Did The Government Kill This UFO Conspiracy Theorist?

Days before he was found dead on a sofa, Max Spiers sent a text message to his mum: “Your boy is in trouble If anything happens to me, investigate”

It was June 2016, and the renowned UFOlogist and conspiracy theorist had been expected to speak at an industry conference in Warsaw But he never made it to the venue The “incredibly strong and fit” 39 year old was found lifeless after vomiting two litres of black liquid and suffering from intense and mysterious migraines for several days Yet, his death was deemed to be the result of “natural causes” His mother explained that in the months preceding his death he had been “exposing” who was “dangerous in the world of government [and] the entertainment world"

With no post-mortem, and British authorities refusing to investigate the incident, many suspect a case of highly sophisticated foul play Strangely, his body showed no signs of physical damage Many close to him, including his fiancee, claim Spiers was gradually poisoned by enemies Also unusual, is the failure of Polish authorities to carry out a post-mortem examination The British government also refused to investigate initially because his death happened overseas

Spiers’ mother believes these convenient circumstances are consistent with an orchestrated government assassination She said: “These people seemed to be involved in some very, very dark and dangerous areas of the world and I was afraid that as he was gaining popularity and fame that perhaps somebody would want him out of the waynot alive any longer

” Spiers was allegedly investigating a sprawling occult child sex abuse scandal at a California army base at the time of his death Reportedly, around 60 historical cases of child abuse occurred at the base in the 1980s American army officer Lt Colonel Michael Aquino was implicated in many of these incidents Aquino is also the founder of The Temple of Set, a notorious satanist movement

Spiers had purportedly found links between this group and a high profile San Francisco paedophile ring If Spiers discussed his research at the conference as scheduled, it seems there were many with a lot to lose Spiers’ electronic history was posthumously deleted across all of his devices When Polish authorities returned his computer to his family all the files and internet history had been mysteriously wiped More incriminating still, his cell phone was also given back in an unrecoverable state after having “fallen into a toilet” The incriminating dossier of evidence that Spiers is alleged to have prepared, was lost

This is consistent with the foul play alleged by his friends and family Miles Johnston, founder of the Irish UFO Research Centre and a friend of Spiers, believes that the death was carried out by the Men in Black Since the early twentieth century, rumours have abounded of government agents who hide the truth about aliens from the public According to reports, these men harass and threaten UFO witnesses to prevent them revealing shocking truths about extraterrestrial activity on Earth In interviews Spiers claimed that he had been trained by the government to be a “super soldier”, or a government military agent with superhuman abilities

In one interview, Spiers stated “I was involved in Project Mannequin in the UK which is an extension of the NAZI uberman projects to create a warrior and a breeder” It is possible that Spiers was murdered by government agents for defecting and discussing the programme so publicly However, there is no evidence connecting government agencies or occult groups to Spiers’ death Given how little of his recent work survives following the destruction of his cell phone and laptop, we do not even know definitively what his final project covered Until this information becomes available, any links to the occult are purely speculative

The same goes for Spiers’ claim that he had previously been a government super soldier Spiers offered no proof of this having happened The vast majority of evidence for the Men in Black is based on witness testimony While there has been some CCTV evidence of the group, none has yet been verified Indeed, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has publicly spoken about the absence of revelatory information on extra-terrestrials in hacked international government cables

After intensive lobbying from Spiers’ family and friends, UK authorities did eventually carry out a post-mortem four months after his death Its results were inconclusive This is unusual, if Spiers were poisoned While a second autopsy has now been ordered, the existing medical evidence is consistent with Spiers dying from natural causes According to author Nigel Watson, the limited historical precedent of UFO researchers being murdered by government agents makes this scenario unlikely

Watson has said that “Several UFO researchers have died in unusual circumstances or have committed ‘suicide’ but they are a very small number compared to the number of UFO researchers who have spoken openly about UFOs for decades and have never been troubled by [Men in Black] or alien murder squads” The circumstances around Spiers’ death are certainly suspicious, and leave a lot of questions to be answered However, claims of government involvement are currently unsubstantiated The absence of concrete, reliable information about the case does ring alarm bells Until we have more conclusive information about Spiers and his his activity in the weeks before his death, we cannot rule out cold blooded murder

But before then, the jury is out

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