Is India A Nuclear Threat To The World?

December 2016 month, India announced a strong statement to the world Haetneundeyo test-fired the Agni -5 in South Asia Nuclear warheads can be mounted missile range of the most long is A giant weighing 50 tons missiles The intercontinental ballistic missile was also to join an exclusive club in India With Russia, the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom John After the test launch Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is comfortably olryeotjyo tweets "The lovable every Indian is proud to launch successfully Agni -5 ' "We will line carries tremendous power in the strategic defense ' The official purpose of nuclear weapons in India The blocking of external attacks But as swaying attitudes and increasing instability India has gone uncertain how to (Is India's nuclear threat?) India has been a global powerhouse India is the world's sixth largest economy and the 2017 Guidelines American Interest "in Powers index rises above 6 India I definitely Although the defense capabilities This is the world's fourth largest military power Active duty military men and women are more than 13 million people 2,000,000 people have got more reservists If the estimated reserves of nuclear weapons The warhead 100 120 gaejyo This is just the beginning Indian government is planning for original Going to develop nuclear weapons, the size and transportation capacity In 2016 he spent a support request to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group This is an elite group of world powers Materials and export formalities necessary for nuclear weapons The control of the equipment and technology The request to join the Indian Obama and Putin throws vote The nuclear capabilities of India Deemed Excellence signs are another India is among UN Member States Nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear tests that have not signed the treaty One of the four countries These are the shares of nuclear weapons and nuclear technology Treaty lays some restrictions Articles India except dwaetdaneun And if you want to develop nuclear weapons, It means it does not violate international law India began developing nuclear weapons in 1964, The first nuclear test was conducted 10 years later rewrote But India's nuclear history of a lot of controversy 1998 India and Pakistan as a nuclear test in a few weeks The Bureau's been no secret nuclear attack Cargill is one of the results of war He died two over one thousand people It's an arms race leading to different results so far According to the story of three journalists Paz Perera Since September 2016 August India Which takes more than $ 30 billion I bought the Emergency weapons from Russia, Israel, France Except when Pakistan is China's only national nuclear threat Because China has supported Pakistan's nuclear program Haetgeodeunyo warned that stop the development of nuclear weapons in India China Association of International Studies, Victor Gao Considering the level of economic cooperation between China and India Potential conflicts between the two countries, says that lean But India should actually use nuclear weapons? India has adopted the principle of preemptive attack ban One does not attack the other nuclear weapon states First, does it mean that you can not use nuclear weapons But security experts India is becoming an increasingly competitive international presence I believe firmly that you create a nuclear weapons policy 2016, the former National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon India also was enemy that is willing to do a pre-emptive attack If he is declared the other nuclear powers would use nuclear weapons, If you are sure the enemy says that just before launch Breathtaking, but this remark is not just a guess Gakkapjyo a very subtle blackmail against Pakistan That could be a little irritation Once Pakistan is raising the level of hostility to nuclear What if restrictions of India reactions The use of tactical nuclear weapons by Pakistan frees Indian You can also launch a preemptive strike in Pakistan Fallout threat, thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi I'm not larger map Journalist Aditya chakras are bolti When Modi will be a grid jateu State Chief Minister Muslims believe that would have been involved in the genocide would In 2002, a violent crowd Hindu Muslim civilians Murder, rape and burning with fire, and destroyed the country haetneundeyo Had slaughtered Muslims more than 2,000 people According to this article preached journalist Mark Oliver and Luke Harding Prime Minister Modi is not trying to stop the genocide Stacked nothing prevents the government Considering the previous attitude towards Muslims Modi is more aggressive than its predecessor I do not know how to fight against the Islamic State of Pakistan Wants and international isolation in Pakistan I had never expressed a desire Call also did battle with water-sharing problems A preemptive attack ban rule in India The Star – Spangled debate is going on, but Not actually change policy The current ruling BJP is He even promised to overturn gamyeo Nuclear weapons in the military was able to write more freely The government seems to want to maintain the status quo The possibility of nuclear war between India and Pakistan is very large In the United States National Center for Atmospheric Research Study 2007 Haetneundeyo examine the enormous impact on the world Study the harmful gases dark It was expected to create a poisonous atmosphere I can not come in the summer for 10 years as a frightening side effects As a discard toxic gases prevent the sun The crop failures and famine in the world to come At least 10 million people will lose their lives Fortunately million, according to journalist Tom Hussain Pakistan and India, the nuclear issue is referred to the deadlock We have a state of tension between the two countries Ppunyijyo hope hope understood as a kind of mutually assured destruction This is to avoid conflict with each other and combined together to enhance nuclear weapons Reaches all be wiped out when the state spent nuclear Eopeunikkayo's better to attack India became a nuclear power increasingly formidable We have the power to virtually wipe out the world However, considering the dire consequences of the use of nuclear weapons I humbly wish to maintain the principle of preemptive attack ban Yes, but now India has ever Sure thing that the for the use of nuclear weapons If the feeling seems to be, if required

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