Is NASA Planning A New World Order?

In 1994 a French Canadian journalist called Serge Monast published a book documenting his investigation into suspicous NASA procedures Monast said he’d discovered the space administration’s corrupt motivations to establish a new and sophisticated method of public control, using technological manipulation

Then in 1996, Monast mysteriously died of a heart attack, leaving his story half-finished What fatal secrets had Monast discovered? Not many copies of Monast’s book remain, but from the handful that are still in circulation, theorists have pieced together a disturbing story about global manipulation, with religion at its core It might seem contradictory that a large scientific organization would show an interest in religion But religion is a powerful force It is a precious amalgamation of faith, culture and sacred beliefs which seek to answer what it means to be human

And it is through organized religion that people worlds apart can be united under their shared faith But the aspects that make religious practice so beautiful – its customs, rituals, and behaviours – are also what give it the potential to be a dangerous and manipulative force According to Monast and theorists that have continued his research after his death, NASA is attempting to implement a New World Order, using organized religion as a means of controlling the masses At the core of Project Blue Beam is the establishment of a global New Age religion Once this is achieved, NASA will be in a position to enforce a worldwide dictatorship

Monast says there are 4 stages to Project Blue Beam, which will enable NASA to fulfill its New World Order Stage 1 Destroy Popular Religion: The first stage in Project Blue Beam is to begin the breakdown of popular religion NASA plans to invalidate existing religious artefacts by ‘uncovering’ new archaeological findings, which will discredit current popular religious beliefs Stage 2

The Space Show: Then, using advanced light technology, NASA will project a giant holographic display across the sky, big enough for the whole planet to watch NASA’s huge 3D hologram will be a dazzling spectacle for the people on Earth below, and will feature the most prevalent gods within our society The Gods will then merge into NASA’s creation of the ‘true God’, before the very eyes of its global audience This colossal, holographic form will trigger the dissolution of all modern social and religious order, leaving the gates open for NASA to enforce its new religion and New World Order Stage 3

Audio Communication NASA will make contact with its audience using extremely low frequency waves to imitate the voice of God Stage 4: Global Unification NASA will then use their Holy illusion to convince every nation that an alien invasion is imminent Survival will require the unification of all governments under one centralised authority and so a New World Order is born Holograms, world domination, and the annihilation of popular religion: Project Blue Beam sounds too crazy to be true – and it just might be Proponents of Monast’s theory believe that developments in light technology are signs that we are getting closer to harnessing the capacity to soon put on this enormous holographic show

But the lunacy of Monast’s idea hasn’t escaped critics, who have noted the similarity of Project Blue Beam to the plots of several Star Trek episodes But Monast’s theory may have an ounce of truth to it In actual fact, the US government once toyed with implementing a similar plan during the Gulf war, by projecting a holographic image of Allah over Baghdad, to urge the Iraqi people to rise up against dictator Saddam Hussein The plan never materialized, of course, but perhaps it fed the imagination of a journalist eager to make his mark on the conspiracy landscape

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