Does George Soros Hire Fake Protestors?

On 29th May, 2018, comedian Roseanne Barr alleged on Twitter that Chelsea Clinton was married to the nephew of international financier George Soros Later, she accused Soros of being a Nazi who turned on his fellow Jews in order to steal their wealth

Roseanne was repeating rumours that have circulated since at least 2016 The merest mention of George Soros is enough to raise accusations of corruption, influence and, occasionally, murder These claims taint any public figure with whom he’s pictured But who is George Soros? And why is he considered one of the most evil men of modern times? Soros was born Gyorgy Schwartz in 1930 in Budapest, in Hungary In 1947, he emigrated to London to study philosophy, before starting a career in finance

After moving to the United States, Soros established two hedge funds – Double Eagle and Soros Fund Management During the Seventies and Eighties, he amassed a fortune worth billions Soros used this wealth to fund several philanthropic ventures, including granting scholarships to black Africans in Apartheid South Africa and fostering relations between Eastern Bloc countries and the West However it was arguably his actions during the Nineties that brought him worldwide notoriety In 1992, Soros short sold $10 billion in pounds sterling and exacerbated a financial crisis in Britain known as Black Wednesday, costing the UK Treasury nearly $4

4 billion and netting Soros a tidy $1 billion profit This move earned him the title “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England” Soros earned further riches with similar actions against South East Asian currencies, at the expense of greater media attention and the ire of presidents and people the world over Soros’ liberal politics are well known This has made him enemy number one to the Right wing movement in America, which has accused him of using his immense wealth to influence everything, from protests to the New World Order

For example, following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in February 2018, the movement “March For Our Lives” organised a series of protests across the country Shortly afterwards, conservative commentator Jacob Wohl accused George Soros of paying $300 to people to attend the protests, to disguise the lack of grassroots support for gun control in America Similarly, Breitbart News Network accuses Soros of being behind, or at least funding, the Black Lives Matter movement In August 2016, an image surfaced on the internet, purporting to quote Soros in an interview with Germany’s Bild newspaper from September 2014 “I’m going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate groups

We’ll put them in a mental trap and make them blame white people The Black Community is the easiest to manipulate” In his native Hungary, Soros has been accused by right wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban of being a shadowy force influencing politicians behind the scenes In the run up to the 2017 Hungarian elections, Orban’s conservative party erected billboards proclaiming Soros an “enemy of the state”, and playing puppetmaster to Orban’s political opponents On the surface these accusations sound entirely plausible

The evidence provided by Jacob Wohl concerning paid protestors is a Craigslist post directly offering $300 for people to attend However, on closer inspection, the advert is simply for a street team of merchandise sellers who would be paid for their labour There is no evidence to suggest that these people are connected directly with the protest movement, and are most likely a third party looking to make some money from a large street event Wohl applied for the job and received a reply from someone called Glenn Buchwald, stating that sales positions were now filled However, Buchwald said if Wohl still wished to attend, he would be paid $50 for travel and lunch

This appears to confirm Wohl’s claim that people were paid to attend the protest Yet, we have no idea who Glenn Buchwald is, and there is nothing in any of the Craigslist ads to tie George Soros to any of it Furthermore if Soros were funding mass protests, even at $50 a head, he would have had to have paid over $10 million just for a quarter of attendees to one event To fund similar events at a similar rate in the estimated 800 locations around the world, he would have had to pay $8 billion That’s quite the investment, considering that as of February 2018, when the march occurred, Soros’ net worth was also $8 billion

As for the quote suggesting his desire to bring down the US by funding black hate groups, there is no record, from Bild or otherwise, of any interview with George Soros taking place in September 2014 The only interview with Bild is from 2012, in which Soros discusses rescuing the Euro in order to preserve the European Union If Soros, who has American citizenship, did openly talk about funding the destruction of his adopted nation, it’s likely there would have been more talk of it at the time And as for Roseanne’s accusations of Nazi collaboration? Reported pictures of Soros in an SS uniform have appeared online, but they are actually of Oskar Groening – a former camp guard at Auschwitz Even if the SS had overlooked Soros’ Jewish heritage, the minimum age for joining was 17

Soros was only 14 when the Nazi occupation of Hungary ended, and according to his biographer Michael T Kaufman, and Soros’ own father, young Gyorgy was no collaborator Being only a child, and posing as a Christian, the worst thing he is known to have done during the war was witness, and once participate in, the cataloguing of Jewish property George Soros has been described as the liberal counterpart to the Koch brothers – rich, conservative businessmen who use their riches and status to further their interests However the Koch brothers are nowhere near the centre of as many conspiracy theories as George Soros

Mark Fenster, a law professor from the University of Florida, has attributed much of the far right’s obsession with Soros to simple anti-Semitism, perhaps because there is very little evidence to support their claims about him Nevertheless, his politics and money combine to make him a real threat to conservative politicians

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