Did Nicolas Cage find the Holy Grail?

In August 2019, in an interview with The New York Times, Hollywood star Nicolas Cage confessed something that made people wonder, had Nicolas Cage found the Holy Grail? In the Christian tradition, the Holy Grail is the subject of numerous myths and legends, which make it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction Different traditions describe it as a cup, dish or stone with miraculous powers that provide happiness, eternal youth or sustenance in infinite abundance

And contrary to what you may think, there's no mention in the Bible of the Holy Grail According to scholars, the first known mention of a Grail, or Graal in Old French, can be found in a narrative by a 12th-century writer of French romance, Chrétien de Troyes In the romance, Perceval, ou le Conte du Graal, Chrétien described the Grail as a large dish, adorned with gemstones, containing a single Mass wafer that a handmaid carried during a banquet at an enchanted castle However, the ultimate purpose of the dish remained unexplained because the poet died before he could finish the romance That's why, in 1200, Robert de Boron expanded the story in his poem Joseph d’Arimathie

Boron turned the dish into a cup and further specified its Christian significance by placing the Holy Grail’s origins at the Last Supper and Christ’s crucifixion: it is the cup that caught Christ’s blood And from that moment legends spread through Medieval literature, up until today Academics like Arthurian scholar Roger Sherman Loomis, argue that the Grail was never real They trace the literary Grail's origin to Irish tales of cauldrons and drinking horns that never run empty To Loomis, the maiden Grail-bearer is based on the personified Sovereignty of Ireland, a woman who gives her cup only to the worthy

These elements were transmitted to Wales, then to Brittany, to Chrétien de Troyes’ France, and thence all across Europe Then again, some stories suggest the Grail was very real Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival, a 12th-century romance, calls the knights guarding the Grail Kingdom templeisen This ties into rumours that the Knights Templar, the medieval order that protected pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land, carried the Holy Grail with them, before they ultimately secreted it away Other legends claim that the search for the Grail became the principal quest of the knights of King Arthur

These tales usually say the cup is kept in a mysterious castle, surrounded by a wasteland Perhaps inspired by this, in the modern era, a number of places have become associated with the Holy Grail One of the most prominent is Glastonbury in Somerset, England But if these aren’t just legends, and the Grail really exists, where is it now? This is where Nicolas Cage comes in But before revealing precisely how Nicolas Cage is involved, I just want to say a big thank you to Dashlane, who are sponsoring this video

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And when you upgrade to their premium service, use the code ‘Uncovered’ at the checkout to receive a 10% discount And with that all said and done, back to the adventure of Nicolas Cage and the Holy Grail In his 2019 interview with The New York Times, Cage opens up about how many extreme life choices he has made influenced the way he played some of his famous roles For instance, he recalled how his two pet cobras inspired his performance in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance after they tried to kill him He also recalled the $276,000 he spent at an auction in 2007 to buy a Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull, reportedly outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio

The event made a splash at the time, especially since Cage had to return the dinosaur head after realizing it had been illegally taken from Mongolia He never got his money back But the lost money wasn't the reason that Cage brought up the story of the skull He wanted to explain the reason behind many of the crazy and expensive purchases he made During those years, he was shooting the National Treasure trilogy about the adventures of treasure hunter Benjamin Gates, who uncovers hidden riches and secrets from U

S history while evading competitors and the authorities Considering that Cage's personal and working life are inextricably intertwined, it didn’t seem weird for him to go on an actual hunt for the greatest treasure of all: the Holy Grail And off he went, through purportedly magical places and millionaire auctions Inspired by religion and mythology, the actor bought, among other things, a castle in Glastonbury, a significant place in many Grail legends

One legend in particular claims that Joseph of Arimathea buried the Grail there At the spot where the cup was hidden, the water runs red because it travels through Christ’s blood According to Cage, ""If you go to Glastonbury and go to the Chalice Well, there’s a spring that does taste like blood"" However, he agrees with scientists who assert this is just the effect of red iron oxide in the soil But that didn't stop him buying more estates associated with the Grail

He bought properties in the United States as well Most of them were in Rhode Island, where, according to historian and filmmaker Andrew Sinclair, the Knights Templar built a mysterious stone structure one hundred years before Columbus found the Americas, presumably in which to keep the Holy Grail However, the mortar holding the Newport Tower together has been carbon-dated to around the year 1680, which compares logically to similar towers built in Britain Regardless, the entire Grail quest only led Cage to “financial mistakes”, as Cage calls them, that ultimately got him into extensive debts This misfortune drove him to accept any acting role he could get

When asked to what extent money motivates his work choices, Cage replied, ""I can’t go into specifics or percentages or ratios, but yeah, money is a factor I’m going to be completely direct about that There’s no reason not to be There are times when it’s more of a factor than not [

] But yes, it’s no secret that mistakes have been made in my past that I’ve had to try to correct"" As for the Grail, apparently, there’s no trace of it According to Cage his quest was materially fruitless but spiritually rewarding

He said, “What I ultimately found is: What is the Grail but Earth itself?”

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