Did the CIA Assassinate JFK?

On November 22nd 1963, the President of the United States of America was shot and killed     Murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald as he drove through Dallas, the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy shocked the world

    Yet 6 in 10 Americans believe there was more to his murder than meets the eye At the time of the murder, 60% of Dallas' citizens believed blame could lie with the very organisation meant to protect America, the Central Intelligence Agency   Did the CIA assassinate JF K?   At first, it may seem far-fetched that the CIA would assassinate their own President   But the President and the CIA had a particularly tense relationship, notably due to Kennedy's preference for diplomacy over military action The strain began very early on in JFK’s presidency, with the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion

  Conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi argues that the CIA forced Kennedy into approving the invasion of Cuba Despite having little faith in the plan, and being reluctant to incur the wrath of the Soviet Union, the President agreed on the proviso that American-trained Cubans, and not US armed forces, would be used     Believing he would give in, the CIA continued with a plan for an attack involving the US armed forces    However, Kennedy ultimately stuck to his guns, cancelling air strikes, refusing requests for US military aid, and setting the tone for the rocky relationship he would have with the CIA throughout his presidency Following the failed invasion, Kennedy fired CIA Director Allen Dulles and his entourage

Kennedy then declared his wish to ""splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds""  Jerome Corsi says this is the moment JFK signed his own death warrant   Feeling betrayed and angry, could the agency’s desire to protect itself be the perfect motive to murder the President?    When JFK was killed, Lyndon B Johnson created the Warren Commission to investigate his murder The inquest was chaired by the former head of the CIA, Allen Dulles

  Having lost his job because of Kennedy's refusal to cooperate with his demands, Dulles was in the in the ideal position to cover up a CIA operation    It may therefore be no coincidence that the final report found that Oswald acted alone   As for the one man who could have revealed the truth, Lee Harvey Oswald – he was killed two days after the assassination, right outside the Dallas police station by Jack Ruby    Though Ruby claimed to have acted out of anger at the President's death, theorist Michael Collins Piper notes that he had previously worked as a gun-runner under the guidance of the CIA   This connection has led many to believe Ruby was ordered to kill Oswald to prevent the truth about Kennedy's death being revealed

    And that wasn't the CIA's only involvement with the aftermath of the assassination    According to theorist Jefferson Morley, the CIA were the first to publish a conspiracy theory about the President's death    Within a day of JFK’s death, the 'Cuban Student Directorate' released an article in 'Trinchera' magazine, which linked Lee Harvey Oswald to the Cuban President, Fidel Castro    Based in Miami, the magazine received $48 million each year from George Joannides, the CIA's chief of psychological operations in Miami

  Over 1000 files about Kennedy's death are currently being held by the CIA, who remain undecided about whether to keep them private indefinitely, or give into growing pressure to release them in 2017    These files will supposedly detail just why Joannides felt the need to fund the conspiracy story in the aftermath of the president's death   In 2012 a small selection of these files revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald had been closely monitored for 4 years, with surveillance only ending 44 days prior to the murder, a fact the CIA covered up at the time   Is it possible that in 2 years time we will find that they had an even greater part to play in the death of the United States' most loved President?

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