Does The USA Use Terror To Start Wars?

It was the day the earth stood still: A terror attack on the United States of such magnitude that it killed 3,000 people, and injured another 6,000 On September 11th, a militant Islamist group called Al-Qaeda coordinated 4 suicide attacks on the USA, because of their objection’s against America’s international policies

The Land of Opportunity was shaken, and suddenly overcome with uncertainty America had a new enemy to fight, and the US Government made no hesitation in declaring this to the world: The American people had been told: They were no longer safe in their own country Radical extremists were out to get them, and the only viable response to this crime was military action It was September 2001, and a new chapter was unfolding on the Western World The war on terror had begun

Immediately after September 11, US Congress passed a new law: the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists This law gave President Bush the authority to use target anyone that he thought was connected with the terror attacks The political expert, Noam Chomsky believes that amidst the horror and devastation of September 11, the US Government saw an opportunity for economic and political growth After the attack, Bush’s administration turned its attention to the Middle East, looking for someone to blame…and one of its first targets was Iraq The early story is that the USA set foot in Iraq, because they feared that Middle East extremists were harboring Weapons of Mass Destruction – and this might lead to another 9/11 disaster

For George Bush, America was at ‘the central front in the War on Terror’ – but when no Iraqi WMDs were found, people grew suspicious Marjorie Cohn is a well-known professor in international law, and she condemns the United States’ behaviour during the early noughties – she argues that the USA acted illegally not only in Iraq, but also through its earlier invasion of Afghanistan In response to the September 2001 attacks, the USA had targeted a 9/11 suspect called the Taliban by starting a controversial war in Afghanistan, where the organisation was based If Cohn’s conclusions are correct – that the USA broke international laws in Iraq and Afghanistan – how did these interventions get the go ahead? Many theorists believe that in the wake of 9/11, the US Government nurtured a culture of Fear within the American public Calculated news agendas and rhetoric were plastered across every inch of US media… …and suddenly, USA’s reason to invade the Middle East didn’t look so extreme after all

What all these media have in common is the shock factor – sensationalist language designed to provoke a reaction in its audience Theorists speculate that in the aftermath of September 11, the US Government stockpiled on rhetoric and disturbing imagery so that it could scare the nation The terror state was born: Pictures of suffering on American soil, and phrases like ‘weapons of mass destruction’, ‘Axis of Evil and ‘9/11’ were now commonplace in the news Suddenly, the USA had a new weapon up its sleeve Chomsky points the finger at Bush’s exploitation of ‘the war on terror’ – a phrase which was brandished across the media, and broadcast panic into every US household

But what’s absurd about America’s perpetual state of fear is that over the last 20 years, the number of deaths from terrorism has averaged at 162 Americans per year – and that’s including September 11 in the figures In fact, you’re more likely to die drowning in the bathtub, or being struck by lightning, than you are in a terrorist attack Naomi Klein is a social activist, and believes that in the wake of 9/11, America deliberately manipulated the emotions of its loyal citizens for personal gains She thinks that USA’s problem was never terrorism – but an epidemic of Fear, which was burying itself deep into the American psyche After America’s 2003 invasion, the Iraqi society was completely destroyed – left to die among the ruins of warfare

But it’s not all bad news – at least not for the USA In the aftermath of the Iraq war, America set up shop in Baghdad’s international zone A host of multinational corporations now operate there, and that’s including the world’s largest oil field service company, Halliburton To put it bluntly, America is now profiting from its invasion of Iraq So what’s going on here? Could it be that the US government orchestrated everything post-911, so that it could benefit from the Middle East’s oil supply? Naomi Klein seems to think so

One reason behind establishing a US terror state could be linked to something that Klein calls ‘Disaster Capitalism’ 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq – Klein believes that Governments exploit world disasters and the public’s disorientation during these shocking times, to try and increase their economic control across the world Using a kind of national ‘shock therapy’, whole countries can find themselves in pieces after a supposedly necessary US intervention And it’s the existence of a terror state, which validates this kind of US intervention Iraq is a prime example, but not the only one

In fact, the ‘war against terrorism’ has been raging since the 1980s, when President Ronald Reagan first used the phrase in reference to affairs going on in Central America and North Africa These US intervention tactics are nothing new Maintaining a state of terror for Western personal gain is a tried and tested strategy – and one that we’ll see in action for a long time to come The American Journalist Glenn Greenwald has made a scary prediction that the war against terrorism might never end Because while ever America is benefiting from a public state of Fear, and overseas interventions, the War on Terror will continue to rage

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