Did Obama Give Nukes To Iran?

In 2017, just days before President Trump’s inauguration, Iran received a top secret delivery: 130 tons of uranium Or, the ingredients for 10 nuclear bombs

This huge shipment was approved by permanent members of the UN Security Council, including the United States Reporter Joe Otto believes this is a disturbing and unexplained development in the US-Iran relationship Specifically, he claims President Obama pushed through the shipment to stop Trump fulfilling his pledge to get rid of the Iran nuclear deal The United States has a historically antagonistic and bloody relationship with Iran Tensions first came to a head in 1953, when the US orchestrated a coup against the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq

Things only escalated from there For 444 days between 1979 and 1981, 52 American citizens and diplomats were held hostage by Islamic revolutionaries in the US embassy in Tehran The crisis led to the deaths of eight American servicemen, and sent shockwaves across the world

Historian Gaddis Smith notes that, “the crisis absorbed more concentrated effort by American officials and had more extensive coverage on television and in the press than any other event since World War Two"" In 1985 President Reagan was accused of secretly shipping weapons to Iran in exchange for helping free US hostages The event, known as the Iran-Contra scandal, severely damaged his reputation with the public

Three years later, an American warship deliberately gunned down an Iranian passenger plane, killing all 290 people on board It later claimed it was a case of mistaken identity In 2002 President Bush said Iran was part of an “Axis of Evil” His government vocally supported UN sanctions against Iranian nuclear capabilities between 2006 and 2010 This makes the prospect of Obama secretly funnelling nukes to Iran a huge break from the past

The new allegations came from two anonymous diplomats They told the Associated Press that Obama pledged 130 tons of natural uranium to Iran, in exchange for Iran giving up tons of reactor coolant This uranium has a very destructive potential The Founder of the Institute of Science and International Security, David Albright, says the haul could be enriched to make more than 10 nuclear bombs, “depending on the efficiency of the enrichment process and the design of the nuclear weapon” According to news network Al Araby, “This was approved by the Obama administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to the nuclear pact

” The timing of this decision is extremely suspicious Incoming President Donald Trump had been extremely vocal about his plans to rip up a new nuclear agreement with Iran Speaking to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on the 2016 campaign trail, Trump stated, “My number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran” Did Obama give Iran the tools to make nukes to make the stakes too high for Trump’s grand plan? The deal he was alluding to was brokered in January 2016 between Iran, the UN Security Council and Germany The UN lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for the country dismantling much of its nuclear architecture

American diplomat James Zumwalt said, “The dark truth about the Iran nuclear agreement is it absolutely fails to stop [their] desire to weaponize their program… [paving] the way for them to do so legally in the future… Additionally, it failed to demand Iran, as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, curtail such activity” Suspicious financial transactions suggest Zumwalt may be right In 2016 Obama airlifted $400 million in cash to Iran on the same day Tehran released 4 American hostages Despite the highly suspicious timing, the US

claimed the money was overdue payment for an old arms deal Joe Otto claims this sum barely comes close to the real amounts being exchanged He says that Iran has received more than $10 billion from the States in secret deals since 2012 Iran analyst Omri Ceren [Je-ran] claims these strange happenings are down to something even more sinister Ceren believes that Iran must be blackmailing America with secret information

However, the deal does not give Iran free reign to use uranium as it wants The diplomats who leaked the original news explained that all of Iran’s incoming natural uranium would be subject to strict surveillance Indeed, uranium does have extremely powerful potential In its enriched form, it can be used to make atom bombs However, under the nuclear pact Iran has agreed to have its activities closely monitored

This would make it extremely hard for the state to develop a bomb undetected The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency has the power to surveille everything that happens to the uranium for 25 years There are many other ways that Iran could use the shipment This includes turning it into low-enriched uranium to export as reactor fuel This is a very lucrative option, which makes it the most likely way Iran will make use of it

The negative implications of the deal may therefore be in what it represents As Fox News reported, “The natural uranium agreement comes at a sensitive time With the incoming US administration and many U

S lawmakers already skeptical of how effective the nuclear deal is in keeping Iran's nuclear program peaceful over the long term, they might view it as further evidence that Tehran is being given too many concessions” Obama was one of the five permanent UN Security Council members to sanction the deal But the uranium actually came from Russia There is little to suggest the US President was acting alone or for suspicious reasons

Historically speaking, the US-Iran relationship thawed towards the end of Obama’s Presidency Indeed, 2013 witnessed the first conversation between the countries’ heads of state in three decades Obama spoke with President Hassan Rouhani about mutual political goals

Rouhani later Tweeted that their conversation focused on the “nuclear issue” In 2017 Trump extended the Iran deal, although with a slightly tougher caveat than Obama put in Obama did not give nukes to Iran The uranium Iran received came from the UN Security Council via Russia, and is now under strict international monitoring Yet, in April 2017 Rouhani announced “We will ask no one's permission to build up the armed forces, and to build missiles and aircraft”, indicating that Iran’s nuclear future may be a lot less clear cut than we’ve been led to believe

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