Does the Vatican have a Machine that shows the Past?

This video is brought to you by Audible In the early 1960s, Italian priest and former physicist Pellegrino Ernetti claimed he had built a machine capable of showing events from the past

In order to prove his claim, he asserted that Italian physicist Enrico Fermi and aerospace engineer Wernher Von Braun were in the project team But is it true? Does a machine like this exist from the early 1960s, and can it show the past for real? According to Father François Brune, a friend and colleague of Ernetti, the priest got the idea for the chronovisor when he was studying the harmonics of Gregorian chants at the Catholic University of Milan He started wondering what happens to human sounds and actions once they have passed Do they just cease to exist, or is there a way they can propagate through space and time? It was at this time that, supposedly, Ernetti decided to team up with Fermi and Von Braun to develop the chronovisor Enrico Fermi was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1938 for his work on induced radioactivity by neutron bombardment

But could he really construct a time machine? We may never know Especially since, curiously, both Fermi and Von Braun died before their names were publicly linked to the project According to , the chronovisor consisted of a large cabinet with a cathode ray tube for watching the received events It was possible to select the time and the location of the event you would like to observe through a series of buttons and levers The machine could also track specific individuals

It worked by receiving, decoding and reproducing the electromagnetic radiation left behind from past events In some cases, it could also pick up sound waves emitted at events Ernetti claimed he had witnessed many past events, such as an apparent performance in Rome in 169 BC of a supposed lost tragedy, Thyestes, by Quintus Ennius With the help of the chronovisor, Ernetti transcribed the full text At least he said so

Dr Katherine Eldred of Princeton University examined the text of Ernetti's transcription and in 2000 even proposed her own translation of the manuscript However, Dr Eldred believes that Ernetti himself wrote the play In fact, the text appears to be a lot shorter than most of Ennius' plays at the time Moreover, lots of the words in the manuscript did not appear in the Latin language until two centuries after the play was first performed The words and pattern of repetitions also seem to suggest the playwright had limited knowledge of Latin, which is bizarre since Latin was Quintus Ennius' native language

On May 2nd 1972, La Domenica del Corriere, an Italian weekly news magazine, published a picture submitted by Father Ernetti According to Ernetti the photograph portrayed Christ at his crucifixion Once again, he claimed he could observe the event and take the picture thanks to the chronovisor However, there is an almost identical photograph of a wood carving by Spanish sculptor Lorenzo Coullaut Valera It looks just the same as Ernetti’s

The resemblance calls the priest’s reliability into question again However, Father Brune thinks the two photos are so similar because, from what he knows, Lorenzo Coullaut Valera sculpted the wood carving based on the description of a nun The woman claimed she had a vision of Jesus’ crucifixion Brune believes that the nun described Christ’s face so accurately that the two pictures look the same because they are both true representations of Jesus upon the cross After Father Ernetti’s death in 1994, an anonymous relative revealed that on his deathbed the priest confessed he had written the Thyestes play himself and that the photograph of Christ was a fraud

But the same mysterious source also affirmed that Ernetti kept claiming the machine worked for real, to his last breath According to some scientists, time travel is theoretically possible but difficult to achieve for complex reasons I don’t have time and space to explore in this video But I encourage to learn more about it and before we continue, I just want to say thank you to Audible, who are bringing you this video I spend most of my waking hours working for you guys and I find that a great way to enhance my research is by listening to audiobooks on any device, any where, with Audible Like Paul Davies’ “How To Build A Time Machine” or “American Conspiracies and Cover-Ups” by Douglas Cirignano

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The alleged existence of the chronovisor has encouraged conspiracy theories Most of these are probably based on François Brune’s belief that the dying Ernetti was really coerced by the authorities to make a false confession Brune’s allegations are shared by Austrian author Peter Krassa who, between 1997 and 2000, reported he personally met with Father Ernetti just before his death

Brune and his supporters also believe that the machine was seized and potentially used by the Vatican In relation to this, in 2017 author and researcher Alfred Webre stated that in the 1960s the Vatican supposedly shared “quantum access” technology with the CIA and, possibly, Britain’s MI5 He also believes that not only were the Vatican and the secret services in close contact, but the Church was actually involved in the founding of the CIA According to Webre, the Vatican’s “quantum access” would include the ability to look through time using a device similar to the chronovisor Webre’s beliefs divide the conspiracy community

Some agree with him, others think instead he’s an unreliable person with extreme ideas For its part, the Vatican has never confirmed nor denied their relationship with the intelligence agencies and the existence of the Chronovisor However, in 1988 a decree issued by the Church stated that anyone found using this kind of device would be promptly excommunicated So, why ban a machine that doesn’t exist? Once again, Father Brune has the answer Apparently, Ernetti revealed to him that, ""This device can capture everyone's past, without any exception

There will be no more state secret, no scientific, industrial, commercial, diplomatic secret; there will be no more private life It’s an open door to the most frightening dictatorship that the Earth has ever known In the end, we all agreed to disassemble the chronovisor

"" If Brune’s allegations are true, there’s the actual chance the Vatican has been covering up the Chronovisor for all these years And who knows? Perhaps the chronovisor is hidden behind the Vatican walls Another theory links the priest’s device to publisher Douglas K DeVorss On 24th September 1953, DeVorss was shot in his Los Angeles office by a man who claimed the publisher was having an affair with his wife

However, the same woman firmly denied the affair ever happened At the time, DeVorss was working on publishing the last work of author Baird T Spalding Spalding passed away at the age of 95 just a few months before DeVorss was murdered He claimed that he took part in a project with engineer Charles Steinmetz back in 1897

The aim of the project was to develop a “Camera of Past Events” that could display historical events Is it possible the two men knew something that could prove the authenticity of the chronovisor? Could they be killed for this? There’s no way to know for sure, but it should be noted that Spalding was bankrupt at the time of his death Which is why many believe the author might have made it all up When considering the veracity of the Chronovisor, many believe that both Ernetti and Brune took a cue from novelists TL

Sherred and Isaac Asimov Both science fiction authors wrote about a device that shares characteristics with the chronovisor, just a few years before Ernetti made his claim Sherred’s novelette E for Effort was published in 1947, Asimov’s novel The Dead Past in 1956 In the latter story, the machine is hidden to protect human civilization, just as Father Brune alleged Some question Ernetti’s credibility because he was a physicist who eventually became a priest

Others tried to figure out if such a device is scientifically possible In the 1960s, scientists were taking the first steps into the field of electronic computing, and even most of today computers can’t turn electromagnetic radiation into a consistent image Instead, the idea of recovering ancient sounds was taken into consideration since 1969 Richard G Woodbridge proposed it for the first time in a letter entitled ""Acoustic Recordings from Antiquity"" to the periodical Proceedings of the IEEE

It was the beginning of Archaeoacoustics, an interdisciplinary field that includes archaeology, ethnomusicology, acoustics and digital modelling This methodology examines the acoustics of archaeological sites and artefacts hoping to come across new information on civilizations However, nobody has yet been successful in proving the chronovisor or its capabilities Ernetti’s vision is without a doubt fascinating and, if proved, it would change the world forever For now, the chronovisor seems to be just a distant dream

But, as our instruments become more sensitive and our computers more powerful, maybe one day we will be able to achieve what Sherred, Asimov and Ernetti predicted

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