Does The Magic Bullet Prove A JFK Conspiracy?

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m on November 22nd 1963 presidents John F Kennedy's motorcade was passing through dealey plaza in Dallas Texas when he was shot and killed Kennedy's assassination shocked the nation and the police were quick to react On the same day Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the assassination of the President oswald insisted he was a patsy two days later oswald was shot and killed by nightclub owner Jack Ruby outside the doors to the Dallas Police Headquarters no signed confession or trial to prove oswald killed the suspicion of a conspiracy to assassinate the president gripped the american public however the government's position was that oswald was a lone gunman a mad man man who killed the president of the united states without any help from anybody but could a controversial theory prove that there was another government and there for conspiracy to assassinate the present the single-bullet hypothesis was conceived by arlen specter an investigator with the Warren Commission the Warren Commission was established one week after the assassination by the new president Lyndon B Johnson to investigate kennedy's murder based on the testimony of witnesses and evidence a forensic specialists the warren commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone from the window on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository on the corner of dealey plaza they said he fired three shots with a high-powered Italian Carcano bolt action rifle the first shot missed the second pierced the president's throat and the third shot was fatal hitting him in the head however kennedy was not the only person harmed by the shooting that day governor john connally was sitting in front to the president in the limousine conally was also hit in the back and suffered an exit wound in his chest shattered wrist and a wound in his thigh According to the Warren Commission one single bullet the second shot wounded both Kennedy and Conally if so it pierced 15 layers of clothing seven layers of skin 15 inches a body tissue struck a necktie knot removed four inches of rib and shattered a radius bone this bullet was found lying on a gurney in Parkland Hospital by governor connally and present were both taken after the shooting The Warren Commission accepted it as the second bullet fired by oswald despite questions over its near pristine condition could this really be the bullet that caused all those wounds the warren commission's argument depended on two pieces of evidence the first was an amateur film made by dress maker Abraham Zapruder his eight-millimeter film record at that very moment kennedy was shot including the fatal blow to the head this footage provided the crucial timing of the event with which witness statements could be reconciled from this we know that all shots were fired at the president in the space is 75 seconds the second piece of evidence was more of an assumption that is the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and fired the only shots on that fateful day Army Specialist testified that with the rifle he was using oswald could not have fired more than three shots in the small spaces 75 seconds established by the zapruder film since the first shot missed and the third shot hit the president's head the Commission's conclusions depend on the second bullet fired by oswald causing all non-fatal wounds to both Kennedy and Conally this is the single-bullet hypothesis however this theory has many critics according to them in order to harm both kennedy and connally the bullet would have had to pass through the president's throat pause in mid-air to turn right and enter Conally's right shoulder where it exited through his ribs and turn right again to shatter his wrist before turning left to lodge in his thigh where fragments were found in hospital this obviously defies the laws of physics as such critics at the single-bullet theory say that must have been at least four shots

one that missed and caused Kennedy to turn his head one that piercedhis throat a third that his connaly on 4th fatal shot that hit the president in the head since even the Warren Commission agreed that oswald could only have fired three shots this fourth shot would have required a second shooter if there were two shooters and there must have been a conspiracy to murder the president of the United States conspiracy theorists are supported by widespread criticism of the warren commission three members of the commission itself expressed doubts over its findings and president johnson was skeptical about its methods most damningly attorney General Robert Kennedy John's brother called the Warren Report a shoddy piece of craftsmanship in 1976 a select committee on assassinations reviewed the events of November 22nd 1963 it acoustically analyzed audio recording from the police dicta belt in the presidential motorcade and determined that there was indeed a fourth-shot and therefore another shooter it concluded that president john F kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy the committee was unable to identify the other gun men or the extent of the conspiracy however in 1980 the FBI analyzed the same recording studied by the assassinations committee the bureau concluded that there was no proof gunshots on the audio recording and no way approving the recording was evening from Dealy Plaza In 1982 the National Academy of Sciences conducted an interview at the behest to the justice department I confirmed the FBI's finding so where does that leave the magic bullet theory in 1993 computer animator Dale Myers began a ten-year projects to recreate the events of President Kennedy's assassination in 3d graphics he used photographs blue prints street plans and the Zapruder film for complete accuracy he discovered the single-bullet hypothesis was correct the key piece of information was the arrangement of the presidential limousine seats where conspiracy theorists believe governor connally was sat directly in front of Kennedy he was actually set three inches to the left The Zapruder film also shows that colony was not facing straight ahead but had turned to his right to look for the source of the first gunshot in this position it is possible that a single bullet could cause all the wounds that the president and the governor suffered just as the warren commission had claimed john connally maintained until his death at the Warren Commission single-bullet theory was wrong if it is wrong the FBI and the Justice Department investigations that supported the Warren Commission are also conspiracy theorists believe the FBI and the Warren Commission both parts with giant cover up perpetrated by the US government was this cover up an effort to avoid mass hysteria and the JFK to rest was oswald media patsy a scapegoat used by rope up to the government to hide their conspiracy against the president according to the official story kennedy was simply the victim Avallone management room regulars to YouTube good ginger hinging New Moon was work reduce your we're your own all the KGB trim you think your mind be betrayed you want to learn more george strait Bruno don't really be solution jerker recruiter extra proportion for school foreigners or personal

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