Is NASA Hiding Alien Buildings on Mars?

In February 2009 Google Earth released the first version of Google Mars; an opportunity for ordinary people to observe the surface of the red planet up close Within weeks Google was accused of censoring the images to hide something

Google said the images were provided by NASA Then, in December 2015, an online video gained international attention It was purported to show evidence of an entire city on Mars So is it possible that NASA has been hiding something from us? Are they hiding alien buildings on Mars? NASA’s official records show that Mars’ atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide It says this is hazardous and makes it impossible to support complex life

Yet evidence that Mars can potentially support life dates back to 1971 The latest hypothesis from Doctors Steven Ruff and Jack Farmer suggests that silica deposits reflect evidence of microbial life Yet a video by Sandra Elena Andrade implies that life on Mars has advanced much further than this She says Martian life has developed structures, beacons, and even cities UFOlogists claim these objects have been censored from photos by NASA, and former astronaut Edgar Mitchell claims this is done either to keep the human race ignorant, or to protect it from potentially hostile aliens

As part of this cover-up, images that NASA has received from their missions to the red planet appear to have been subsequently doctored or blurred to hide inconvenient facts One man arguing for the existence of buildings on Mars is Dr Michael Salla In photos taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover in April 2014, Salla observed what appear to be buildings These included beacons, from which shafts of light were being emitted into the sky

More alarmingly, he claims life forms can be identified In November 2014 Salla accused NASA of deleting data from Curiosity Rover images and replacing the censored fragment of photo with blurred sand According to Salla, this is far from an isolated incident Former NASA contractor Donna Hare and Dr Ken Johnston, alleged manager of NASA’s Data and Photo Control Department, have all made similar allegations of deliberate tampering with evidence of advanced alien life

Salla alleges that this evidence also supports the testimony of a US Marines whistleblower, calling himself Capt Kayes, who said he spent 17 years on Mars protecting a military base from native inhabitants For its part, NASA have consistently denied these allegations It says the alleged beacons are little more than “glinting rocks” or a “vent hole light leak” They also say the blurred images from the Curiosity Rover are either parts of the Rover stitched into the panorama photos, or Google’s algorithm overlapping the images to create a continuous portrait

Of course there are also the practical concerns that come with a potential cover-up Approximately 18,000 people are employed by NASA across 17 facilities, many of whom would be privy to this classified information It's an incredible logistical challenge to guarantee that they all stay silent In addition to this, NASA is a publicly funded organisation, which is consistently looking for additional funding What else would encourage increased funding and public interest more than the discovery of alien neighbors? Since H

G Wells and writers before him, people have been fascinated with the potential inhabitants of Mars Believers in life on Mars say that NASA has tried, and failed, to prevent the people from knowing the truth And with manned missions to Mars planned for 2026 at the earliest, it can be argued that, if they are trying to cover up the truth, NASA is doing a poor job of it Yet those who do believe will continue searching for aliens on Mars, if only to satisfy the very human desire not to be alone in the Universe

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