Did This FBI Raid Hide UFO Proof?

High in the Sacramento Mountains in New Mexico is the small community of Cloudcroft This is no ordinary community

The tight-knit, 700 strong town lives in the shadow of the Sacramento Peak National Solar Observatory, otherwise known as Sunspot Observatory On the 6th September 2018, FBI personnel evacuated all 20 workers and residents of Sunspot without warning, citing a “security issue” They allowed no one to return to the observatory for eleven days The secrecy led some to claim the observatory staff had seen something they shouldn’t have What had the scientists found with the Sunspot Observatory? And did the FBI raid the complex to prevent news getting out? Sitting over 9,000 feet above sea level in an area of dense woodland, Sunspot Observatory is isolated by design

The scientific complex is part of the US National Solar Observatory, with a sister location in Boulder, Colorado The installation is designed to track the movement of the Sun, collect spectroscopic data and monitor sunspot activity Just before 10am on the 6th September, Otero County sheriff Benny House received a call from Sunspot employees They told him the FBI had arrived He dispatched a sergeant and deputy to Sunspot, but the FBI refused to explain why Sunspot was closed

According to staff, all the FBI would confirm was that there was a “credible threat”, and an ongoing “security issue” Yet Sheriff House says local law enforcement could see no evidence of any security issue at all Curiously, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, which manages the observatory, also requested the nearby Post Office be evacuated and closed This effectively prevented any communications entering or leaving Shari Lifson, a spokesperson for AURA, said, “We have decided to temporarily vacate this facility as a precautionary measure

And we’re working with the proper authorities on this issue” This cooperation went on for eleven days All the while the Sunspot premises were cordoned off and guarded by private security firm Red Rock Security and Patrol According to The Washington Post, not even Red Rock employees knew the reasons for the closure The FBI appear to have removed nothing from the observatory

They questioned no employees When staff and residents returned, it was as if nothing had happened at all On 16th September, AURA released a statement saying, “[We have] been cooperating with an ongoing law enforcement investigation of criminal activity that occurred at Sacramento Peak During this time, we became concerned that a suspect in the investigation potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents For this reason, AURA [was] temporarily vacated

” On 19th September, federal court documents filed in the nearby town of Las Cruces (LAS CROO-SAYS) revealed the FBI’s search warrant It said that the chief observer at Sunspot, had discovered a single laptop in empty offices with images of child pornography on it Apparently the FBI investigated the facility’s wi-fi, and found that the time at which these images were downloaded, corresponded with the presence of one employee: a janitor When this laptop was confiscated, the chief observer told the FBI the janitor became “agitated”, and began making paranoid comments about a serial killer in the region According to local news station KRQE, the FBI evacuated the area when the janitor started mentioning how the killer could execute someone at Sunspot

However, Sheriff House called the FBI’s operation “chicken****” In an interview with ABC, House said “Is there a bomb threat? Is there an active shooter? Is it chemical? We have a duty to protect and we can’t protect [people] if we don’t know what’s going on

” Physicist Robert McNees speculated that otherworldly beings might be involved On 11th September, while Sunspot was still closed, Youtuber Secureteam10 posted a video hinting the observatory had captured evidence of alien existence They said, “Whether that be some sort of machine or craft while they were taking images of the Sun, I don’t know… But there is definitely something off about this” Meanwhile, Redditor JamesVanDaFreek pointed out that Sunspot was not alone in being shut down that week The webcams for the BRT Tenerife telescope, the JAT Observatory in Pennsylvania, the SOAR Observatory in Chile and two observatories in Hawaii all went dark at the same time

This accompanied an apparent spike in extraterrestrial activity On 11th September, Maria G Hill from Indiana photographed what she described a fleet of UFOs extraordinarily close to the Sun Released correspondence from Professor James McAteer, who works at the observatory, would suggest the explanation for the evacuation was mundane, if still unclear In nearly 2,000 pages of emails obtained by New Mexico news station KOB, aliens are mentioned 47 times But only ever jokingly

One email read, “We don’t have aliens, although clearly that would be good for funding” However, Professor McAteer says, “the [Sunspot] researchers did not spot anything in the Sun to necessitate them leaving, nor were they aware of any scientific reason — such as an anomaly in the data they were collecting — for doing so” Yet Youtuber Alien Bros noted, “The FBI is 100% hiding something… Of course, with the way that our government operates, it is hard to know if what they’re telling is the truth or not” There are more Earthly explanations for the shutdown that the FBI might want to hide Sunspot also has a commanding view of the United States Air Force Holloman air base, as well as the White Sands Missile Range

The remote location, the excellent views and the observatory’s own communications equipment would make Sunspot an ideal place to plant spying equipment Journalists Tyler Rogoway and Joseph Trevithick therefore suggest the real reason for the FBI evacuation was espionage They say, “It seems more plausible that a foreign operative… might have been able to install an antenna apparatus… without anyone noticing” This theory is supported by comments made by Sheriff House in the aftermath of the evacuation According to House, “officials and workmen” appeared to be paying special attention to the radio towers and antennas of the observatory

He says it was almost as if they were looking for a device If Sunspot was being used to monitor US military operations, the post office could have been a means of passing information surreptitiously to foreign assets This could explain why the post office was locked down in addition to the main facility The FBI’s remit includes foreign counterintelligence operations As such, keeping local law enforcement out of the way could have been a legitimate tactic to avoid tipping off the perpetrators

Since the events of September 2018, Sunspot, New Mexico has slipped back into obscurity, known only to those in the astronomy community The public can visit every day from 8am to 6pm Whether or not you believe the official story, Sunspot is an example of what can happen when the authorities refuse to communicate with the public In the absence of information, anything becomes a possible answer

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