Does The Illuminati Control The Film Industry?

Hollywood films have a history of being used as propaganda Through images, sound, music and words, they are able to define public attitudes of the time and mobilize people towards a common cause

In the United States during World War II, President Franklin D Roosevelt pressured the film industry into creating films like Casablanca that would subtly drum up support for the war effort Nowadays, success and money in Hollywood is dominated by just 10 studios, each owned by a big corporation, which sets the agenda on which films to finance and distribute The idea that corporations owning Hollywood have an unfettered means of accessing and influencing global audiences under a united world view has led some conspiracy theorists to believe that Hollywood’s bright lights, surround sound and CGI effects really tactics to trigger a more sinister allegiance? In an interview with conspiracy theorist Svali, the self confessed former Illuminati trainer, states that this allegiance is to the Illuminati Despite little proof, conspiracy theorists state that the Illuminati are a secret society of ‘global elite’ that has infiltrated the top positions in society

The illuminati are said to be manipulating society and global events inorder to establish a single world government known as the New World Order The illuminati’s aim to corrupt people to their way of thinking through Hollywood is, for now, a slow and subtle process Concerned with changing the zeitgeist of the world’s mind-set, they are attempting to normalise their agenda, in order to minimize resistance to their New World Order The website also emphasises the illuminati’s use of Hollywood to desensitise world audiences to the occult rituals and magic By exposing global audiences to these themes in the form of exciting entertainment, the illuminati are preparing the world for the coming New World Order

Conspiracy theorists argue that Hollywood’s insistence in making unrealistic horror, sci-fi & the fantasy films is all just to push the illuminati agenda Svali describes how the illuminati set trends in popular culture They do this directly and indirectly: By only financing films with their particular messages, themes and motifs, they make filmmakers become unwitting servants of the Illuminati agenda They independently create stories that will be financed by Hollywood, and those stories happen to be the ones approved by the Illuminati owners of Hollywood Audiences end up craving films with these same messages and symbolism, citing recent examples such as the popularity of films such as Harry Potter, the highest-grossing film series of all time and The Lord of the Rings series, which is the highest grossing film trilogy of all time

Conspiracy theorists suggest that Hollywood uses techniques developed in the 1960s by the CIA’s brainwashing program, MK-Ultra This illegal project was exposed in 1974, and the CIA destroyed most of the top-secret documents But some CIA observers say that this is just a cover story and the mind control experiments still exist and can be applied with modern technology Even darker conspiracy theories concerning the illuminati controlling Hollywood are demonstrated in the rumours that surround film stars who die unexpectedly in mysterious circumstances, which some have argued are examples of lluminati blood sacrifices In 2010 Independence Day actor Randy Quaid made a shocking announcement to the press that he and his wife were on the run from a malignant Hollywood sect he termed, ‘Star Whackers’

Assumed to be linked to the illuminati, Quaid stated that he personally knows eight movie stars that have fallen victim to this group, including Heath Ledger, Kill Bill actor David Carradine and Reservoir Dogs actor, Chris Penn Although these 3 actors’ autopsy reports didn’t suggest foul play, their seemingly accidental deaths, have led some to believe they were killed as they posed a threat to the illuminati’s identity or were no longer of use to the illuminati agenda Further apparent evidence that Hollywood is controlled by the illuminati, is suggested by apparent evidence of predictive programming in Hollywood films An example of this was the tragic death of actor Paul Walker, famed for his Fast & Furious role as Brian O'Conner When he died in a single car accident on 30th November 2013 conspiracy theorists such as Paul Gardiner, suggested that an episode of Family Guy broadcast earlier in the week in which the character also named Brian was killed by a car, was proof that the illuminati were behind Walker’s death

Although the argument that the illuminati control Hollywood seems to be reliant on coincidence rather than fact, there may be some merit to the accusation that movies have huge potential to manipulate mass audiences Just how much we believe that we are being manipulated by the medium, is up to us

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