Is Area 51 Hiding Alien Remains?

In 1995 Fox television released “Alien Autopsy” The shocking documentary confirmed what many conspiracy theorists had claimed for years: that Area 51 was secretly harbouring alien remains

The film created a national scandal The resulting hysteria was described by Time magazine as having “an intensity not lavished on any home movie since” the recording of JFK’s assassination Yet, just 11 years later, the movie was exposed as an elaborate hoax Producer Ray Santilli admitted that large parts of the film had used alien mannequins stuffed with sheep brains, chicken entrails and fruit jelly But the mystery endures

Where did the rumours come from? And is there any truth to them? The Air Force base known as Area 51 has long been shrouded in mystery The American government denied its existence until 2013 But their declassified information made no reference to alien life, which many see as a cover up For decades, a strong conspiracist lobby has interpreted this high level of secrecy as proof that aliens live within its confines These beliefs have been fuelled by testimony from former Area 51 employees

Former mechanical engineer Bill Uhouse worked at the facility between 1966 and 1979 Before his death, he confirmed that he had worked with a Grey alien known as “J-Rod” He claimed that J-Rod was the pilot of an extraterrestrial UFO aircraft, which was kept at Area 51 The two were able to communicate using telepathic technology However, nothing has gained as much attention as the 1947 Roswell crash

On July 8th 1947 a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico Immediately rumours circled that hairless alien bodies were recovered from the UFO, with stringy, elasticated bodies and enormous unlidded eyes One of the men at the scene, Lt Walter Haut, wrote an affidavit that was released after his death His statement revealed that while excavating the UFO, his team recovered two dead alien bodies

They were then ordered to deny any extraterrestrial discovery to enquiring members of the public or press He said the government line was that it had been an air balloon crash But really the corpses were taken to Area 51 for research It is even more intriguing that in the months following the incident, military and government officials led intensive searches throughout New Mexico and Texas hunting for debris linked to the aircraft Surely such a large-scale hunt across two states would not have taken place for a balloon going down? The theory does not end there

Once the bodies were back at Area 51, research teams conducted top-secret autopsies Although the US government has always vehemently denied this, one man on the scene purportedly captured video footage and multiple photographs of the incident Although these have never been verified, they bear striking similarities to Glenn Dennis’ account

Dennis was a nurse at the Roswell Army Air Field In 1989 he divulged that he witnessed a room full of doctors hunched over three apparently deceased alien creatures In 2014, a former Area 51 scientist called Boyd Bushman gave a breathtaking confession on his deathbed He claimed that his work within the compound involved “reverse-engineering alien UFO technology for the military” He explained that aliens secretly living at the base provided NASA with technical information, which they used to develop highly advanced top-secret military aircraft

Bushman even provided photographs of the UFOs and aliens themselves Bushman also said the aliens are split into two groups, with very distinct personalities One group is known as “the wranglers”, who are warm and personable in their interactions with humans The other group – “the rustlers” – is much more aggressive and devious Within Area 51 they are harangued for stealing cattle and creating chaos

In leaked emails between 2016 Democratic presidential campaign chairman John Podesta, and Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar D Mitchell, the two discuss “zero point energy” technology Purportedly, this highly advanced technology harnesses energy from the fabric of space, to allow humans to travel between planets This is similar to Bushman’s reverse-engineering alien technology claims 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton vowed to declassify top secret Area 51 files if elected

She might not have promised this unless there were true revelations locked away But following her election defeat, it is possible we may now never know what lies inside the files Charles Bolden, who has led NASA since 2009, refutes Area 51’s links to extra-terrestrials In a 2016 interview, Bolden said these allegations emerge from the “secrecy of the aeronautics research that goes on there [which make it]ripe for people to talk about aliens being there” Indeed, none of the testimonies that do exist have ever been verified Even the supposed Roswell autopsy tapes have never been authenticated There is also no proof that those who claim to have been working at the base ever did

Meanwhile, the Bushman tapes have widely been accused of being fakes The interview recordings mysteriously disappeared shortly after being published Critics say the alien in the pictures he provided was identical to a toy alien on sale in K Mart at the time None of his other claims have been substantiated either There are many reasons that Clinton has committed to releasing the Area 51 files

These include responding to a strong public demand for new information on the Roswell incident, and a desire to put conspiracy theories to rest Certainly, her promise alone is not evidence that Area 51 harbours alien life We should also be mindful that the information available is heavily monitored by the government This affects what we know and how we know it Area 51 is deeply mysterious

Yet, none of the available evidence confirms it harbours extra-terrestrials, whether dead or alive None of the behind-the-scenes accounts that exist have been verified Even if the government releases more information, we don’t know if theorists will finally find the damning proof they have been searching for – or if new theories will simply arise from what still isn’t known for certain

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