Does Leonard Nimoy Rule The Illuminati?

In February 2016, a bizarre claim surfaced on the internet regarding the death of Justice Antonin Scalia The theory not only suggested that Scalia was really murdered, but that he was killed by the Illuminati

Moreover, the theory claimed that the head of the Illuminati was actor and author Leonard Nimoy There was just one problem… Leonard Nimoy died a year earlier Could Nimoy have faked his own death to become head of the most powerful and shadowy organisation in the world? On 27th February 2015, sci-fi fans around the world mourned the passing of Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy Officially, he died of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Yet a month later, a theory emerged that the actor had in fact been a lifelong soldier for the Illuminati

Moreover, instead of dying, Nimoy faked his death with the use of advanced medical treatments withheld from the general public Once out of the public eye, Nimoy could manoeuvre himself into a position of authority within the sinister organisation, to become the head of the Illuminati Almost exactly one year later, Antonin Scalia died in mysterious circumstances Immediately, speculation arose that the Illuminati – and ultimately Leonard Nimoy – was behind the assassination of Scalia Nimoy was a well known liberal

Allegedly he had the conservative Scalia killed to tip the balance of the Supreme Court in favour of incumbent president Barack Obama With scandals plaguing both the Republican and Democratic candidates, and without Antonin Scalia to stop him, Obama could cancel the 2016 election and secure an emergency third term Using the third term as a mandate, Obama would spend his additional four years pushing policies on the Illuminati agenda Policies favouring homosexuality, abortions, marijuana and gun control Nimoy always said he was the son of Ukrainian immigrants

However, the blogger Henricus Institor alleges that Nimoy was the product of a secret union between the powerful Rothschild and Romanov families In 1953, Nimoy joined the Army Special Service Division, ostensibly as an artist However, Insitor says Nimoy was really on secondment to the secret base at Dawsonville, home to a government research facility developing nuclear powered aircraft Later, when Nimoy found fame as an actor, his service records were mysteriously destroyed in a fire in 1973 It was shortly after his military career that he came into contact with Gene Roddenberry

The Star Trek creator was himself accused of being a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason As we all know, Roddenberry offered Nimoy a role on his sci-fi program Yet according to Henricus Institor, Star Trek is actually predictive programming, designed to introduce political changes to the public in a fictional setting, to make the real policies more palatable when the government introduces them Henricus Institor says Star Trek portrays liberal ideals like interracial relationships, homosexuality and atheism as signs of enlightenment But according to conspiracist Henry Makow, these are all signs of Satanism and a Cabalistic New World Order

Even the very design of Nimoy’s character embodies his programming purpose Spock’s pointed ears, Vulcan heritage and iconic hand gesture are all part of Satanic and Illuminati symbolism For example, Vulcan was the Roman god of fire and a mythological precursor to Satan The Vulcan salute is based on a Jewish blessing Specifically, according to Henry Makow, the salute is rooted in Cabalism, and signifies an inverted Illuminati eye

Furthermore, Barack Obama is a huge Star Trek fan Who better to guide America to a New World Order than Obama’s childhood hero? Unfortunately, there is one small problem with this theory… It originated on the website Hard Dawn, which is widely classed as a parody website While we know that Nimoy’s army files were destroyed, claims about his parentage and military career have no evidence to support them Though his family did refuse an autopsy, there is no evidence to suggest he did not die in February 2015 Yet according to a 2013 poll by Public Policy Polling, 28% of the American population still believe that the Illuminati exist

If Leonard Nimoy is not their leader, then who does run this sinister society? In 2008, rapper Prodigy echoed a long-held belief that hip-hop had been infiltrated by the Illuminati He attributed Jay Z’s immense success to his position within the Illuminati Other prominent liberal celebrities, like Elizabeth Hurley and Robert Downey Jr, have also been accused of being Illuminati Internet radio host Sherry Shriner states that sporting a black eye in public is a declaration of faith to the order However, conspiracy theorist Andrew Hitchcock contends that the Rothschilds control the illuminati

He says they plan to divide non-Jewish peoples through political, economic, social and religious means Hancock accuses the Rothschilds of using their vast wealth to cause people to turn on each other, thus destroying society so the New World Order can rise from the ashes Meanwhile, conspiracy theorist David Icke believes that everyone involved in the Illuminati is a shape-shifting reptilian He says the society's potential leaders include Queen Elizabeth II and Pope Francis The theory that a sci-fi actor faked his death to lead the Illuminati can be traced to a satirical website, and therefore has no plausibility

As for the Illuminati, despite many claims both on and offline, there is no concrete evidence to suggest they still exist And if their ambition in 2016 was to unbalance the Supreme Court to give Obama a third term, then this supposedly all-powerful elite clearly failed

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