Flight MH17: A Plot To Assassinate Putin?

On July 17th 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was hit by missiles while flying over the Ukraine, close to the Russian border The plane blew up in midair, killing all 298 people on board

It was initially accepted that the Russian supplied missile was fired by pro-Russian, Ukrainian based rebels in the south-east of the country However, Russia alleged that the Ukrainian government carried out the attack The passenger plane was travelling 33,000 feet high in unrestricted airspace, so there was no legitimate explanation for an attack on the craft With this in mind, there is another theory worth considering Some US intelligence analysts believe the real target could have been the Russian President

SO WE ASK, WAS VLADIMIR PUTIN NEARLY ASSASSINATED? At the time of the attack, Putin was returning from Brazil having attended a BRICS economic conference Initially following a route to Rostov-on-Don, the plane diverted midway through the journey, landing safely at his new destination of Moscow a few hours later Though the Russian president would not fly over Ukraine due to ongoing tensions between the countries, the two planes DID intersect during the journey The Putin’s plane flew over Warsaw, Poland, less than an hour before MH17 passed through the same area of sky The two planes look remarkably similar, both in terms of shape and the red and blue markings on their bodies

So is it possible that from a distance, and with just moments to make a decision, Ukrainian extremists took what they thought was an opportunity to kill Putin? According to Russian newspapers, 30mm rounds were found in the bodies of the pilots, suggesting the cockpit was targeted before an anti-aircraft missile blew up the plane Russian media therefore claim that the plane was deliberately shot out of the air by the Ukrainian air-force, led by billionaire Ihor Kolomoyskyi Kolomoyskyi is known as an enemy of Putin and, as the former governor of a South-Eastern region of Ukraine, has donated millions to fund militia groups fighting against pro-Russian separatists Six days after MH17 was shot down, Moscow issued a warrant for his arrest for the murder of all 298 people on Flight MH17 It may be no coincidence that he was seen sat an air base on the day of the incident

The Komsomolskaya Pravda Newspaper accuses Ukrainian gun pilot Lt Col Dmitrio Yakatsuts of being the key suspect in the attack Meanwhile an air traffic controller named Anna Petrenko is thought to have been responsible for MH17 while it flew over the Ukraine The newspaper says both Yakatsuts and Petrenko vanished soon after the incident, and the couple last spotted in Dubai Notably Petrenko was apparently allowed to leave her post without being interrogated about the incident Having poured over intercepted phone calls and intelligence data, US intelligence analysts have begun to agree that there may be some truth in these claims

Notably, leaked tapes recorded former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko stating, ""It's about time we grab our guns and kill…those damn Russians together with their leader"" At the time the claims were dismissed as bravado, but could the MH17 disaster be linked to the highest Ukrainian authority? But why was the President targeted? Were extremists, or even the Ukrainian government, hoping to plunge us into war? It is probable that if Putin had been killed, the nuclear-armed Russia would have been tempted into retaliating, which could ultimately have led to US intervention and full scale warfare With no hard evidence that Russia did actually supply an anti-aircraft weapon to Ukrainian rebels, and with an apparent motive to launch an attack on Putin, the possibility remains that the tragedy of MH17 was a failed attempt to kill the Russian President"

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