Does the UK control the US? (with Alltime Conspiracies)

– Built in 1899, the old Post Office Pavilion, the rather modest name of the castle looking thing behind me, has this amazing clock tower that can give you a panoramic view of Washington, DC

A view not to be missed Furthermore, this tower houses something called The Congress Bells, which are, wait for it, bells Yup, you got it Like who's burried at Grant's tomb Anyway, these are a gift from England, and they're supposed to represent or commemorate the deep friendship between the U

K and the US But how deep does that friendship go? You know, how close are these former colonies and their former master? And why do some people believe that the United Kingdom runs the United States? (eerie music) Now we're in a different place I know, I know, it doesn't make sense

We're just going to go with it, because this week we're going looking at a question that you've asked us several times over the years Does the United Kingdom actually own the United States? We're doing an audio episode on this We've got this video update here and we called in our buddies at All Time Conspiracies to help us out So check out their video on this subject As soon as you're done with this one and check out our audio show for an in depth look at at this question This is just going to be a primer

People who believe that the US is somehow still owned by the United Kingdom think that this traces back to the Treaty of Paris Which is in 1783, and you can read some extensive analysis interpretation, maybe is a better word, of this treaty, by people who believe that this is the actual historical fact And there's a strange thing that goes on here too, because we know that history is written by the victors, right

And we know as an event occurs further and further back in history, it becomes more and more black and white Good guys versus bad Those nuances of real life are lost, often on purpose So is it possible that there are historical myths in the story of humanity Absolutely, it's not possible, it's probable

It's happening The question is, is this one? To answer this question we have to think about what the United Kingdom means, in this context You know, does it mean the Queen herself? Does it mean there is a common wealth relationship similar to Canada and Australia? Their relationship with the UK Does it mean there's a financial control? You probably heard that quoatation, "Often attributed to a Rothschild", which was, "Give me control of the countries money supply "and I don't really care who says they run it

" I'm paraphrasing, but the point of that was that economic control is often the root of all the other things that a population can mistake as a means of power or control So you can check out our videos about how owns the Federal Reserves This is a very strange quasi-governmental entity here in the US as our central bank

We've got an audio on it We've got videos as well For people who would believe that the quote/unquote UK would control the U

S in this sense then they would probably be talking about the City of London, which is in London, but not part of London It is a home to some of the most powerful financial interests in the world And they got a lot of weird tradition there too Historically, they are run by these organizations that call themselves guilds for jobs no one does anymore

And there are some weird, confusing traditions The City of London is run by its own Lord Mayor who is elected annually If the Queen wants to enter the city, she has to go to this place called the Temple Bar She has to ask permission and then she always has to walk a couple of steps behind the Lord Mayor

At least that's the story I've never been there They never invite me when they're doing this sort of things So I've mentioned the City of London because the shares in the Federal Reserve at the US

are given to or owned by various banks Not necessarily individuals, but banking institutions in their certain district There are theories that the actual controlling forces behind the Federal Reserve and the US are other foreign entities in the City of London, or you will also hear people say, "No, it's in the Middle East somewhere

" Two authors who ascribe to this beliefs are Eustace Mullins and Gary Kah You can check out their work for more information on this The gist of the idea is similar to the concept of fingers and hands The idea that if you just see fingers by themselves right, and these are banks, then they are each independent, if adjacent entities, right Capable of working together, but not the same thing

However, what they're arguing is essentially, that there is a hand, and that this hand is easily mistaken for various other things Now the question is, if such a hand exist, who's hand is it? If the US is somehow owned, the country itself is owned by another country or another entity, then how? The argument that people who believe this use is that the US

as we understand it, is actually a corporation and that the President of the US is therefore, a President of a corporation, rather than a country And obviously that is not a popular or widely accepted opinion But we want to know your perspective on this

Is this just a bunch of bunk? Are people seeing what would be a really cool story? I mean, let's admit, it would be a cool story Or, is there a little something more to it? Is there a secretive comal in Europe that says, "Today this will happen in the United States" Or is it something in between Honestly, even that would be profoundly disturbing So check out our friends at All Time

Their video should be here – [Voiceover] For centuries Great Britian ruled across the land and sea as the largest empire in the world Invading all but 22 countries The British Empire was one of the most successful, yet brutal regimes in history – If you want to hear much more information about his, arguments for it, arguments against it, check out our audio podcast coming out this week

You can find us on Twitter You can find us on Facebook Where conspiracy stuff on both of those and we do a live show once a week, every Friday You can find that via our Twitter As always, our best ideas come from you, so let us know what you would like to hear more about

Tell us on Facebook, tell us on Twitter Or, if you don't like all that stuff, then we get it, you can email us directly We are [email protected] And Matt hold on just a second

– [Matt] Yeah – I want to just get past this So anyone who comments about green screen on this wasn't watching the whole video (knocking on wood)

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