Is Atlantis In The Bermuda Triangle?

In 2001 marine engineer Pauline Zalitzki and her husband Paul Weinzweig claimed to have discovered an ancient city buried 650 metres deep in the ocean Spread over 200 metres, the breathtaking underwater find off the West coast of Cuba includes sphinxes and four pyramids, all made out of smooth, precisely hewn stone

The site is within the Bermuda Triangle But this is not the only startling thing about the discovery Zalitzki and Weinzweig believe these are the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis They say the civilisation’s legendary crystal energy could be behind the dozens of unexplained disappearances that have taken place in the Bermuda Triangle The “Bermuda Triangle” is a 500,000 square mile stretch of ocean between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico

It was brought to public attention in 1964, when journalist Vincent Gaddis described it as “deadly”, and asked readers of Argosy Magazine “What is there about this particular slice of the world that has destroyed hundreds of ships and planes without a trace?” Pauline Zalitzki and Paul Weinzweig believe they may finally have solved the mystery by finding the ancient island city state of Atlantis All that is known about the lost civilisation comes from the writings of Greek philosopher Plato in the 4th century BC Plato discussed Atlantis in two of his “dialogues” – Timaeus and Critias – where he describes it as a ruthless, morally bankrupt and warmongering civilisation, with its sights set on world domination But the Gods decided to punish the Atlanteans for their desperate greed and hunger for power The empire was washed away by violent tidal waves over the course of a few hours

Amazingly, the structures appear to be just the remnants of a much larger sophisticated metropolis Zalitzki noted, ""It's a really wonderful structure which really looks like it could have been a large urban centre However, it would be totally irresponsible to say what it was before we have evidence"" Its pyramid structures may be the key to unlocking this mystery According to the American mystic Edgar Cayce, Atlantis gained its strength from an instrument known as the Great Crystal

He says Atlantean crystals received charge from each other, the sun and the moon, as well as the Earth’s energy field grid system, which was central to their beliefs Often they would mark the borders of this grid by building pyramids Ultimately, this grid was used to transfer energy between pyramids to allow extraterrestrials to travel to Earth from other planets These energy fields may explain the forces that supposedly wreak havoc in the Bermuda Triangle Many who have had traumatic experiences in the area, like pilot Bruce Gernon, claim they were thrown off course by an “electronic fog”

This appears as a thick, black cloud that forms a tunnel around a plane or ship, disorienting the people on board and hurtling the vessel forwards faster than the speed of light Bruce Gernon says that whilst trapped in the fog, all of the navigational and electronic devices on board stopped working Importantly, his story is not unique and defies scientific explanation Could the electronic fog phenomenon be caused by latent energies from the underwater Atlantean crystals? Unfortunately for the theory, most historians now agree that Atlantis never existed Bard College Classics Professor James Romm says the legend has endured simply because it captures the imagination

He states, ""It's a great myth It has a lot of elements that people love to fantasize about"" Plato claimed the inhabitants of Atlantis were half-human demigods Most scholars, like Classicist Dilkin Clay, believe the Atlantis story was never meant to refer to an actual Earthly location Rather, Plato invented it as a metaphorical critique of Ancient Greek society, specifically of Athens

It is a rhetorical lesson in morality Even if Atlantis were real, there isn’t a consensus over the exact location of the mythical city New York State Museum curator Charles Orser says, “Pick a spot on the map, and someone has said that Atlantis was there… Every place you can imagine” Conspiracy theorists have variously claimed that the island was in the Mediterranean, the West Indies and beneath Antarctica The Bermuda Triangle is arguably just the latest in a long string of claims over the island’s location

Edgar Cayce’s theory on Atlantean crystals has also been criticised, along with many of his outlandish theories about civilisational development He prophesied that the United States would discover an Atlantean death ray in 1958, and that Los Angeles and San Francisco would be completely obliterated by the end of the 21st century There is also scant proof that the Bermuda Triangle is a real paranormal phenomenon As journalist Emily Upton notes, much around the region’s reputation comes simply from hearsay She says, “the number of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is no greater than any other similarly trafficked area of the world's oceans, they don't really need an explanation

” But the key to understanding this theory may lie with Zalitzki and Weinzweig themselves While the couple claim to be directors of a company called Advanced Digital Communications, curiously little information exists about the company Furthermore, their claims seem to be impossible British Archaeology Officer Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews says the location and depth of the ruins’ site mean the discovery is almost certainly a hoax He says that at every point in history, the “city” would have been below sea level

Fitzpatrick-Matthews also highlights the fact that all of the images of the “find” are computer-generated In this case, until photographs are available, the likelihood of this underwater discovery being genuine is – sadly – low Neither the Bermuda Triangle nor the lost city of Atlantis have been proven to exist For now then, it is unlikely they are connected, with one phenomenon feeding off the energy of the other However, if the Zalitzki-Weinzweig discovery is proven, it may force us to radically reassess what we know about human history

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