Is Bigfoot An Alien?

In June 2017 images from NASA’s 4WD space probe revealed strange remains on the surface of Mars The pictures show a humanoid skull lodged amongst Martian rubble

Humanoid, but not human It appears to be the skull of a sasquatch, or Bigfoot As journalist Jon Austin reports, “the legendary monster primate may even be an alien brought to Earth on UFOs to gather samples, before being whisked off back to another part of the galaxy” Des Bigfoot exist, and if it does, could be from another world? The legend of Bigfoot has mystified people for generations According to indigenous Canadian folklore, the creature is a huge and hairy humanoid that lives in forested areas

It was first brought to wider public attention in 1818, when the Edinburgh Advertiser reported that a menacing, baboon-like carnivore had been seen in the Gulf of Mexico It purportedly vanished before residents were able to capture it Since then, despite hundreds of sightings, the creature has never been caught Cryptozoologist Dr Franklin Ruehl says evidence dates to the nineteenth century He says in 1888, American cattle herders were invited to visit cave-dwelling “Crazy Bears” by a Native American tribe

But when they reached the cave, they were met by “hefty humanoid creatures covered in long, shiny black hair, with no neck, sitting cross-legged” The Native Americans explained that these creatures had been sent to Earth from a distant moon The moon had appeared on Earth to deliver the creatures, before returning to the far reaches of the universe Ruehl believes this interpretation should be understood metaphorically He instists that, “It is highly likely that the Crazy Bears were really ‘Bigfoots’, and the ‘moon’, a spacecraft

” Incredibly, many who have had extra-terrestrial encounters say the aliens they meet strongly resemble Bigfoot In 1973 Reafa Heitfield witnessed a UFO in the trailer park next to her home Close by, she saw a grey, neckless ape with a chunky waist and snout silently shuffling past vehicles After circling the area, both the beast and UFO disappeared Weeks later, a group of Pennsylvania farmers spotted a UFO giving off a blinding white light and went to investigate

According to Ruehl, “As the locals drove toward it, they saw a pair of gargantuan creatures covered with thick, matted hair, luminescent green eyes and long arms that dangled below their knees” When they reached the scene the UFO returned to the sky and the creatures ran into the woods They were never found In 2012 amateur Bigfoot hunter Bill Penning discovered footprints belonging to the creature and noticed an intriguing parallel with previous finds Nearly all known Bigfoot trails end suddenly, as if the creature has disappeared into thin air

Penning says this cannot be a coincidence He believes the ends of these trails represent where they open portals to other worlds and leave the Earth Amazingly, this theory is consistent with eyewitness reports Journalist Michael Kain says that, increasingly, “Bigfoot hunters are reporting run-ins with what is known as the orange orbs These are fast moving lights that one may think are alien in nature, but seen in areas associated with Bigfoot

” Kaine believes these mysterious orbs could be the alien portals However, currently there is no convincing proof that Bigfoot exists Until we can study it scientifically, we cannot know whether or not the creature is an alien Studies of the available evidence have yielded disappointing results In 2014 Oxford University researchers tested all 36 known DNA samples from “anomalous primates”

Many of these were rumoured to come from animals like Bigfoot But, tests revealed very ordinary sources, including deer, sheep, wolves, raccoons and porcupines Indeed, the creature only really came to the public’s attention after a massive Bigfoot hoax put people on alert In 1958 Northern California prankster Ray Wallace carved huge wooden feet and made a fake footprint trail in the forest The truth was not revealed until after his death in 2002

But the hoax gave birth to the legend as we know it There is nothing to suggest the “Bigfoot skull” spotted on Mars, is anything more than an unusually shaped rock It is likely that the sighting is a case of pareidolia This psychological phenomenon causes people to interpret random shapes as faces and other everyday objects University College London psychologist Sophie Scott says pareidolia represents “how you’re interpreting the world based on your expectations, rather than anything that’s necessarily in the [object]

” Therefore if we look at images of Mars hoping to spot signs of life, we are much more likely to trick ourselves into “seeing” it It would not be the first time this bizarre visual response has convinced people of life on the red planet In 1976 one of NASA’s Viking orbiters captured images from Mars’ Cydonia region The photographs showed a massive alien monument resembling a human face, built into the rock It was an international sensation, but more sophisticated probes later revealed there was no “face”

As NASA explained in a public statement, it had been an optical illusion caused by sand dunes and their “shadows giving the illusion of eyes, nose and mouth"" While many suspect there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, we have not yet collected proof of its existence The closest we have got was an announcement by NASA in 2017 The space agency revealed that its Cassini probe had discovered the conditions for life on Jupiter’s moon Europa, and Saturn’s moon Enceladus However, there is no evidence that these conditions have actually produced living organisms

Without proof for the existence of either Bigfoot or aliens, the chances of the hulking ape coming from another planet seem small But the mysterious glowing orbs and Bigfoot-like extra-terrestrial sightings do not have an explanation It may only be a matter of time before we discover an even more shocking truth

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