Is NASA Hiding Our Second Sun?

Thirteen to fourteen times each century, the transit of Mercury across the Sun occurs During the transit, Mercury appears as a small black dot on the surface of our star

The planet’s journey lasts for several hours and can be seen with solar telescopes from Earth Slooh is a website that specialises in providing live streams of robotic telescope images of outer space On the 9th May, 2016, Slooh broadcast a live stream of the transit of Mercury This particular live stream was hosted by Chief Astronomical Officer Paul Cox He provided commentary as the transit happened before our eyes

But the image Slooh broadcast showed another strange glowing object beside our Sun Cox alarmingly announced this was our second Sun; a secret that NASA is covering up A retired newspaper editor – who remains anonymous – saw Cox’s surprising statement as confirmation of their theory that the Earth has two suns Their blog collates images and video from around the world showing two suns in our sky From Hawaii to Florida to Turkey – hundreds, if not thousands, of private photographs appear to record two suns in our sky

The second sun is most visible at sunset As silly as it might seem for two stars to be so close together, binary star systems do exist Research shows that at least half of all visible stars are part of a multiple star system where they orbit each other Our closest celestial neighbour, Alpha Centauri, is a multiple star system Furthermore, it is possible for planets to orbit two stars

The Kepler-47 system is around 5,000 light years from Earth It has two stars, about the same age as our Sun Astronomers have observed three planets orbiting the stars – at least two of them are gas giants and all are larger than Earth One of them is in the habitable zone, and if it were not a gas planet, could harbour life In 1984, palaeontologists David Raup and Jack Sepkoski observed that Earth has suffered extinction events on a cyclical basis

In 2010, the frequency of extinction events was calculated to be every 27 million years The palaeontologists suggested the cause was not terrestrial Two independent teams of astronomers concluded that the cause could be the gravitational effect of a second star orbiting our Sun – a red or brown dwarf they call Nemesis Yet according to conspiracy theorists, our second Sun isn’t the only thing NASA is hiding During the live stream, Paul Cox also talked about a secret planet orbiting the Sun

He said NASA is hiding this from us as well Cox said the planet’s name is Nibiru Nibiru is at the centre of a predicted cataclysm that believers say will occur in the early 21st century This was first suggested in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, who claimed that Nibiru is a planet in our solar system that is on a collision course with Earth Either it will hit the Earth directly, or pass so closely that the Earth’s magnetic poles will shift and spell doom for mankind

NASA and other space agencies are purportedly hiding it to avoid mass hysteria A recent announcement reinvigorated the theory A new planet has been added to our solar system, based on mathematical models and studies of objects’ orbital patterns Called Planet Nine, it is estimated to take 15,000 years to orbit the Sun It’s predicted path is so elliptical that conspiracy theorists believe it could be Nibiru

However, Planet Nine’s existence has not even been confirmed And it’s highly unlikely that it’s orbital path will bring it into collision with Earth If it is planet Nibiru and NASA were hiding it, then the announcement of its likely existence does not fit in with the supposed scheme What’s more, apart from these images, there is no evidence at all that we have a second Sun Most of these photos can be explained away as lens flares or optical illusion from light diffusion

Meanwhile, the Nemesis theory has yet to be proven Even if it is true, Nemesis is estimated to be 15 light years from the Sun – far too far away to be captured by the solar telescope on the Slooh live stream Perhaps more significantly, conspiracy theorists have failed to explain why NASA is hiding the second sun Nor have they suggested how authorities hide it from us every day, even if it were physically possible to hide a second star in the sky

Disappointingly, we don’t know whether or not Paul Cox was really expressing his views during the live stream It is possible that he was merely joking, perhaps to make his job as host more interesting Alltime Conspiracies approached the team at Slooh for a comment on Cox’s remarks He told us he was just using dry British humour At best, the Second Sun theory will be confirmed as the Nemesis star

Even then, this will not chime with Paul Cox’s claims during the live stream Indeed, the theory has developed so recently that its proponents do not seem to have come up with an explanation for it As of yet there is no evidence to suggest NASA or other space agencies are hiding it However, if Planet Nibiru and the Nemesis star do exist, then humanity’s future is very uncertain"

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  1. So I find certain things like this interesting. I always like to find out myself. Reading material from both sides of the spectrum. Just one question? First off the intro was a run-on sentences. Was it just my browser?. I seen commas in the sentence, but no periods.

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