Do Human-Ape Super Soldiers Exist?

In February 1926, Russian biologist Ilia Ivanovich Ivanov set out on a scientific voyage to Guinea, West Africa Funded by the Soviet government, Ivanov was on a mission to carryout one of history’s most controversial experiments, to bring to life a creature from the darkest realm of imagination, the human, chimpanzee hybrid, the Humanzee

  At the beginning of the 20th century Ivanov had gained a reputation as a world leading expert in artificial insemination, and specialised in the hybridisation of animals His successful experiments resulted in creating sub-species of animals that did not occur in nature But by 1910, Ivanov was no longer content with playing God with just domestic animals and so at the World Congress of Zoologists in Austria, he gave a presentation describing his intent in creating human hybrids by crossing man with their closest genetic relatives 14 years later in 1924, Ivanov secured his funding by convincing Stalin that his research in human hybrids could achieve a Soviet utopia During a period of history in which few Russians were even allowed to leave the country, Ivanov was granted the equivalent of $1

5 million to embark on an expedition to source the apes that would be used to breed the first humanzees With the defeat of communist revolutions throughout the rest of Europe, Russia remained the last standing communist power Moscow archives reportedly reveal that Stalin commissioned Ivanov to carry out his experiments, in the hope of developing a ‘mutant ape army’ By manufacturing loyal soldiers with ‘immense strength and an underdeveloped brain’ Stalin could consolidate his newly acquired power and force a global communist revolution Ivanov’s experiments had established that some animal hybrids result in creatures physically more powerful than either parent species

For example, the liger, a hybrid between a male lion and a female tiger grows to double the weight of either animal and benefits from the strength of a lion and speed of a tiger combined Whilst the zubron is more durable and less susceptible to disease than a bison or cow As chimpanzees are already twice the strength of humans and can jump 1/3 higher than our best athletes, Stalin’s human-ape soldiers were predicted to be born with superhuman strength and endurance, so resilient that they’d be able to ignore pain Upon arriving at the primate centre in Guinea, Ivanov set to work inseminating three of the female chimps with his sperm, but when none of them conceived, he conceived a second experiment, to inseminate women with ape sperm He returned to Europe and established an ape facility in the Soviet Republic of Abkhazia

He managed to find 5 female volunteers willing to host the new race of human-ape soldiers, but his last male ape an Orangutan named Tarzan died before the experiments could take place With the orangutan's death, died Stalins dream for a Soviet mutant ape army By 1930, with no results to show Ivanov found himself a victim to a widespread purge of scientists, before he had a chance to source more male apes he was exiled to Kazakhstan, resulting in his death soon after The inability for Ivanov to complete his life work has meant the question of a humanzee existence and human-ape soldiers has been left wide open, although the similarities between human and chimp DNA seems to suggest it could be possible Scientist, Morris Goodman has found that 99

4 percent of our most functional DNA are identical in human and chimp genes Even the genetic differences between chimps and humans, wouldn’t necessarily prevent a hybrid species being possible Whist humans have 2 chromosomes less than apes, this is a similar degree of chromosomal divergence found in equine hybrids Evidence that human hybrids may be possible with our closest relatives, is the recent discovery that modern humans interbred with the species, Neanderthal, in fact 2 percent of many people’s genomes today is made up of Neanderthal DNA, therefore some modern humans are in fact hybrids Furthermore in 1977, researcher J

Michael Bedford discovered that human sperm could penetrate the protective outer membranes of a gibbon egg, suggesting that human sperm is not restricted to man alone As scientists continue to develop new understandings of genetic capabilities so might the temptation to create Human-Ape Soldiers The Pentagon currently spends $400m a year researching ways to ""enhance"" the human fighter by taking away the humanity of the soldiers Research focuses on reducing fatigue, erasing unwanted memories and producing smarter, stronger, fearless soldiers Animal, human hybrids are still being explored, recent research has even shown that it might be possible to create bulletproof skin by splicing spider-silk proteins with humans'

Giving us other animals' genes could also let us re-grow limbs & fight diseases With so many measures being taken to make soldiers less human, would we even recognise a human-ape army if we had one?"

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