Does This Prove The JFK Conspiracy?

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In June 2017, this sketch went up for auction.

It had never been seen before.


It was drawn and signed by Doctor Robert McLelland, a physicianat Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

McLelland drew the sketch with a ballpointpen shortly after he operated on the President of the United States, John F.

Kennedy, onNovember 22nd, 1963 – the day JFK was assassinated.

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested on suspicionof murdering the President using a high-powered rifle.

Officially, he shot JFK in the backfrom a window on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

Dr McLelland’s sketch clearly shows thebullet wounds inflicted on the President.

However, his notes say JFK was shot from thefront.

In which case, someone else other than Oswald pulled a trigger, and JFK was the victimof a conspiracy.

Dr Robert McLelland has a unique story totell.

He was one of the surgeons who operated on JFK minutes after he was shot in the motorcadein Dealey Plaza.

McLelland held the president’s head while other doctors tried to resuscitatehim.

He said, “I got a better look at [the wound] than anybody in that room.

It was wayback in the back [of the head].

he was shot not only from the back, but also from thefront.

” Yet the government investigation, the WarrenCommission, says the bullets that killed Kennedy came from above and behind.

It says therewere three shots, all fired by a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle with a telescopic sight, in the spaceof 8 seconds.

The first shot missed, the second shot passed through the President’s throat,and the third shot hit the back of his head.

The Warren Report concludes that JFK was thevictim of a lone gunman – Lee Harvey Oswald.

In 1975, a film by Abraham Zapruder was firstshown to the public on network television.

Zapruder, a clothing manufacturer and a fanof JFK, was simply making an 8mm home movie of the president’s visit to his hometown.

He unwittingly captured the crucial 8 seconds when shots were fired.

The film shows thepresident reacting to the noise of the first shot, then putting his hands up when he isstruck in the neck by the second shot.

It also shows the moment when the right sideof his head was blown apart by the third shot.

Importantly, when the third shot hits, PresidentKennedy moves back and to the left.

To Robert McLelland, the movement of the President’shead back and to the left, supports his observation that the fatal blast came from the front.

More intriguingly, S.


Holland was watchingthe motorcade from the overpass in Dealey Plaza.

According to Holland, there were reallyfour shots – and a plume of smoke came from behind a white picket fence on the grassyknoll, ahead and to the right of the motorcade.

Under the law, a conspiracy is an agreementbetween two or more persons to commit a crime.

If Dr.

McLelland and S.


Holland are right,Oswald did not act alone – in which case, the assassination of JFK meets the definitionof a conspiracy.

Don Adams argued the conspiracy went beyondDallas.

Adams was an FBI agent for 22 years.

Like most of the FBI, he was part of the officialinvestigation into the assassination.

In particular, he investigated a man called Joseph Milteer.

Milteer was a militant right-wing activistand member of the KKK in Georgia.

He hated Kennedy, and made several threats to killhim.

On November 9th 1963, just thirteen days before the assassination, Florida intelligenceofficers recorded Milteer saying that, “[Kennedy will be killed] from an officebuilding with a high-powered rifle… It’s in the works… They’ll pick up somebodywithin hours after, just to throw the public off.

” After the assassination, Milteer boasted theright-wing had set up a communist to be the fall guy.

He said, “[Don’t worry,] Oswalddoesn’t know anything.

” Author Robert Groden says this photographof JFK’s motorcade in Dallas, taken just moments before the shooting, shows JosephMilteer in the crowd, watching.

Consequently, Don Adams believed Milteer wasdirectly involved in a conspiracy to murder JFK.

Furthermore, the FBI knew about him beforethe event, but did not act.

Adams believed the Warren Commission was a cover up, a deliberateplot to hide the FBI’s failure to protect the president.

Unfortunately, other witnesses and evidencedo not support these claims.

The autopsy report states JFK was shot fromabove and behind.

In 1992 four of the surgeons who treated the president at Parkland hospitalsaid the autopsy report was accurate.

Indeed, McLelland himself changed his mind.

His noteson the sketch say the wound in JFK’s chest is an entrance wound – but McLelland now agreesit was an exit wound, and the entry point is in the back.

Perhaps more significantly,the sketch explicitly records that McLelland did not see an entry wound for the headshot.

He simply inferred it was there.

Since he held JFK’s head in his hands in the hospital,it seems likely that if he didn’t see the entry wound, it was not there.

Over the years, numerous forensic expertshave studied the Zapruder film and all concluded that the fatal shot came from behind.

Theframes clearly show the rear right side of JFK’s head being hit, forcing him to slumpleftwards.

You can see his brain matter projecting forwards, as it would if the bullet struckfrom behind.

As for Joseph Milteer, there is no evidenceto connect him to Dallas.

He never mentioned a plot to kill Kennedy in Texas – he onlyever discussed a plot to kill him in Miami.

He was prone to boasting, so it is not clearwhether his comments after the assassination should be taken seriously.

Finally, this photographwas studied by experts for the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1976.

Theyconcluded that the man in the photo is not Joseph Milteer – just someone with a passingresemblance.

Lastly, nearly every witness in Dealey Plazathat day said that only three shots were fired.

No-one saw anybody with a gun on the grassyknoll, not even S.



Dr McLelland’s sketch is compelling newevidence.

But since his is a lone voice in a field of medical professionals who say thePresident was shot from behind, it is hard to listen to him above all others.

Nevertheless, there is undoubtedly somethingwrong with the Warren Commission’s Report.

The 1976 Committee on Assassinations accusedthe Warren Commission of failing to properly examine all the evidence of a possible conspiracy.

Lee Harvey Oswald was killed just two days after JFK, before he ever went to trial.

Wewill never truly know whether he acted alone, with another gunman, or was the unwittingvictim of a larger plot.

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