbo, in order to collect Data on extraterrestrial life What they found was a hot environment is an incubator After the passage of 13 years has been completed task but returned to earth only 8 astronauts out of 12 Investigators believed the extraordinary phenomena that two of the pioneers remained on the planet Serbo And two died while important Shortly after their return to Earth, it was reported that The remaining eight have received the same fate as their colleagues as they died because of their exposure To high radiation levels of the planet Serbo A failed mission, brought serious amounts of radiation to the ground, and 10 astronauts were killed "Serbo project was not quite successful project anticipated by military forces Do you have that this kept Serpohadih issue for all these years? Critics of the project Serbo, such as abnormal phenomena reporter Alejandro Rojas, thinks that e-mail messages from the unknown It was just a hoax intended to be specialists believed to abnormal phenomena that killed astronauts It was accidental, and which is supposed to prevent unwanted questions Project But what about a component of 3000 pages, documenting the incident crash of Roswell in 1947, a government report, and And in which the precise details of the exchange of communications between the Earth and a planet far from us If this is true, do humans have already made contact with aliens? And even if it is false? Maybe the US Nscheraljeic these rumors as a cover for the programs of space creatures? !! US Nscheraljeic these rumors as a cover for the programs of space creatures? !!

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