Do The Rothschilds Rule The World?

Give me control of a nation’s wealth and I care not who makes the laws” This famous quotation on the seemingly one-sided relationship between banking institutions and governments is attributed to MAY-ER AM-SHELL BOW-ER Rothschild; the founder of the most notorious financial family in the world The apparent lack of concern for democracy has led to the Rothschilds being accused of everything, from orchestrating assassinations to enabling genocide; all in the name of profit

But can one family of financiers really wield that much power today? Can the Rothschilds truly rule the world? The Rothschild Family net worth is estimated to be a staggering $400 billion but because this is spread throughout their many holdings, they never appear on rich lists As a result they have largely remained out of the spotlight, and prime targets for conspiracy theorists The story of the Rothschilds’ supposed grasp for power originates in 19th century England In 1815 Nathan Rothschild, the son of founder Mayer Rothschild, is alleged to have seized control of the Bank of England He did this through causing market panic in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo and buying the bonds that had been dumped This move made Nathan the single largest debtor to the British government, effectively handing control of currency regulation, and the Bank of England, to a single family

If control of the money really does equate to control of the nation, that would make the Rothschild family overlords of the largest empire the world has ever known Since then however the empire has crumbled, and even the Bank itself was nationalized in 1946 So what power, if any, does the family still wield? The Bank of England is far from the only national bank to have been influenced by Rothschilds According to controversial theorist Andrew Hitchcock the Rothschilds were at the forefront of every attempt in the United States to gain control of the national economy In 1832 Andrew Jackson ran for a second term on the basis of regaining control of the economy from the Second Bank of America which is under Rothschild control

On his election victory Jackson began to make good on his promise, removing state deposits from the Second Bank of America and refusing to renew its charter What followed, according to Hitchcock, was a high stakes game, with the Rothschilds allegedly causing a depression and ordering a failed assassination attempt on President Jackson in an attempt to reverse his actions Jackson is quoted as remarking to his vice president, Martin Van Buren, “The bank, Mr Van Buren, is trying to kill me” In 1865, argues Hitchcock, the family arranged for the successful assassination of none other than Abraham Lincoln It is alleged that this is because Lincoln undermined Rothschild interests in 1861 by printing debt-free money to fund the Civil War and continued to argue for the restraint on the influence of the central bank Finally, in 1913, President Woodrow Wilson signs into being the Federal Reserve, a privately owned corporation responsible for handling one of the largest economies of the day

One of the largest shareholders in this vital company? The Rothschilds In January 2015 The Economist published an edition predicting what was likely to happen in the forthcoming year However author Richard Sauder quickly identified the cover as a veiled Rothschild warning to the world of their intentions According to Sauder Francois Hollande is being gazed at by an out of place strange woman in an odd headdress This is believed to be a threat by the Rothchilds against France

Then merely a few days after it was published, on January 7th, two brothers carried out an attack against the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris Sauder says that the following issue of Charlie Hebdo was printed at premises owned by Liberation, a Parisian newspaper that had been bought only a month prior by Edouard de Rothschild, who profited greatly from the seven million print run The implications is the Rothschilds are willing to sacrifice innocents in the pursuit of money Skeptics have long dismissed these theories as, at best, wild speculation and, at worst, rabid anti-semitism The Rothschild Family spread themselves across Europe and America to develop their businesses and as a consequence have incurred a great deal of attention

So perhaps it isn’t surprising that theorists continue to accuse the secretive family of all kinds of machinations, with little evidence However one last point remains The current head of the Rothschild Family is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, net worth of twenty billion dollars… And financial advisor to the largest landholder on Earth: Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

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