Is NASA Hiding Alien Life?

In January 2015 YouTube user and UFOlogist Streetcap1 caused a stir in media headlines worldwide, when they accused NASA of cutting their live video feed cam from the International Space Station just as a mysterious white object appears to rise over the Earth’s horizon Over the following months, Streetcap1’s YouTube video became just one of many 'official' recordings of UFOs, uploaded by UFOlogists who believe NASA censor their output as part of an alien cover up

Is NASA hiding alien life? The low quality of these videos has drawn criticism from scientists and UFOlogists alike Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, warns that the images suggested to be UFOs could actually just be specks of dust or a glint of sunlight, He says the Space Station’s camera feed often turns off when it is switching cameras, or too out of range from Earth to broadcast So while not everyone is convinced that the Space Station footage provides evidence of extraterrestrials, UFOlogists claim NASA has recorded other proof The YouTube channel ParanormalCrucible believes that the Mars Curiosity Rover recently captured footage of the tip of a pyramid They suggest this is evidence of an ancient civilization on the planet

Meanwhile Dr Michael Salla on the website Exopolitics states that the pyramid is just one of many artificial and biological objects that have been photographed on Mars, that NASA have since attempted to cover up Most recently, the Curiosity Rover took a picture of what looks like a woman on the surface of Mars Could this be a Martian? Not all scientists are convinced Astronomy professor Dr Jim Bell, dismissed the supposed pyramid as a small volcanic rock, arguing that Martian volcanic rocks break in very sharp, angular ways, in the same way they do on Earth

Meanwhile the 'woman' could be just an optical illusion, part of the phenomenon known as pareidolia that also gave us the famous Face on Mars Simply put, our brains recognize faces and other objects where they don’t actually exist Whilst accusations of an alien cover up by NASA rely largely on blurry photos and internet conspiracies, in 2008 retired NASA astronaut – and one of the few men to have ever walked the moon – Dr Edgar Mitchell revealed in an interview that during his time at NASA he was aware of several UFO visits, but each one had been covered up Mitchell described the aliens as having advanced technology, resembling ""little people who look strange to us"" Despite these claims Mitchell couldn’t provide any evidence for the existence of aliens or a NASA cover up

NASA has since refuted the accusations, stating that they are ‘not involved in any cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe’ Mitchell has since admitted that he has never seen a UFO and that his statements about the worldwide cover up of UFOs was just speculation on his part However, in April 2015, NASA’s chief scientist Ellen Stofan made the startling admission that NASA will have found signs of alien life by 2025 Concentrating on our own Solar System, scientists at NASA believe that signs of alien life might be found in the massive oceans that cover Saturn’s moon Enceladus or Jupiter’s moon Europa Other scientists believe microbial life could even be found as close as the surface of Mars

Meanwhile data generated by the Kepler telescope revealed that there could be as many as 40 billion Earth-sized planets in our Milky Way, all capable of hosting life But, despite the optimism that they will find alien life within our generation, according to NASA, the search for alien life is just beginning

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