Humanoid EBE Olie – July 16th 2017 (galactic family, alien, world news, conspiracy)

Sixteenth July 2017 -Communication with humanoid Ebe Olie dimension of 12 Telepaticko-spiritistic contactee Ivana Podhrázský and registrar Ilona Podhrázský

(Note 7 July we saw a UFO fleet of 80 witnesses The first flown 3 vetsf balls and for them over about 40 mensfch bflo- strfbrnych koulf) Hallelujah oo! UFOs are FVftam Vas! I have on record the people around you! 3 Pay attention to the identity of the soul, which is umfstnena in the body of a human being

People with vas Ilona and Ivano bojf urcf negativnf and direction of shift that we performed It was so Will be a lot to discover in more formacfch We have much Nestacf our ships for a shift

We have reinforcements! Yes, vfme, you've seen our fleet formation Yes, it will be more work LIDF many of us have seen more countries during your week as you people rfkate Beware of people who uznavajf his vfru, nabozenstvf make it against you nezvrtlo Please note, we examined samples in the atmosphere and in plants

We have a lot of work in your zemf on the surface Vfme of vfte that it was us Our fleet Our commander was vetsf in Lodi Our group was 42 ships Yes, our leaders are leading us in vetsfch Lodfch

People myslf they saw the Pleiades But Pleiades nelftajf in formacfch They majf oblong object structure We have kulatejsf Plejady- there is life

But Astar u vas people rfkajf nenf Astar, but other frequency of his name He is also commander We lit up in the atmosphere due to ozone source of energy that your plfce prijfmajf Zacfnajf is giving a bad molecule in kyslfku and will be more heavily LIDF threat at this stage And plants the same thing works, it's the same process

We did clean-up of these molecules kyslfku

In our 42 Lodfch we created these rays into ozone Reinforcements Fleet, there were two commanders, kterf rfdili the prvnf vetsf Lode You've seen those vetsf balls, they were our ships Lodi 20 of which were identified as probe

Ostatnf we inhabit We'll be in several states across the country! Pripojf with other structures civilizacf! Operations in the atmosphere at vasf Earth and the climate in other operations will formacfch So, we are doing surgery in the sun and Mesfc Vas Mesfc in other areas Base in Area majf develops, the perfect muse they object Mesfc delete technologif which they majf from St-structures of the planet lighthouse Structures: They are on a different frequency than you are Majf sign with snake and souvisf reptiloid Are there shortly in collaboration with scientists at the base UMF covered the sky as chtejf

I zakryvajf Nibiru Chemtrails nestacf them on the job So now spolupracujf at the base of the lighthouse Icy planet History repeats itself, but not the way you myslfte

The new law will be different / Questions as asked James Rink nazev flowers? / -OLi gently as she Translucent Beings other questions We vfme, flowers majf damage Each code conceals some development pusobfcf the blood cells to tissues in the human body

4th Each cell in the plant and helps restores the state of the body Everyone has prvenstvf of particles that majf yields an effect on human embryo tissue There zpracovavajf in skupenstvf formed carbon bonds in cell systems Each plant has its own value The plant is dangerous when it absorbs NITROGEN and artificial kyslfk

Suchy kyslfk is uncomfortable for plants For vyzivovanf in the soil from the roots There are already vyvfjf like a fetus in human structures The cells there vyvfjf for growth Everything is life

Our mission is currently in the process of these molecules in plants and in the atmosphere Olie bada that transparent person James Rink gave this question because he got information from reptilian on us, that in this system we are working on the basis of biology / Question by Tomas What Abrahamic covenant? / – Olie had told the earlier that it is a sect in drfvejsf time and has grown by this time, but in a different process Ilona and Ivano, you has nothing to do with this contract

Olie prosf, forget it Question handed person Tomas who zkousf vase napojenf to us and if you're not going in a cult Musfte watch out! Ivano and Ilona one task you're done and it's your book Neprijfmejte dalsf ukoly LIDF from others Cosmic rules

Those around you might find gleefully Olie our ships and our group neumoznujf taking pictures and filming clean For us it is important that people saw us a direct-though not yet bojfme Musfme move more often in vasf atmosphere, if you want to prevent dry kyslfku ozone

Ilona, ​​your destiny is this our communication Ivana is our medium The fate of other LIDF will be snazf wind up the energy in the brain The book was given, yes Chaos in persons

What is to be connected, it has also linked But nesmf to deflect this equation out of control Went wrong in the development of morality It was to be a little different

Otherwise, the law gave what he gave We are under the supervision of the cosmic laws and was only doing its task It's something like when people nedodelajf or porusf its task So majf penalty when he leaves the body and soul are separated off by And he hlavnf da penalty

He hlavnf sef of duchovnf dimension, where the cold and darkness So we got napomenutf that we vas nedotvorili to vyssf level Vesmfrny cosmic laws is the teacher of all and everything bytostf and structures in the whole vesmfru People chybf wisdom and pride

It's a string of development I will not blame anyone for anyone even if it so jevf Everyone musf cope alone 5 soul into the body and naskocf vyskocf Homosapiens stripping your skin like a snake

Homosapiens undress CELL constructive biological body Once the body dies Immediately woven die a few seconds after the death of the individual Duse is ocistf and waiting for orders and vysvetlenf from the hlavnfho duchovnfho get instruction if the body gets or whether you go up or down These are the dimensions

VFC can not communicate I receive instruction, that I switched off Mam tasks that moment RESF above the surface in Alabama and we should be in Costa Rica We got hlasenf We've got Task resenf current chemical

Ebe Olie end Hallelujah oo!

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